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Deep thoughts, by Brew Hauhaw

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Posted by Brew on 08/07

I don't PK so I don't care personally, I think PK clans should be accept all but then.. I'm sure there'd be more RP clans and less PK and again, I don't care.. none of my characters are clanned at all The real problem with PK is harrassment "Why won't you accept me?" has become the most common Instead of using the standards of olden yore... "Quit running from me..." "Get out of your house..." Obviously, which has been pointed out by numorous anti-accept all campaigners, Imm and mort alike, all that die hard oldbie style pkers want to do... is kill those who don't want to be killed. I'd liken this to violent crime. People attack others for the feeling of power it gives them... Making someone else the victim instead of themselves. This is entirely the reason that PKOK was coded and implimented to allow people more freedom in the game to sculpt their characters the way they want to be, without having to risk their character to the icky multi/looting/nasty PKer type (I'm not saying all PKers are that way, and I don't know who to name) PKOK allows people to RP feuds and wars and other things. It allows people to be creative. It does not allow for people to run rampid killing whomever the hell they choose to kill, simply because they can and they feel like it.

From: Brew Saturday, August 05, 07:43PM cont... This is not a PK mud. That's not an anti-pk statement, nor do I want PK to leave Legend. But this mud is not designed as a PK mud. Incase you haven't noticed.. there's mob interaction here.. there's quests This is the heart of Legend. The heart of Legend's individuality. Legend is very unique. Legend is not about slash/kill/run the numbers Legend is about character development. If you want to come online and simply kill other players to get your rush. Find people like you who -want- to do that as well. Play QuakeIII or some other nifty graphical deathmachine or find a mud designed around PK or create your own PK mud, there are hundreds of tiny little muds out ther created simply because people wanted things their own way Am I telling all you PKers to leave Legend? No. I'm friends with more than a few PKers in fact. Atleast I think of myself as their friend... they might have a different viewpoint. I'm telling you to stop trying to force our players to do something they have no desire to do. Forced Accept-All is undesired by the majority of those engaging in PKOK. Obviously if people wanted to be accept-all they would be and we wouldn't be having this debate, would we? So stop throwing tantrums and shut up. -Chris, Legend Player for Life

From: Raz Saturday, August 05, 09:46PM yeah pk/ok can rp fueds and wars and stuff... yeah...lot of that going on...seems to me that there were a lot more rp wars under the old system

From: Wyvern Sunday, August 06, 03:10AM Brew, get your facts straight, and if you don't care about pkok, then don't even post, retard! "All that die hard oldbie style pkers want to do...is kill those who don't want to be killed." again Brew get your facts straight. Your comment about mob interaction and quests and stuff so what? what about it? why is that a good arguement? Why the hell did you even bring that up. You think none of us pker appreciate or do those quests? Brew, some people don't have the time to create PK muds on their own too. People have lives Brew, and why aren't they playing QuakeIII? CUZ ITS A FREEKING ENTIRELY DIFFERENT GENRE DAMNIT. "So stop throwing tantrums and shut up." I think you need to stop being one-track minded and get your facts straight. AND PLEASE DON'T POST ABOUT THINGS YOU DON'T GIVE A RIP ABOUT (pkok)

From: Manticore Sunday, August 06, 09:04AM If you don't care about pk, don't enable, and that's that. Whatever problems that are out there concerning pk, should be of no concern to you, since you don't have to pk at all. So let the guys who care about pk work something out. Manticore

From: Dun Sunday, August 06, 09:15AM Ok..im not nearly as good a talker as anyone else... but I dont know if this has been mentioned or not..its just a thought of mine...What if you gave the option to volentarily accept all with no ability to reject ever, unless you get a redeem or what not..? Dun -=Effin Pissed=-

From: Brew Sunday, August 06, 10:18AM accept all with no ability to reject ever unless you redeem sounds alot like the old system

From: Brew Sunday, August 06, 10:19AM Lemme say that again... I had nothing wrong with the old system. I was attempting to get one of my characters leveled up to the point where I could be PK. I didn't want to risk Brew, because he was my favorite. And I didn't want to enable my first PKer at level 20. Now PKOK's been put in, and I've enabled Brew. Ofcourse I'm not going to accept all. I don't trust all of you to respect my wishes. Hell.. I don't trust everyone I've accepted to do that.. but I haven't rejected anyone yet, and I don't plan to unless one of those people makes a complete ass of themselves But I see it as completely pointless to add to the PKOK code something that forces people to not reject other people. And just because I don't care about PK doesn't mean this has no concern to me. I'm voicing my opinion so that the people to whom this -does- matter get to see more than one side of this equation. I don't give a damn about other people's sexual preference. But I will defend their rights to it. Personally, I will never abort a child. But I will defend that sometimes, it is an option (tho only early term) Why do I keep being told I'm missing the whole point of everything?

From: Brew Sunday, August 06, 10:25AM whoops.. I hit @ and not @back anyway.. I don't feel I'm missing the point, or mixing up the facts. I'm stating my opinions anyway I said it SEEMS to me that all you want to do by making it impossible for people to reject is force them to be killed when they don't want to Yes, I think it's valid to be able to get your petty revenge. Personally, I'd rather cut my losses and reject them then relentlessly harrass and chase someone, and then beg the imms to change the code so you can have your revenge. But then.. I'm not a PKer.

From: Tirasala Monday, August 07, 02:13AM Brew: You're not a pkiller, and it shows. No one ever wants to be killed, that's ridiculous. Well, aside from the few people that go around attacking Aengus for fun that is. Anyway, I never once wanted to die in a pkill battle. People that want to die, don't tend to win very much. I just don't mind dying. Dying to a pkiller is what you signed up to do when you clanned, it comes with the teritory. The assumption that I and most other pkillers make about other pkillers is that they don't mind dying. Sure, it's a pai it's a pain to die, but it's not big deal, or you wouldn't have joined up in the first place. What you seem to percieve as hunger for power and violence is the art of killing someone when they don't expect to be killed. The implementatio of PKOK has killed that art. Now I've never been very good at it myself, I'm much better at attacking when unexpected, getting trumped, then running away, but I try. The point is, PKOK has taken the surprise out of PKill. Yes, I know I can just accept all and wait for people to attack me, but they won't. The PKill base is so fluid that it's not worth setting a trap for someone because you don't know if you can even attack them, even if s/he just killed you yesterday. Sure people will complain and whine when they lose, it's human nature. But anyone that comes back after that first brutal lesson is hooked on trying to get one up on whoever it was that killed them. PKOK is great for trying out player killing, it's a wonderful tool for RPers, but it isn't related at all to the PK of olde that so many of us learned to love. What we want is some sort of a category that is seperate from PKOK, something that clearly marks the die-hards that don't care if they get jumped in the middle of SL with no one around to help and keeps them apart from the dabblers and the players that tried PKill, didn't like it, but didn't want to give up their characters. I'm tired Tira

From: Brew Monday, August 07, 08:58AM Why don't you people start some little clans then? DiehardPKClanA DiehardPKClanB Or mark your own damn titles (DieHard) Or are you all afraid of eachother?


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