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Posted by Jesus on 06/08

ok, they seem a bit much. They've all but taken the place of meditate. and they are being used for something meant for dex, one of the VERY few bonuses dex gets, now everyone is using them, I think the skin drum needs yanked. Just my 2 cents. -Jesus Christ, Superstar.

From: Lancelot Sunday, June 04, 10:22PM If your talking about that shaman skin drums dont work on him. So the skin drum is not taking the place of meditate. The skin drum is used with another item to make it work. -Lancelot

From: Jesus Sunday, June 04, 11:04PM exactly, but the skin drum is what's making it work for people with 20 or so dex lancealot..

From: Craven Sunday, June 04, 11:17PM

From: Ptwang Monday, June 05, 01:30AM Oh you've gotta be joking, you're complaining that it allows people with low dex to play better? Dex shouldn't even be part of the play formula to begin with and is still part of way too many skills. It's something that hasn't been addressed at all, this's still dex MUD, only people use other stats combined with it these days. I see no reason why a high mind dex mage should be able to regen faster than str or con and ya know this drum doesn't help that much anyway, I have a char with 60 mind 45 spirit 40 dex and it's a waste of time using both drums cos he fails and loses hps/mana like 45% of the time still. If anything it helps dex more.

From: SkullKrusher Monday, June 05, 08:26PM Ptwang, you are wrong! i quote "Dex shouldn't even be part of the play formula to begin with..." belive me it take a huge amount of dex to play any instrument. guitar, panio, DRUMS!!?? --------------------------------SK----------------------

From: Forsaken Tuesday, June 06, 01:33AM You idiot, balance should be a priority here not freaking realism!

From: Craven Tuesday, June 06, 09:56AM if we're talking about skills with unbalancing reqs, I think that picklock relies way to heavily on mind. But hey, just my opinion.

From: Forsaken Tuesday, June 06, 11:26AM Sorry, lost my cool again and can't erase appends..

From: Razumikin Wednesday, June 07, 02:37AM yes, its still dex mud, specifically dex cause(account of bias by certain imms who favor dex cause to play) but I think jesus main gripe is the play tool that has expanded the use of the drum to epidemic proportions THe drum has always been a gripe more or less for years and years and it did favor dex cause heavily, maybe its removal would balance things, but only in the healing process, not in the area of pkill and mobkill where dex cause has enormous benefits.

From: Sandra Wednesday, June 07, 07:33AM You know, I'm really sick and tired of your accusations against the staff Razumikin. Considering that you've got no idea what you're talking about, I think that I will start piling on warnings for you for false accusations. If you spent half the time playing that you do accusing us of stuff, you'd have more characters than I do. And maybe part of a clue.

From: Craven Wednesday, June 07, 11:36AM I don't believe dex has any such advantage in pk. In mobkill, dex has always been better, but thats because of tactics like backstab flee or kick flee. These tactics aren't NEARLY as effective in pk. I don't know if you've ever tried, but a con mage or a strength mage can completely destroy a dex mage. My dex mage attacks 10 times on a stun and sometimes demolishes. How does that equal any advantages? I don't know, since the fight changes years ago, I've played dex mages for xp, con and strength for pk. If you disagree, well, your entitled to, but just go ask poetry or barabas if they can beat Sammael. - Me and all my alts.

From: Ptwang Wednesday, June 07, 12:12PM Both snipers and high mind dex mages do suck in dishing out damage with their weapons but you go through the skills that require dex for success and you'll see what I'm talking about. You also may want to check what skills are available with 30 dex compared with 30 str or con, there's a huge difference. Low dex can't flee and can't throw so have to carry around a bow which hits like 1/10 to move mobs to where they can flee.. bah it's pathetic.

From: Poetry Wednesday, June 07, 04:24PM I agree with Craven.. Sammael consistantly kicked my ass.. even the time I hit 400hps of in game healing. Then again, maybe this would be different if he didnt have so much old hitroll eq. He does seem to hit alot with it. Because losing to Sammael so much scarred me for life, I quake in fear every time I see a str mage, and I havnt gathered the courage to face one again. Yes, Sammael beat me THAT badly, hehe. Maybe if I fought a str mage that has no old hit or damage eq (like me, I gave away all my old eq), Ill find that its a lot more even. Or maybe I just suck. Hm.. nah, prolly not. I dont suck THAT much. hehe. Anyway, after Rufus' post I dont really care to play here as much anymore. He basically said that if people just duel and stuff, then thats what legend wants, and the 4 or 5 vocal posters that are oldschool pkillers can just go to hell. Personally, I think its alot more than 4 or 5, but whatever. Im cool with it. My band is doing well in RL. I met this sexy girl on the 86 bus yesterday.. I could take a break from this place anyway:) The Modeles are play on June 15 at the Middle East rock club in Boston, MA. We rock, so come see us play. If you want MP3s then just send me mudmail.:) We play at 9pm so dont be late. Poetry and her player (dave).

From: RangerElf Wednesday, June 07, 07:40PM Poetry, is that a 21+club or something? I wouldnt mind coming to watch :) Gimme the info!

From: Craven Thursday, June 08, 12:14AM for the record, sammael would lose 9 hitroll from losing old hit gear. If that ever happened, I'd probably see how it worked out and if it sucked, go with more dex. I did have tumble once upon a time :)

From: Hastur Thursday, June 08, 12:47AM Hey Razumikin, make a dedicated effort at being an immort on a mud and see how hard it is. I've been an administrator on a mud for almost 2 years and I can't help but sympathesize (sp) with the immorts here. Although th -the one reply I have to immort favoritism is this - I don't have a mortal player on the mud I immort on, therefore it's easier to balance it out. But that's just my way of doing things. -Hastur McDougan

From: Razumikin Thursday, June 08, 03:56AM lvling a dex mage is tremendously easier than any other mage, they can kill more mobs, they have the most skills. and when fully exercised at 3rd circle lvls with summoneds, idiocy, blinds, cure blind, and bind when usable have the fullest range of options(or using augment of dex cause 2nd circle) whether or not its a conscious effort I cant say, but a lot of unpopular, high impact decisions have favored dex mages, especially dex cause. and I do spend enough time playing a wide range of characters, and have compared time after time xp gains of different chars on the same and on differing runs, and differnet healing methods, and its always shown dex cause mages that are third circle to accumalte the most xp the fastest, and the drum is a major component.

From: Gyser Thursday, June 08, 05:31PM Personally, i don't think dex mages are the best at getting xp. I've seen some 3rd circle str mages get way more xp way faster by using charmies and extremely hard hitting. And were also able to play the drum.


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