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Changes to meditate

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Posted by Fraegis on 07/07

So far, I have seen logic behind the decisions to the changes, including the hit/dam rating and all. But the changes to meditate boggles me a lot. If it was made harder to get, or easier, it would be logical. But to change it with 5 more mind needed, and 5 less spirit needed isn't what I call logical. I could of course be confused, and just not see the logic in it. But could we hear the reason for this change? Fraegis

From: Sandra Wednesday, July 05, 11:39AM Previously, the majority of the burden of finding the stats to get the skill was put on 3rd circle mages. Dropping the spir req, and then raising the mind req puts most types that require the skill on the same footing, as now they each require a slight stretch in getting the skill. -Sandra

From: Fraegis Wednesday, July 05, 02:43PM And we fools who like a 'useless' skill like Sing, which has really hard reqs, are worse off than ever :) I know sing is one of the least used skills in the game (not counting armwrestle), but I still like it. Fraegis

From: Emilio Wednesday, July 05, 05:30PM With the meditate reqs as they were if you wanted a 100 mind mage you had to have your stats work out perfectly with your eq, which made your eq list a real pain. And that was with having your lowest stat be a 20, not a great situation for a dex/create, or any mage for that matter. At least this way you get to have a little leeway in your eq selection.

From: Arani Wednesday, July 05, 07:06PM I think what Fraegis is getting at is that the spirit reduction would have been fine by itself, allowing a 100 mind mage to not have to scrimp so badly to get the reqs for meditate and yet still allow everyone else that makes use of other skills in addition to spells keep using the skill without THEM having to scrimp to keep both. We've just gone from one set of people scrimping to another set. That's just my interpretation of what Fraegis was trying to get at. Arani Ghilibari

From: Fraegis Thursday, July 06, 02:56PM One point to Arani for saying what I meant in a much more understandable way :) Fraegis

From: Sandra Thursday, July 06, 03:30PM I understood the initial post perfectly. Though my response remains unchanged. =) -Sandra

From: Fraegis Friday, July 07, 08:53AM Glad you understood it, I am not sure I did :) But why change a skill that is difficult for one 'group' of people to use, just to make it difficult for another group? That is what I don't see....Why should it be easier for char a, and harder for char b? I understood your reply, but I don't see why it was decided to make it harder for another group of people. Fraegis


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