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Posted by Asmodean on 06/05

Alright, apperently I was beaten to the punch. I was away for a bit at a friends and didn't get a chance to read all the appends and new posts. I had suggested the pkclan idea to dune a few days ago but Huginn is just too quick for me :) So, here's my idea. I say all current PK clan gms meet in the ooc war room on a predetermined date. That date should probably be decided on availablibility, Failing that, lets just mail each other or tell or have an icq chat oR SOMETHING. Its been my opinion from the beginning that this system puts the power in our hands so we're going to have to take the inititive. If they install the accept all vs accept all or decide on something else, this system could be very fun. I'm talking as a player, not a character, and while I miss old pk, I don't agree with dune's idea or most of the others. I think we should work in this system, its possible. If all the pkclans would just okay all other pk clans, life could be good. You'd know who's pk about as well as you knew in the old system, cuz hey, rosters change. As for current rp clans taht wish to be pk clans, if any exist, I propose the imms allow them to switch. It should be the GM's decision in my opinion, since the members can leave if they disagree with the change. If however, you disagree, then make it so all members have to agree or maybe have majority vote. I think if you want us to be in charge of our own pk destiny so to speak, you might have to help us out a little. This is a pretty crappy post with my ideas just thrown in, so bear with it. I thank you for reading it and hope you consider the ideas within :) - Asmodean, Craven, Mandarb, Sammael and countless others...

From: Kaige Friday, June 02, 03:45PM It's been on my todo list to make it so RP clans can change to PK clans without having to disband and reform losing their halls and cash. It will NOT be offered the other way around however. PK clans will NOT be able to change into an RP clan without disbanding and reforming. Sounds like a great plan, Asmodean. I hope you get a good turn out for the meeting. One of the things I think all the clans have to realize is that they are each a subcommunity of Legend and the GMs need to take an active role in fshaping that community as well as how it relates to the rest of the world. I know there's a document on the web that is called "A GM Guide" under Advanced features/policies reference on the sitemap page. It's a start, I think there's much more that individual clans and the mud as a whole can do, but I guess that's another soapbox. =) -Kaige

From: Fink Friday, June 02, 04:36PM The Assassin's guild is interested and would like to point to the message they put in the LT and on the news board. Just a messanger

From: Splat Saturday, June 03, 03:30AM Well, as I said earlier, the Grendels have already accepted all other pk clans but there's still some issues I pointed out on the warboard that need answering. 1. Can members of a pk clan still fight others outside the list of clans that have been accepted? If so how? accept all alone? 2. Are members of a pk clan able to fight each other? Ie. can one member crash into the other when blinded? do area spells and walls affect members of the same clan? 3. It seems allied clans can cheat the system by not accepting each other and be granted the benefits of the above as well, how do we make sure it doesn't happen? 4. How does a healer work in such a system? Seems they still need to be accept all to heal clanmates, but doesn't the clans accept list overide even accept all of its members? 5. Make the change to accept all, it'll be a lot easier!!

From: Jesus Saturday, June 03, 11:38AM in regards to Splat's post, I think pk clans should be forced to accept the clan that they are in, for that very reason. just my two pennies. -Jesus Christ, Superstar.

From: Huginn Saturday, June 03, 12:37PM Currently pk members aren't automatically accepting each other. You're right, they should be. I'll see about making that change. Huginn

From: Chaykin Sunday, June 04, 08:00PM Hm, how about changing it so that all "PK clans" and their members are automatically accept all for each other, while "RP clans" follow just regular PKOK rules? Could that be coded? Chay

From: Ptwang Monday, June 05, 01:42AM Making it not optional for pk clans? Sounds good to me.

From: BabaYaga Monday, June 05, 08:03AM YUp yup droolies, yup yup!


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