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Posted by Legolas on 07/30

I received 2 warnings the other night for saying the less accepted form of "crap" on my clan channel after dying in the act of helping someone. The first warning came after i said the word, while the second warning came after i asked why i got a warning for saying the word - saying the word again in the process Danar told me the line had to be drawn somewhere, and the imms chose language. Thats all good with me, but the problem is - all imms don't respond the same. While that old dude was permaing characters left and right, someone was sitting in the room, making fun of anyone who tried to ask who the guy was. In this taunting - the F word was used about 6 times. While all this was going on, Cheyla was just sitting there, listening I got 2 warnings for saying a mild word on a clan channel only 1 person was listening to. This other guy got nothing for saying the F word to insult someone 6 times. I read the rules - Any non-directed speach (says,yell,chat) has to be clea n Yeah - i messed up by saying a mild word, and got called on it But this puke said the F word 6 times to insult while in the presence of an imm, and got nothing If the imms want to crackdown - they all have to do it not just some Thanks a bunch, Lego

From: Tobias Saturday, July 22, 08:00PM Ouch...that kinda sucks... -Tobias

From: Dun Saturday, July 22, 10:45PM You know, you dont get warnings for using say, talk, tell, ask, whisper, o or anything else everyone doesnt see -unless- you are asked to stop and continue. Thats all, have a nice day. -Dun Foal -=Effin Pissed=-

From: Jesus Saturday, July 22, 11:39PM see board 44 1, I appended to the wrong damn thread :p

From: Cheyla Sunday, July 23, 12:41AM Yes, I was sitting in the room. Yes, Dun is correct, foul language in says/talks/tells/gtells is allowable until someone complains. Nobody complained (and if they did, I was so spammed, I didn't see it - heck, I didn't even see the foul language). I was also at work at the time and dealing with other things. I was not the only immortal on at the time. Had somebody had a problem with tha language being used off the channels at that time, there were a number of imms they could have complained to. It is my guess that nobody did. Keep in mind that we are human, Legolas. One chat with vulgarity may make it by because we missed it - we deal with a large amount of spam much of the time (just think, we can see all channels - which includes all clan channels, and we have a variety of immortal-only channels as well) and the screen scroll can get so horrid we can very easily miss something, especially if our attention is divided with something else... like work, family, a tv show, another window, or any number of other things (for me, it was between work and trying to convince the guy to take some time to think before he perma'd more characters and had more regrets, since I am sure he already is regretting it). Cheyla

From: Kae Sunday, July 23, 06:54AM Actually, that was me saying the line has to be drawn somewhere. But in any case, as long as no one is asking the person to stop using bad language in private conversation - that's basically anything that's not a channel - no one is going to do anything about it. Yells are borderline, I believe - personally I'd warn for them, depending on the situation. However, if you feel that Danar and I treated you unfairly, you still have the option of contacting Dominic (head admin) or Kaige (implementor), to appeal your case, just as we both pointed out the night in question. Warnings DO get repealed when it's judged that the immortal in case was too quick on the fingers. -Kae

From: Legolas Sunday, July 23, 05:25PM Actually Kae, I did talk to Dominic - he said he'd get back to me the next day after he read the email but never did. Guess the system doesn't work after all.

From: Mitsukake Sunday, July 23, 07:49PM kinda of this same topic umm i think maybe clans should have the choice to make thier clan channel an adult channel? and imms should be able to toggle clan channels (if they cant already) cause most clans have what 6-11 people? ;) and most of them arent on at the same time? i think we should be able to vent on our channels since its not really public, assuming the imms can tune it out but whatever, goin to beeeeed. Sayonara! (and heftig!) -Mitsukake, some stupid guy who blabs while tired.

From: Drakkon Sunday, July 23, 08:08PM I've heard imm channels aren't so clean as well, why should they care if the clan channels aren't clean.... i say if you want to swear on your own private channel it should be allowed, as long as none of your clan members take any offence to it :P

From: Zemus Monday, July 24, 01:18AM YES WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO SAY WHAT THE HELL WE WANT ON CLAN CHANNELS!!!!! I find it so irritating that we cant say what the hell I wanna say on my PRIVATE clan channel, Since what I say on a clan channel dosent deal with imm's. and that saying just group with your clan and use GT or use tells is a bunch of crap since when do you ever walk around with' your clan all the time. If I rent in tara im not gonna trans to indus to group with my member just so I can swear and I dont use tells when talking to your whole clan This is just another reason I think clans are a waste of time there is no advantages of being in a clan atm so I think being able to swear on a clan channel or something might make being in a clan worth something. -Zemus

From: Sandra Monday, July 24, 10:11AM Since we cater to all AGES as well as all types of people, and we don't require an age limit to be in a clan, the clan channel rule is more than appropriate. Just because you may be old enough to swear(though I must admit, if I had to type out something to get my point across, it would be more colourful than a 4-letter word) doesn't mean everyone else is. And the mud IS following the law of the state the machine is in. -Sandra

From: Jesus Monday, July 24, 10:46AM here's some FYI. A new law was passed, about three months ago, that states very clearly The use of vulgar language by any military personnel in a public atmosphere will result in 30 days confinement, loss of pay and rank, and a dishonorable discharge from the military. - I work in a brig (prison) for the United States Marine Corps, I've put people in jail for this already. -Jesus Christ, Superstar.

From: Mertjai Monday, July 24, 01:43PM Oooh yes that's a great idea! I know, instead of using Jail, we just auto-ban those who swear from channels for six months! Oooh. Of course I'd have been banned myself once, but hey, I'd have my channels back by now. Heh -having fun- Merjai Awooga

From: Fraegis Monday, July 24, 02:57PM I have to agree with those who think it is silly that we aren't able to express ourselves as 5-year olds on channels. Why should the imms try to slow our regression into childhood? I suggest that we all (those of us who feel the imms have no right in asking for clean language on channels) refrain from using any channels for the next 12 months! Then they can see how boring things become! We are all individuals, and if we want to act immature, childish and totally ridiculous, annoying lots of people in the process, and just laugh at them when they complain, who are the imms to say we can't? Ironic greeting, the True God

From: Zemus Monday, July 24, 06:32PM The other thing I think is funny about this all-age mud is that we cant use "bad" words but we are exposed to violance did you ever read what it says when you KILL stuff. pretty nasty stuffs if you ask me, not very good for younger people. -zemus

From: Akai_Hayate Monday, July 24, 06:56PM annoy who? you know all us rampant pkillers think alike so if i want to swear, sammael wants to too and so does poetry and wyvern, heh... we are asking for clan channels to be adult, not chat

From: Testboy Tuesday, July 25, 12:39AM 13 yr olds swear more than anyone, who're you really trying to protect?

From: Sandra Tuesday, July 25, 11:58AM We're trying to protect the mud. Just like a theatre can get into trouble for letting someone under 17 into an R rated movie, we can get into trouble for profanity in a 'public' forum, since we require no age limit to play. I figure one of the times that we say this, it may sink in. ;) -Sandra

From: Testboy Wednesday, July 26, 02:12AM Bah, that'll never happen.. ever heard of another MUD or other internet host being prosecuted for such things?

From: Elisa Friday, July 28, 01:22AM A few more or less arbitrary combinations of sounds are hardly worth fighting over. There are other words. Have you ever considered substitutin them? It really isn't that hard. If you can't find a word you like, you can always make up a new one. Or perhaps you can try combining words to actually describe how you feel. It may even help you to think introspectiv -ely. And if you keep practicing, you may eventually be able to use language well enough that other people will listen to you. Imagine that!

From: Testboy Friday, July 28, 04:13AM Without resorting to insults or threats, I'd like to see someone express their anger in plain text without cursing. Go on, show me how it's done.. I won't laugh (out loud).

From: Kaige Friday, July 28, 02:22PM Arrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! -ponder- Yup I think that would work. No insults, no threats. Definitely conveys frustration and anger. -Kaige

From: Testboy Friday, July 28, 03:19PM Naw, that's for little annoyances like running out of smokes or a shop being closed on MUDs where they've taken realism too far. :P

From: Sandra Friday, July 28, 06:23PM "Ok, I'm really angry right now!!!" Seems to get the point across, but the obvious doesn't always seem so obvious to some people I suppose. Now, you could get wordy about it, with something like "My anger level has increased to limits way beyond the scope of a normal person, so be forwarned, I may explode soon!" Or, you could use the simple "Arrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!" that Kaige posted. Then there's the ever (un)witty: "I'm about to bang my head off of a wall a few thousand times! The pain would be better than dealing with !!" It doesn't take alot of thought, though perhaps thought is the problem? -Sandra

From: Testboy Sunday, July 30, 12:29AM Actually that was the first thing that came to mind but it's not something that I'd take seriously, if they're in control then they couldn't really be that mad. Perhaps some lose it more than others and although that last comment may have meant to be an insult, it's true, I don't think or care about the consequences when I'm really peeved. Really, it just doesn't sound like your angry.. when I am, I want others to know. :P


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