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Posted by Hitman on 07/22

Okay first off, I'd have to say pkill sucks This whole concept of dueling, really makes pkill a lot less interesting then what it used to be. I'd say yank pkok and put the old system back in. I feel that pkok gave the answer to all the whining cry babies who couldn't handle pkill the way it was. People used to whine about how they were being picked on, and multi'd and so forth, well my answer to them WAS don't enable. If you can't handl it, don't partake. Unfortunately, the imms took a different approach and ruined what was pure and beautiful for all us pkillers with the advent of pkok. Pkok was supposed to allow all of us to enjoy the aspect of pkilling by being able to choose who we want to pkill. Well, bleh to that The outcome of pkok has made it so that I fight the same persons day after day. Now while most people don't have a problem with that, pk becomes very boring when all i do is fight the same people over and over again. True, there are a lot more people on the mud who are pkok enabled, but the majority of them walk around reject all, which in my eyes is pretty we weak. There have been posts on this board talking about accept all vs accept all. This was a good idea, and one that i thought the imms would consider implementing. When i asked an imm, how this project was going along, i was told it wasn't, given that the current player base isn't using pkok the way we are supposed to. I took this to mean that we should be able to create our own accept all vs accept all world to pkill i in. However, there are people who are abusing this. I was in a clan that was accept all to most pkill clans. There were other pkillers who knew this and were taking advantage of the situation by jumping me while in the middle of fights with other people. Of course you could say to just not accept those people anymore but then you 're taking away from the whol aspect of being accept all. Anyway, enough of my interpretation of pkok, i think it sucks, but i'll leave it at that. What i would like to propose are some ideas to revert pkill back to the wa they used to be. 1) i think that the xp loss from a pkill death should go down even more. maybe something like 50k or 100k. 2) i think that pkill clans should be able to "war" with each other. okay so say i'm a hermetic and the hermetics want to war with the knights as GM of the hermetics i type war knights. In say 50 ticks, everyone in our two clans are now accept all to each other. Fighting continues until a GM types for example submit hermetics, now the clan accepts go off and now the hermetics earn a "champion point" or something. Maybe there can be a contest each month for who has the most champion points or something i could think of something really fun and creative if the imms really look favorably on this idea I'm just looking for a solution that would make people happy because as i see it, all the pkillers who pkilled in the old system, don't like pkok Hitman

From: Trish Wednesday, July 19, 07:05PM I agree with Hitman. A lot of pk players that have been here for years jus vanished. I rarely see Poetry, Dusk, Mac, etc.. on that often and in my opinion they are the people that add spice to pk. Most people these days that i have noticed tend to just accept people they know they can beat. Where is the fun in that? With former alts I would always try stupid things to beat people like Sammael and Poetry just to get better in skill. I understand pkok is here for certain reasons, but do the advantages outweight the disadvantages it certainly gives now? In my opinion, No. The main reason I have stayed here for as long as I have is the people here and the old pkill system. I do not play any other alts but pkillers, it is just boring to me No offense to these people but at the time i log on, the only people I fin d that are readily active in pk are Sabu, Reaper,Icarus, Akai,Craven and w ell I would LOVE to see more people around. People don't like to lose so they won't accept someone as skilled as Craven or Poetry and if they do, they dont like losing to them more than once. That is the flaw of the system, but now I am jsut babbling Personally I would love to see the old pk system yank PKOK out and if you do keep pkok in at least try to find an alternative that better suits everyone Maybe make a limit as to how many times you can reject people. like 3 when you are enabled by an imm and you can earn an additional 3 more per 25 million xp? I don't know but i think that would be a pretty nifty way to work maybe just because its my idea :) but anyways sorry about my rambling The Player of Trish, Chris

From: Icarus Wednesday, July 19, 07:20PM Yes I agree What was the original reason why pkok was put in again? Something like people abusing the pk system like ppl multing too much loot ing too much or something? hrm i fergot I mean, its kewl that you can enable one of your old chars but i'd rather give that up for old pk or you can yank PKOK system, go back to old pk then for every redeem point you can use to enable or unenable and as for the abuse of pk you might have a limit of 3 rejects or something or even take away the reject command from morts and put it in the power and judgement of the immortal to decide if the person should reject another person for example, Raper1 kicks my butt and multis and loots me to no end and keeps hunting me, keeps being an arse too me to no end. I ask an imm if i can reject him, and if my case proves to be strong then the imm puts Raper1 on my reject list Sure you have to wait for an imm, but you can just wait in a saferoom or if he has your corpse and you want eq, just not log in until you see an I'd rather lose my eq (staying logged out) than get permad (keep coming back in for eq) Or another case is where Raper2 jumps you in the middle of an Xp run you complain to an imm the imm sees that there is nothing wrong with it, and declines your request to reject Raper2 maybe some rules could be set up for appropriate rejection or something I just wish old pk, and yes i agree with the things hitman said about ppl abusing (not sure if that's the right word) but taking advantage of our clan accepting them then they accept us whenever they wanna jump Another thing that happens too often is when i try to blind someone with s spell, it says i can't cuz he's not accepted, so i sit and meditate moping around depressed =P and he grins at me, then accepts me right then and there and jumps me! reverses the person being jumped/jumper! hehe One other thing that REALLY bothers me is someone jumps you they log on the next day and you get them back and you find them not enabled -poo!- This ends the cycle of you hit me, i hit you back etc which fuels some ppl say (especially anti-pkers) "You always want it your way bleh ble just because you can't take revenge you get all pissed off" Well, i don't hear them ppl saying that in the old pk system putting up with your actions that lead to looting/multi I believe that when someone multi/loot someone else it's the fault of the person BEING multi'd, well to some degree they did something that the other person didn't like and in his eyes deserved a multi/loot so like, uh put up with your actions =P I've made really dick pkers before but never to the point someone multi'd me, just keep a certain amount of courtesy even if your pker is a dick =) hehe okay i'm gonna stop rambling cuz ppl are fiddling with my ears in this room, bleh -Icarus Raymond (OOC)

From: Huginn Thursday, July 20, 09:34PM The main problem with PKOK is fear. It used to be that people feared getting jumped, getting looted, getting multi'ed. There were some folks who decided that they'd be the ones on the winning side and they were. Not all or even most of them looted or multi'ed but all of them did jump others who were less experienced, who wanted to rp, or who wanted to duel. And so alot of effort went into code that was used by a small number of people, alot of admin time was wasted with people ruining the game for others, not because they had to, but because doing so gave them satisfaction. Now the game is ruined for them and they're pretty upset about it. People don't want to fight and again we see fear. But now its interesting to see the fear is spread into some of the experienced pk population. And its not fear of multi or looting. Rather it seems to be fear of losing. Getting jumped by two or more less experienced characters and not being able to have your friends help. Fear of the surprise attack from someone who isn't normally in the killing game. And most of all, fear of not being able to do the payback. Here's an interesting list .. each of these clans are pkill.. the number to the right is the number of other pk clans they accept.. Some are obviously less afraid than others.. maybe we should start handing out awards for that.

From: Huginn Thursday, July 20, 09:44PM Silent Shadow - 8 Ministry of Darkness - 10 The Dark Enforcers - 8 Mercenaries - 0 Assassin's Guild - 5 Knights of Legend - 0 Demonic Order - 0 The Grendels - 0 The Hermetic Order - 0 The Secretives - 3 The Grand Coven - 2 The Disciples of the Great Camel - 0

From: Icarus Thursday, July 20, 11:06PM hm now that you explained more about why pkok was imp'd i guess it make sense to imp it to cut down on wasted time for other projects And if most of the population on this mud like it, shrug, tuff for us not saying that i support it =P i still don't like it! Grrrr!! 2 ic

From: Kaeos Friday, July 21, 05:04AM Hmm pkok...Since I tried to make a comeback into this world of pk, i have had to ask for multiple duels. Maybe its just that I live in a different time zone or something, but i noticed that its hard to get a pkill fight now days Still, I think pkok is an okay system because it allows players to pk with chars without the fear of getting multied, looted, etc. by rejecting those char's that would. As for the aspect of less jumping, yeah its annoying that you spend a good 15minutes hunting someone to find that you have been rejected, spend 5 minutes with a snipe shot on someone in a safe room just to find that when they walk out they are not accepting you, or even seek revenge on someone. However, we as a mud can solve this problem if clans start accepting each other. I think it would also be great if those of us that are pkok to all or in a pk clan that has accepted most clans, put it in their title. Just an idea...probably won't work but what do you expect from someone that pkills with 373hp. Kaeos...Rogue

From: Mac Friday, July 21, 06:12AM Oh yeah, Grendels don't accept anyone cos of "fear". Actually it'd be stupid to accept everyone when nobody accepts us. Have you ever pkilled Huggin? You sure seem to see things differently than most of us. I don't want pkok ripped, it just needs tweaking.

From: Danar Friday, July 21, 07:29AM Saying an activity is stupid is just another way to say you're afraid of the consequences it would have. Danar

From: Malandrino Friday, July 21, 03:15PM Uhm Danar, yes I think it would be stupid jump from the 40 floor and you probably are right I think I would be afraid of the consequences. Malandrino

From: Mac Friday, July 21, 04:20PM Not true, writing that comment was stupid but were you afraid of the consequences? I don't think so!

From: Sincere Friday, July 21, 05:22PM your stupid, your ALL stupid, this whole damn system is stupid! my two cents

From: Huginn Friday, July 21, 09:22PM My point is that there are alot of pkill clans that aren't accepting many fights, and a few that are. I agree that Grendels aren't everyone's favorite targets even among those that accept alot. You guys built quite a reputation and maybe it'll take some time of trying to get fights and showing you know the difference between playing evil characters and being really poor sports. As for my personal pkill experience, -shrug- I've had a few fights, won some, lost some. I think I have a pretty fair grasp of what goes on in the pkill world. And even though I feel that I could personally survive in the old style world of pkill, its still a matter of resources. The old style took alot more and gave less to the _majority_ of players. You can make pkok into something very similar to the old style but that's up to you. If you want to just complain about how much it sucks instead then that's your choice. Huginn

From: Mac Saturday, July 22, 12:14AM Yeah, you keep saying we can make it similar to what it was but a lot of us know it's impossible without some code changes.

From: Mac Saturday, July 22, 01:19AM Another suggestion to go along with the well supported accept all change which you seem to be against for some unknown reason. Use 2 timestamps for pkill in certain situations, if someone attacks you by individually accepting you, and you haven't individually accepted them, meaning that it most likely isn't a duel and probably a wolfpack attempt, timer 1 is set to the standard 50 ticks, timer 2 is set for 2 weeks, the player sees those timers combined but when they pkill again, only timer 1 is reset, basically giving the victim time for some payback.

From: Asguard Saturday, July 22, 06:16PM I don't know about the resting, but i can tell you this, i've accepted craven and many other pkillers i have only a slim chance against with my alt. And you know what, i've seen alot of other people do it to. As for this solution just don't enabled, some people want tfight only in duels, and if thats there choice, i won't complain. We have no right to say you must fight someone you don't want to because your interested in trying a brief duel with a friend or something. That is why alot of people pked before in the first place, to duel. The accept all versus except all only is probably a good idea, because there are alot of people on the other side to, that signed up for the danger and excitmen t. I don't agree with two people being a group, one accept all and the oth er reject all, then someone comes in and jumps the except all, so the oth e er enables to that person for just that fight then chickens out after. That is abusive. (and i have seen it happen several times) Anyways, pkok does have servere problems like that that need to be fixed. I hope i didn't offend anyone with that longwinded speech, thanks for listening to my two cents. (and yes, i have had pkillers before pkok that got to 50th and enjoyed the whole time) Sir Asguard


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