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Skill strings!

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Posted by Mitsukake on 07/13

umm yeah wouldnt that be sweet? i think being able to string skills would be something worth working on -bribe coders- sure its pure cosmetic crap, but i think it would add to the RP element for alot of people, like im sure Tancred is sick of looking like a pagan everytime he roots :p umm thats it i guess, append comments, opinions, death threats..

From: Tobias Sunday, July 09, 02:18PM Yes, that'd be really really cool... I want to string my damage spells! MWAHAHAHA!

From: Kae Monday, July 10, 06:07AM Tancred does not look like a pagan when he roots! Tancred has rescue most nice emote aliased to fix that! - Kae

From: Kae Monday, July 10, 06:07AM Wonder where that rescue came from... well, that's whatcha get for using your hubby's new computer... Remind me to kill him.

From: Tirasala Monday, July 10, 04:38PM Skill strings would be great. I also think it would be a neat idea if characters could create their own emotes, or just have a contest every once in a while for characters to submit new emotions with some leaving, entering, and talking adjectives. Every week or so I just try to type an emote that seems like it should exist, but it doesn't. It'd be nice to have some outlet for those, or should I just put them all on the idea channel? -grin- Tira

From: LadyAce Monday, July 10, 06:02PM Hi all -- The idea of skill strings has been brought up before (in Q & A) and at that time, Ea! said that it would result in too large of an added overhead to the code -- i.e. lag. Sorry :( I highly recommend using a client and writing up a few emotes. Ideas for new socials and moods: we do put these in from time to time, and we generally draw our ideas from the idea file when we do so. If you are specific about your idea and devise things which fit in with Legend, you can maximize your chance for having your suggestion put in. Examples: [Idea] PlayerA: A sad mood that doesn't -(0! suck! [Idea] PlayerB: distraught mood -- PlayerB leaves east, obviously distraught. PlayerB says, 'Foo,' clearly upset about something. [Idea] PlayerC: a bummed-out mood -- PlayerC walks away north, totally bummed out, dude. What is WITH him? Rough examples, but you get the idea :) -LA

From: Skar Monday, July 10, 06:51PM Legend has a feature called directed emotes that you can use to simulate socials that work on other players. It's a two part emote, one that emotes to your target and one that emotes to the room. They're a bit more work to use (a client alias is best) but they might give you some of what you're looking for.

From: Danar Wednesday, July 12, 05:06AM I used to emote things like this in combat. I loved the awed reactions I got from people who thought it was a new skill or expert parry or something. Made my day. Danar

From: Elisa Thursday, July 13, 01:05PM and I still like to make my tiny Danar doll swing his tiny saber in a circular tierte parry ;) But that isn't an emote, it really does have a string!


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