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pkok, a thought

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Posted by Jesus on 07/31

ok, I've been pondering pkok for a while now. I still love it, the very idea of it is great. BUT, something needs to be done, in my opinion, to bring back the great pk'ers that have left since it's implementation. so, here's me take on it. all pk clans accept all other pk clans, period. no accept, no reject, we all accept eachother. but this leads to the massive clan switching that has been ongoing, so here's my solution to that. lets make joining a clan, a pkill clan, a commitment. this will make getting into a pkill clan a bit tougher, but we need that anyway. and lets take out the abandon command. hell, why not? we can start redeeming out of pkill clans if we so desire. we can play with the amount of xp needed to do such, and find a happy median. perhaps there are other suggestions people might have as well. anyway, nothing I've said is beyond the code that's already in, it will just take a bit of fine tuning to make everyone happy. hardcore pkillers get what they want, exactly what they want, and so do the people who just dabble, a duel here and there. and it even leaves open interaction between the two. A pk clan pk'er can simple accept the rp'er who wants to duel. Thou Hath Spoketh, Again. -Jesus Christ, Superstar.

From: Icarus Wednesday, July 26, 03:45AM hrm i like Jesus' idea of taking a redeem point to bail out of a clan..and all pk clans have to accept each other. that way, both hardcore pk communitcy can co-exist with the ppl that just have a friendly duel once in a while.

From: Autolicus Wednesday, July 26, 12:19PM Sounds great to me, just wish they would force that a bit more about the pk clans accepting all other pk clans. Also sounds very good about the redeeming out of a clan that way we have full limit pk clans and not so much inactive members. I likes, but will anything actually be done? who knows... Auty

From: Dun Wednesday, July 26, 04:52PM Sounds good, jesus. I dont talk much... Dun Foal -=Not So Effin Pissed anymore=-

From: Kingfisher Thursday, July 27, 12:11AM Who left, Jesus? I can think of one or two who left, which is quite natural over a period of some months...But you make it sound like lots of people have gone.

From: Testboy Thursday, July 27, 12:59AM

From: Fuego Saturday, July 29, 08:07AM alot more then 1 or 2 left, there are 5 hardcore pkillers that left just appending to recent posts

From: Althena Monday, July 31, 11:12AM Heh, that'd actualy give me reason to try to make a decent char again, instead of just saying ahh, it's only mobkill I'll get a healer.


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