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Posted by Goldberg on 07/09

hey this is my great idea i think para-backstabs should use the same equation as worse for wear stun i think backstab should compare the percs of each char ..bleh bleh bleh i just think wfw stun is ridiculous i've been wfw stunned way more then i've para backstabbed Goldie

From: Craven Thursday, July 06, 06:35AM Just like to say I don't care, isn't that amazing! Legend is losing its hold on me -cackle- anyone wanna lead the MoD? This has nothing to do with the post but I'm basicly burned out and since you've all proved your morons who refuse to reinstate pk by forcing your clanmembers to accept other clans, I give. If you want the clan or not doesn't really matter to me, just thought I'd voice my opinion about nothing because all of you who were to lazy or reserved to act yet were more then willing to bitch about how it doesn't work need to go screw yourselves.

From: Mac Thursday, July 06, 07:44AM Hey I tried, but now the Grendels neither accept or reject anyone, really if anyone had probs with individual members, you should have accepted the clan and also rejected them. I guess we'll just have to wait for the accept all change in a year or 2 when it'll be forgotten and seem like an original idea for an IMM to implement.

From: Dionysos Thursday, July 06, 12:47PM Seeems to me .. was a great way to YANK pkill

From: Fraegis Thursday, July 06, 02:58PM Seems to me...was a great way to see how lazy people really is. If char A, B, C, D, and E wants pkill like it used to be, then they accept each other. Quite easy, really. And then they don't have to fight 'duels', they can jump each other when they want to. I fail to see the big problem in that? Fraegis

From: Christopher Friday, July 07, 10:12AM I have on PKOK enabled character and quite frankly, I've only done duels except Good old Mat who I decided to insult because honestly.. I don't reject peopl I haven't accepted all... but I don't reject anyone after I accept them and Mat wanted to duel me.. and when I found him a day or two later I wasn't able to jump him.. so after a few taunts, he's decided to jump my character every chance he g gets... It leads to a bit of excitement. I carry around clears and oranges and filmys now.. just in case. So poo on you people who say PK is dead

From: Mac Friday, July 07, 10:18AM Real PK is dead, not this friendly crap where nothing interesting happens.

From: Mitsukake Friday, July 07, 07:49PM the big problem in that Fraegis is, i dont want to jump mac or dusk or craven, i want to jump you, and witold, and isthar.

From: Z'x Friday, July 07, 11:10PM I havent come near to playing as I usually do...hours on end...I come on s -ee if anyone wants to fight, if not I leave...Mac was right pk is dead... stalking...that was pk. You cant do that anymore! The closest thing I ca -me to stalking was jumping someone who probably forgot to reject me unloc e op e e close w loc w a run bleh.... Well I was trying to say pk is dead..and well its turned me away hope it gets better or something, and A, B, C, D, E accept eachother, that is BORING -Z'x

From: Celia Saturday, July 08, 03:28AM Why would the GM of DERT want to jump those characters? Since when has DERT been an evil clan? - - -

From: Manticore Saturday, July 08, 12:03PM PKOK is great! I don't have to bother figuring out who's clanned and who isn't after my long leaves, I don't have to chase ppl around across the mud since most care less (at least i do) about death, nor do i have to try for several hours on end to pick a lock! Seriously though, we could've just as easily made this mud a pk free-for-all and the outcome wouldn't have been half as bad as it is now. Sure there'd have been a pretty bloody transition period, but if EVERYONE is enabled, it'll make jumping seriously interesting especially when with a lot of folks who vehemently hate jumping. Oh well, not that i care one way or another, not like i play more than 20 minutes or so per week.

From: Mitsukake Saturday, July 08, 06:00PM ummm Celia, i wasnt speaking as DERT GM or even as my character, i was speaking as a player who used to love pk ;) next time ill get on with my merc, but sometimes i forget which character im on anyways, dont tell me it hasnt happened to you ;)

From: Jesus Saturday, July 08, 06:27PM I find it very amusing that there isn't a single append to this thread that applies to the original thread. - Goldberg, keep one thing in mind, BS isn't designed to stun, so to speak, it does damage, Stun doesn't. - Thou hath spoken. -Jesus Christ, Superstar.

From: Sabu Sunday, July 09, 02:32AM I agree with Jesus on that.. and frankly.. i hate how backstab is now. I actually like backstab as a regular number though just not as high damage as it is now. Also if anything i would like to see the damage lowered again and para rate up because with the damage now and a high para rate would be insane. Ofcourse everyone is going to jump on me about this opinion of mine but i dont care. A backstab doing more damage then a dazed headbutt on someone given the 2 rounds you fight as well while they are stunned is simply dumb concept to me.. yeah yeah i could go get massive damroll right? wrong.. some of us cant... or what about those huge con/str's etc? hey.. well they need dex to actually hit ya know.. and without having good dex as well it still doesnt do anywhere near what a single skill can do without round damage.. so chew me up but thats my story and im stickin to it =p Sabu


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