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Leaving, not leaving, PKOK...

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Posted by Manticore on 08/13

Truth is, regardless of what happens to pk, i've spent way too much time here to say "i'll perma all my chars and go!" Pkok, for me, just made me go look at other alternatives that involve quite a bit more resources than zMUD, but it's not too bad. I still log on every now and then (prolly still about once every week or two) for 30 minutes or so... But this isn't a game that is moving on, for me. There's not enough incentive to create a new char, nor enough to try re-eq'ing an old one. I don't have to be as competitive as I had been before; heck, i duel without any of my aliases, paths, triggers... and wits, it seems. There's no point crashing people to Aengus, setting up traps or anything since all that does is shorten the hard-to-get duel. So i end up choosing to trade blows like silly folk staying in one room, one era... I'm sure there are still players around who simply love being able to form groups to go to SL or PD for the gazillionth time, knowing exactly what to do when and what kind of chars you need for that group, leading it over and over and over until you get another whois. It's comfortable being in those areas and knowing that nothing out of the ordinary will happen. I mean, a hound of cullan won't aim up and snipe you, and blackbeard won't run around and crash you into other captains. Maybe it's that i'm a bit weird, but i personally enjoyed ooc-rivalry (well... rivalry is sorta euphemistic, i guess) and knowing that every attitude i gave would generate some future conflict, even if i didn't foresee it. Oh hell, I don't know what i'm babbling about. PKOK is fine with me now that i can't spend as much time playing and paying attention to the happenings of the mud. Mmm... just curious, Dune, Mac... what are you guys doing nowadays anyway? Miss ya. Manticore Hardcore Core Encore Score

From: Testboy Sunday, July 30, 12:53AM This's Mac, I archived and got stuck into Duris again.. It may be harsh, you get beat down by others constantly but I still prefer it to MUDs without pkill. -poke Legend-

From: Fraegis Sunday, July 30, 04:44AM -comf Mac- Poor little guy, you have managed to not hear about pkok? If you read the posts on various boards, and type "help pkill" and/or "help pkok", you will learn a little about pk on legend. Good luck with it.

From: Manticore Sunday, July 30, 08:09AM

From: Manticore Sunday, July 30, 08:12AM argh, got cut off, don't feel like writing the whole thing, i'll just summarize: PKOK now is like diet coke. It may be healthier for some, but for those of us fit, it's simply an alternative that tastes worse. Manticore

From: Testboy Sunday, July 30, 08:18AM -comf Fraegis- Poor little retard, that aint pkill.

From: Nothing Sunday, July 30, 10:43AM Suuuure Manticore, forget about me. Hehe, not like I'm here much anyways.

From: Wyvern Sunday, July 30, 02:07PM yah exactly, i don't feel like i'm dueling (if ever) to my fullest it's not fun anymore. it's not fun anymore. doh =P but whatever, been playing less and less, mostly afk playing mostly on Duris now =P at least it's unaddicting me to this damned-used-to-be-addicting-mud =) hehe

From: Kiri Sunday, August 13, 01:47PM ok, attempting to help pkok, I'm going accpet alll, and will probably heal pk'ers during fights, if I get jumped too much, I don't really care, If I get multi'd and looted, I'll stop


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