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Posted by Manticore on 07/28

I'd personally be happy if PKOK all was put in an entire different category from pkok'ing specific people. That is, PKOK ALL would simply mean that it'll automatically accept fights from others that are PKOK ALL'd, and for others who aren't PKOK ALL to attack a PKOK ALL, they'd need to be accepted by the PKOK ALL guy. Of course PKOK ALL should be an irreversible option or reversible at the cost of 1 redemption point just like before. This will allow the old school pkers to pk like before -- you don't know who's after you, but once you do, you have all the time in the world to pay them back. That'll at least put some excitement back for me, since I won't just go around sleeping around in the open, and since I could try to stalk people who expects and enjoys the occasional surprise. It doesn't take away anything from people who would like to duel, since all they have to do is ask the PKOK ALL ppl to accept them, but it adds some for the PKOK ALL community. Manticore

From: Jesus Saturday, July 22, 07:12PM ummm, yeah, that's the way it's set up now, minus the reversible part. I see no point in saying pkok needs to change. what you've described is the vode that's in, it's not the imms faults that no one WANTS to be pkok all. -Jesus Christ, Superstar.

From: Mac Sunday, July 23, 10:06AM

From: Dune Monday, July 24, 09:10AM I think its funny to see Manticore suggesting all the things that we all suggested before already.. Poor guy, haha, he thinks that it might change or something. Manticore, we hear you, but we have been through this entire discussion a million times while you were in the service. Its almost funny to see your posts coming after we have all given up:(. after we have all given up:(. I think PKOK is here to stay as it is... its a dead issue! I admire your strength:) PK thesedays is all about duels. Those psychotic rivalries we used to have with Dusk, and Demitiri, and hm.. all the way back to Mordred ... even Arsene.. are all gone. Its all very polite thesedays. Imms have tamed the likes of us for the better of the society. Everything is sooo safe, so clean, so perfect.. cause we have no other choice. A VERY important aspect of human nature has been controled.. CONFLICT. Without it, everything is so -YAWN-.. hm Im getting tired. Ill sleep out in the open somewhere. How realistic! Conflict, hm, I miss it. The concept of LOSS.. and real danger. Obviously, we are just elitists. I dont fear anyone or anything. My resource pockets are deep... and so are yours, Manticore. WE dont need the kind of protection that PKOK offers. We can take care of ourselves. Thats because we studied this MUD, and learned it, and spent time on it, and ran for our lives, and had to face dangerous enemies as young apprentices. We are the last of a group of elitist players. PKOK was installed to protected inept pkillers from the mastery that players like us have achieved. There is no motive to master this game any longer. We arent going to get the way it was back. There was too big a power difference between players. Btw, these are my opinions and my ideas. If you are one of those people that depend on legend as more than a game, and need your social circle to be safe and sound, then obviously you disagree. Flame all you want. You guys are obviously the majority around here (hence PKOK). I, and the elitist pkillers on this mud, are obviously the minority. We lost everything we like about this game. Go ahead, kick us while we are down. Dune

From: Zalbag Tuesday, July 25, 12:12AM Arrrggggghhhhhhhh! i know i wasnt ultimately as aggressive as people like Dune,Manticore,Mac,Dusk, etc.. but hey i fought as much as they did and I miss it! i still say pk clans should be accept all to each other because the alternative they have told me wont happen (Having ALL GM's accept each other), if they have that choice to just hunt and ignore others they will do it, but there HAS to be a difference between PK and RP clans besides PK clans lists overriding personal lists. Anyways, school is starting back up in 3 weeks and i plan to be as active as i was last semester and I really want to pk like before darnit!

From: Fuego Friday, July 28, 03:57PM wow, dune hit that one right on the head... he expressed the exact wat way- i felt about this place, there is no real reason to master this place anymore, there is no real reason to keep preppies on you, there is no real danger, and worst of all, there is no interest. This mud will never be able to go back to the way it is, the power of this code has forced anyone who really liked to PK, to go somewhere else. There are plenty of options for us in the gaming world, the real thing that kept us here was that we knew this place well, and we knew how to master it, now i find myself playing diablo 2, or simply just catching up on some sleep, i really wish that i had an option, but if i want the thril of the hunt, i can no longer go to legend. Just how i feel, and i am sure that many other true pkillers feel the same way. Fuego, Zaba, Floppy, Sincere, and im sure many others, as well as my player -Craig

From: Nothing Friday, July 28, 05:27PM I don't consider myself nearly as aggressive as many pk'ers, but I do like to think I was one of the elite. I spent hours on end figuring out ways to be prepared for random jumps, and knowing that I could get back at the person when I chose (well, when I caught them in the open). I haven't really noticed who has left or gone mainly inactive, mostly because I myself have already done so. I check back in now and then but it's not like before. Have fun guys, I know I used to. -Nothing to do but sleep in the open...


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