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Posted by Christopher on 08/03

Point Blank... The reason there are so few people willing to accept all to accomdate you oldstyle PKers is due the the actions of past players Jumping during runs excessivly excessive multiple kills. What you all have failed to realize fully is people are scared. I myself never was able to create a PKer during the Olden days. Simply put.. I couldn't level a character up high enough to test the water When PKok went in.. I enabled my favorite character and I've engaged in a few duels. Usually one sided. I have accepted people one at a time. People I trust not to kill the hell out of me. And for me, it works fine. And yes, I do get jumped. Mat and Craven jump that character constantly. But I have never had to reject anyone because everyone I've added has continued to behave. Why should we non-hardcore-diehard players risk our characters that we've put long hours into.. risk our strings that we've had to play games and pay through the nose for. I'll be honest.. in my 2 years on Legend my characters (all 10+ of them) have personally held less than 10 coupons. It seems to me that if there are people interested in playing oldstyle you shouldn't have a problem. but it seems to me that those of you who want oldstyle PK simply want to prey on the weak and the inexperienced who get sucked into it and are stuck PKing everyone. It's my belief that.. after a time, when the fear of multi's and the fear of idiots dies down... people will begin playing oldstyle using accept all. Quit whining for the Immortals to step in and take charge of YOUR game boys and girls. Yes, this is Kaige's MUD Yes, this is not a democracy Yes, we provide input, but we do not make decisions but We do influence this place People complain that they leave because the Immorts play favorites, or they refuse to do anything on our behalf Complaining to England didn't get us Taxation with Representation. damn phone.. I lost my train of thought.. anyway.. shut up already The more you call for Imm Intervention the more you scare people tentativly testing the water let it be and see what happens I, for one, have faith in the players to level the playing field. -Chris

From: Wyvern Tuesday, August 01, 10:53AM Christ, just so you know in oldsyle pk IT WAS AN IMM ONLY COMMAND, AND YOUR CHOICE TO BE ENABLED. If you EVER were enabled in oldstyle, the imm would read off a list of disclaimers such as you run the risk of getting multid' looted blah blah blah. If you don't wanna do it, THEN DON'T, simple as that. -Wyvern, utterly confoozed at retardedness.

From: Dune Tuesday, August 01, 10:51AM Dont you think that there should be away to accomodate you AND others? or just you? Do you think Im asking for looting and multi back and bad feelings? Im asking for some excitement... not lukewarm duels, like the ones that newbie pkillers like you engage in. Legend consists of more than newbies. My requests are not one-sided. Im looking for a way to make EVERYONE happy... that is not the case now. Dont you think that your opinions are one-sided and insensitive to others?

From: Dune Tuesday, August 01, 11:06AM I was refering to Christopher as "you".. not Wyvern, who snuck in and posted faster than me=p

From: Dusk Tuesday, August 01, 11:07AM Just to add my own lil opinion. I am probably reknowned for 'picking on the weak', and I did in many cases... I looted, multied, and had a good time doing it. But good god did I get it all in return. Have you ever had a group of 8 pkillers come after you at once Chris?!? Now thats fun! You havn't the vaguest idea what you speak of. Dune has an outstanding point, everyone happy, why is this so hard to comprehend?!?!? Dusk

From: Fuego Tuesday, August 01, 03:52PM I'll keep this short cause im about to go out to a met game... The risk is what made it fun, if there was no risk involved in people lives, then everything would be BORING!!! if you have never taken a risk in your life, then you must have a pretty dull life.

From: Brew Wednesday, August 02, 02:52AM If risking is so much fun... then why aren't people risking anything by accepting all? You're talking to the wrong people. What you seem to want is pandamount to the immortals randomly making characters accept all. As newbie pkers explore their lukewarm duels, I'm sure more and more will branch out and accept more people. and I'm Chris, not Christ While my favorite quote is "I rock" I am not the Lord and Saviour.

From: Brew Wednesday, August 02, 03:07AM Btw, you people haven't realized something It's summertime.. people are out having fun, not sitting online poking electronic friends with imaginary swords.

From: Wyvern Wednesday, August 02, 11:19AM Brew, please research a bit before you make a statement? Look at how many people are online now. chant meue kala dyn ex

From: Nothing Wednesday, August 02, 04:47PM You don't get the point Brew, yes there's risk in accepting all. But if yo can't "return the favor" of someone jumping you because they just reject you after 10 minutes of hiding, there's no reason to. And trust me, I don't know the new areas well, but there are plenty of places you can hide. And yes, people do accept all, look at how much "fun" Craven is having. -Nothing but a ghost here anymore

From: Zalbag Thursday, August 03, 03:22AM Ya know, i used to fear people like Dusk and Poetry but Poetry showed me how fun it is to actually fight instead of hiding you people should try to experience it but the fact you can limit things i is might sad. we're trying to accomodate for both views(die harders and non die-hard people) I may have had disgust for all people ive pkilled against on this mud if it was out of rage but you know what I respect every one of you guys: Dusk, Dune, Craven, Nothing etc..... the list goes on and on, you all are a great bunch of people that have the same perspectives, anyways ill just go hibernate in my recesses while this pathetic excuse of a mud continues to go on with the lame pkok system (yes im mad) Zalbag!

From: Brew Thursday, August 03, 09:06AM Uh.... I accidentally posted on 11 instead of 51... Read 11 2


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