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Hit/Dam EQ 2 (Solutions?)

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Posted by Typhoid-Mary on 06/23

Another alternative to restoring or wiping old/hit dam eq could be to either make 1statpoint=3hit or dam, or to give more bonuses to having 100str or 100dex. 1) Making 1statpoint=3hit or dam as opposed to the current 1=2 would lessen the gap between old and new characters, while still preserving the effect of powering down hit/dam items. OR 2) GIve more bonuses to 100dex or 100str. At 91dex with 27hit I -often- get 4/9 swings. If I were to drop what little hitroll gear I now have, my stats would change to 100dex 23hit. And I would hit even less often than before. Currently there is no real reason to go 100str or dex other than it looking sorta nice on score and attr. The extra 3hit/dam that come from 100str/dex cost 9 stat points to get. Much better to put those 9 stat points into other hit/dam gear. 100mind has the 10mind gap to wfw thing, 100perc has the backstab bonus, 100con has more hps, 100spir has pretty darn nice augments. Str and dex have no such bonuses. Bashes at 91str land just as well, or as badly as at 100str. Elbow is the same, as are kick, choke, dodge and tumble for dex. Tumble is said to have been changed, but I've never seen it, tho it could be a case of bad karma. But is 100dex/str gave you 30hit/dam, and 95dex/str gave 25hit/dam, then it would suddenly be worth it to put stats into these attributes, instead of siphoning off them to dump into hit/dam/hp gear. Yes, it would make clumsy and weaken spells a lot more devastating if it were put into effect, but clumsy in the current system with 91dex changes 20hit to 17hit while clumsy in this proposed system would change 30hit to 17hit. Seen one way, clumsy could be said to -always- drop you to 17hit sans hitroll gear. Which makes it the same as now if clumsied, but better if not. Not everyone can clumsy, whether by spells, vials, arrows or weapon specials. And in the meanwhile 100dex (or 100str) gets the bonus it needs to make it as attractive as 100 in the other stats. I propose such a huge jump in hit/dam at 95-100 because I am allowing for old hit/dam eq in the game. There -are- characters with str or dex as secondary stats, stacked to 80, but few, unless pure fighters, who have them stacked to 95 or 100. I most definitely do -not- want an old, already 35/44 character with 95str/80dex AND a battledruid to boot, to benefit from having the 5-10 hit/dam added at 80/85 dex/str. That would take the already-too-powerful old character up to 40-45/49-50 (54). Thoughts? Typhoid

From: Z'x Wednesday, June 21, 06:18PM Im not much of a thinker...I know what I wnat to say but I cant always say it as I wanted...but god damn..TM you summed up what I had thoughts for not too long ago...I seem to have remembered saying that 100 dex or str gave more of a % of hit and dam...but someone said no...but your ideas are almost equivilent to mine...I applaud you on clarifying the problems with this system...Old characters do in fact have the HUGE advant -age...althought it is still surmountable...it isnt very good... I would just like to point out my thoughts are basically the same and I couldnt sum it up any better then TM did... -the fat slob

From: Kuthuman Thursday, June 22, 01:56AM Hi, i myself am using a new eq-set and -nod- it is a bit more boring than old eq-set's and even that i have some nice old chars, i agree to TM's ideas ... the rift between old-eq-players and new-eq-users is too big ... there is no possibility to find a balance as long as the old eq exists or as long as the new eq stays lousy (compared to the old eq) -congrat TM- for writing these messages, i fully agree

From: Dakkon Thursday, June 22, 05:53AM Well there cant be a balance in old vs new cause its OLD EQU, you cant get them anymore and it will slowly chant guh gam dyn ex away due to DT's. And if there was a wipe of all the drink chalice fill chalice trough bahh bahh slowly go away is what I was trying to say. and back to the wipe of the equ I would think that would suck I personaly cant see charas not damcaping anymore, just rather boring. If the wipe would happen we will see more dex charas, all over the place, snipers, dex 100mind mages cause they already hit like crap and dont need the hit/dam gear drink chalice fill chalice trough thus making balance probs. An equ wipe would not be the answer to this, prob you people have with old equ.

From: Darla Thursday, June 22, 08:48PM Although I only have a few pieces of old eq, I see little reason to give them up. Changing this eq would make me, and many others who have old eq, weaker. And since I don't pk, I don't think that my having 5 extra hitroll hurts you much. This may be rather late (since the change went in a long time ago) but perhaps since it is still being discussed it is still an iss Why not give us an incentive to voluntarily give up old eq? Perhaps a priz token for each changed item that is turned in. I think this would be much more fair than an eq wipe.

From: Wiz Thursday, June 22, 09:12PM Sorry giving up a old hernes horn for a prize token would be very stupid, the only way i'd ever give it up, is if there wouldnt be any advantage to having it Wiz

From: Typhoid-Mary Friday, June 23, 07:22AM Heh, if we got a coup per old hit/dam item almost all my alts with old eq would get at least 4 coupons for free. =P TM

From: Shine Friday, June 23, 08:51AM I'm for old eq. I'm playing this character over 1600 hours actually (and i'm not using tri gger while oow). but that's not point.. i made this character 30 months ag I'm poorish fighter.. Take off old hit,damn eq and fighters will be pooris even more. I don't notice more unuseble characters in the game right now. Bah, i'm drunk and i forgot about what i wanted to write. Ok. I will try it later. -Shine


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