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hit/dam gear

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Posted by Jesus on 07/20

ok, this stuff needs to be removed from the game. I have literally no chance against someone who uses fill chalice jug drink chalice it, so I'm thinking it should be removed for balance purposes. for the people who actually still want to pk.

From: Christopher Monday, July 17, 10:22AM Wuss Deal with it and stop crying and for the record, only one of my characters has old gear an old eye, and that's only because it's strung otherwise, I'd have given it away. How about we remove you for balance purposes along with all the old eq?

From: Babel Monday, July 17, 03:37PM yea remove the wuss

From: Darla Monday, July 17, 06:25PM What about the people who don't actually still want to pk? Balance has this annoying tendency to screw us.

From: DoctorBob Monday, July 17, 10:56PM wuss? crying? ye gods, you are all jackarses wtf is wrong with you? he raises an opinion and you insult him? and, if you were so stupid, maybe you would notice, it is impossible to beat someone wif the old crap, or if you want, you all can level up some newbies, and fight me, who has 2 old horns an old sss and god knows what else, then see if you can still call jesus a wuss you make me sick....

From: Craven Tuesday, July 18, 03:56AM -raise hand- I beat people with old gear regularly.

From: Jesus Tuesday, July 18, 11:20AM -lmao- the only balance I take from is not being any good. But whatever, old dam gear is overpowered, in MY opinion. take it as you will. I don't care if you agree or not, I'm simply stating my opinion. -Jesus Christ, Pornostar.

From: Babel Tuesday, July 18, 12:21PM And my opinion is your a wuss

From: Drakkon Tuesday, July 18, 03:42PM Babel, you're a loser fight someone who wfw's you and hits 4 bashes with old SSS 2 old brines, and 2 old horns plus some decent hitroll... so what if i still won, old eq should be taken out, but it screws over str fighters, that's why it would not be very likely to happen i'd like to see an alternative to high damage, other than having to get old horsns old brines and old weapons on all your hitters

From: Jesus Wednesday, July 19, 10:14AM don't get me started on backstab, Drakkon. :p

From: Zemus Wednesday, July 19, 04:13PM how many times has this come up? over and over again by the same people wanting this equ removed? If old equ is removed Ill just end up using a chara that dont need the old equ to fight good. like a dex mage or a sniper. I wanna see a str fighter a con fighter go up with a sniper when the sniper will I think be hitting harder due to there high hit roll while the str and con people will be hitting like little pansys and get dropped by Backstabs and dex damage I think they should just put old dam gear back in if you ask me -Zemus

From: Legolas Thursday, July 20, 09:41AM Talk about something to remove because it gives unfair advantage - I'd say arrow tainting should be pulled. Old gear, New gear - you get blinded by some sniper - and the game's over This is the first time i've ever posted anything - i hope i'm not personal personally attacked for sharing my views Lego


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