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What do these numbers mean to you?

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Posted by Kaige on 09/15

. Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Peak Mortals 68 66 58 78 70 67 70 73 67 61 63 63 56 Average Peak 58 48 43 48 50 54 54 60 58 50 50 48 47 Peak PKs 20 19 18 18 20 15 15 23 21 17 - 30 26 PK% 19% 21% 16% 16% 17% 17% 17% 21% 20% 17% - 36% 45% What do they mean to you? What do they mean to Legend as a whole? I have an opinion on this, but want to see what you see in them first. -Kaige

From: Dun Tuesday, August 01, 01:36PM 45% -=PKOK=- You know...I dont want to flame pkok anymore...I just want some progressio -n. Kaige, I have 5 characters, that dont pkok but are enabled, just for the sake. And I am sure others have done the same thing. Not sure what else to say..but that 45% doesnt compare to the 19% in the first july at all. just my rambling Dun -=Effin Piseed=-

From: Kaige Tuesday, August 01, 02:18PM Total PK enabled 129 active chars 75 archived chars Total PKOK enabled 350 active chars 79 archived chars Accepts

From: Rejects

From: At least 1 245 213 (185 of these are reject all) More than 5 52 6 More than 10 20 0 More than 15 13 0 More than 20 5 0 More than 30 2 0

From: includes individuals and clans. #'s gotten by counting number of Accept or Reject fields in each character's info. Includes info on active chars, and archived chars. Accepting All Total 61/417 Accept All Active 48/350 13% of active chars Accept All Archived 13/ 79 Reject All Total 185/417 Reject All Active 167/350 = 48% or 52% not rejecting all Reject All Archive 18/ 79


From: no overlap of ACCEPT ALL/REJECT ALL 11 PK clans: Clan 1 7 members Accepts All Rejects 0 other clans Clan 2 7 members Accepts 9 other clans Rejects 0 other clans Clan 3 6 members Accepts 9 other clans Rejects 0 other clans Clan 4 10 members Accepts 7 other clans Rejects 0 other clans Clan 5 8 members Accepts 7 other clans Rejects 0 other clans Clan 6 8 members Accepts 4 other clans Rejects 0 other clans Clan 7 10 members Accepts 2 other clans Rejects 2 other clans Clan 8 6 members Accepts 1 other clans Rejects 0 other clans Clan 9 8 members Accepts 0 other clans Rejects 0 other clans Clan 10 6 members Accepts 0 other clans Rejects 1 other clans Clan 11 5 members Accepts 0 other clans Rejects 0 other clans 81 Pkclan Members (includes GMs): 23/81 members are reject all 15/81 members are accept all -Kaige (btw, I wasn't just asking what you thought of the pk vs pkok #s, but the whole thing in general. =) )

From: Fuego Tuesday, August 01, 03:48PM woops, read board 53 append 3 for my append... im an illiterate moron and cant read numbers

From: Darla Tuesday, August 01, 09:07PM The thing that really strikes me is how few members there are in most pk clans. Some clans are at or near the limit. Perhaps this is a contributing factor that is making people think the "duels" of pkok are boring and pk is not what it used to be. If the GM's and other members concentrated on recruiting more, so that the pker base was concentrated into a few large groups, instead of many small random factions, you could bring back large-scale wars. A clan of 15 is three times as active as a clan of five. as a clan of five. Also in regards to Kaige's data, the decrease in the playerbase does not seem any different that normal seasonal fluctuations, and therefore is not in my opinion a cause for alarm. They'll all be back when it gets cold out

From: Brew Wednesday, August 02, 02:58AM Just because there are 15 members in a clan doesn't mean those 15 members are active...

From: Trish Thursday, August 03, 04:06AM now darla can you honestly say that in the span of one month (June to July) that 7 people are on vacation, Compare last july to this july. the numbers dont compare the peak PKs are a little higher with more people allowing more than 1 character to pk but there isnt much difference from old PK to PKOK. sure more PK% but duh there better be otherwise the numbers might actually prove to be a valid point to the immstaff that PKOK needs to be changed. oh well i give, no imms listen anymore


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