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A note on pkok changes

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Posted by Ea! on 08/05

I wanted to explain on the discussion board some of the things that we have talked about at the PKOK Forum and some of the previous Q & As. Specifically, I wanted to address the type of changes that we're willing to make and the types that we aren't willing to make, and why that is. We are interested in ideas and suggestions -- many suggestions will be implemented with this week's code update. The changes that we are interested in making are changes that create new options for players and clans. Changes that are within the philosphy and spirit of Pkok. Changes that help empower players to control their pkill environment. We aren't willing to make any changes that move the mud back towards the pkenabled system. The old system, for all of its benefits, contributed to an environment where players routinely felt harassed by other players -- all due to pkill. The old standby, when that happened was, "well, you agreed to it when you enabled." Unfortunatly, that doesn't work. Players didn't feel any less harassed. They still complained to the admins and felt upset. We decided that players should not be able to give up their rights to avoid harassing situations for any significant period of time. We also won't make any changes to the system that will cause people to leave pkill clans and join rp clans. In practicality, this means that we can't restrict pkill clans more than rp clans. Many of the suggestions that have been made violate one of these principals. We don't want to see droves of people leave the mud over Pkok. However, we're not willing to have a system that encourages, or even supports, an enviornment of harassment -- such an enviornment does more damage to the community than we will accept. -Ea!

From: Fatale Friday, August 04, 12:15AM Thank you for your post, Ea!. It clears up a lot of questions and clearly states what the goals of pkok are. Maybe with these goals, we can suggest ideas that are more within range of what is ideal in pk. If more imms posted things like this sooner, perhaps there would be less time spent on ideas that won't be entertained and more time spent on ideas that are feasible. I know most imms don't want to post things like this because they take a lot of flack. Guys, instead of giving imms a hard time when they post their goals/opinions/whatever, try working with them and maybe they'll listen to you more. Fatale

From: Dune Friday, August 04, 08:04AM I think the option to control your pk environment gives harassed players a way to end their harassment. I also think that it dims the entire experience.:( So my question was answered... we are moving away from a high risk, high gain system. I hope its worth the cost... so far, I dont think it has been. I think that any situation where you can turn people you feel threatened by off and on is going to fail misrably (as we have seen so far). Im hoping that we can simulate, through pkok, a situation thats makes it more difficult to enter and exit. I dont see much hope for this... or for pkill on legend (given the goals of PKOK). Harassment is an ooc offense and shouldnt be solved by code that affects IC play. I guess imms are just too sick and tired of dealing with it and are actually willing, at this point, to comprise the game and give control of it to the players... and all this despite the fact that conflict and rivalry tweek the basic human survival instinct that causes PKOK to fall flat on its face. I guess its hard to for me to understand, being one of the bigger fish in the sea. It seemed to me that even a lot of the smaller fish sensed a loss. That leaves to wonder who actually benfits from all this... a couple of people that like the duel occasionally, but dont want to make the leap into full pkship, and maybe the imms that have to deal with less harassment cases? I still dont understand why we cant just change our old system. Make an option to duel, so people can RP pk, and just test PK without making a commitment until 50 million... while keeping the "once you are in, you are in for the long run" old system we had before. You could even give pkillers a "get out" ticket... once. That leaves so many options.. I could use the duel command to try it with no risk, you can even take the plunge and fully enable.. and if you dont like it, you can even cash in your ticket. Those are a lot of options for the player to choose from. If they still feel harassed after all those options, then too bad. I dont know, that idea wasnt too thought out. Im just going to be sad to see PK die here. Its getting close now, and I think that as long as players can turn others off and on, then its inevitable. If this is worth it, then rock on. Anyways, I dont even know why Im posting so much. Slow summer at the university I guess. Seems like a dead issue:(. Dune

From: Kiri Saturday, August 05, 12:23AM one possible idea is to leave the pkok system in and add a command called something like 'meele' that is basically accept all other meele people (leaving the pkok system in, so you can acept all there if you want, or turn it off if you're worried that people will jump you then reject you the next day) Whoever is using meele should recieve some bonus (I was thinking more xp for kills, less xp lost for dying (this could be for pkill and mobkill, or just pkill, whatever)) anyone using meele would have to get an imm's permission or something (one time ticket, or whatever) to disable meele. ok, and I just realized that it's spelled melee, but I don't feel like backing up and changing it.

From: Testboy Saturday, August 05, 02:00AM sad.

From: Dune Saturday, August 05, 07:24AM Melee sounds nice, but imms would never ever allow a command that gives in game bonuses to certain characters.

From: Kiri Saturday, August 05, 01:32PM I guess not. Melee could simply be added so people could continue the old style pk, I was just suggesting a bonus like xp so people would be encouraged to use melee.


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