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Posted by Dune on 08/08

I just want to say that I think its so nice that Brew posts these one-sided opinions without any care for anyone else. All of my posts and ideas leave room for people like Brew to try pkill and have fun without the risk of having to face people like me... but yet all of his posts seem to say "Go away". I wonder why people cant allow me and the likes (of which there are a significant number) to have an aspect of the game back, thats now gone. Brew posts as if we are trying to force everyone into PK. Jeez, I just want some action back, while leaving PKOK for the less aggressive mudders like Brew. I think Brew is a self-centered, self-motivated player. I think his posts speak for themselves. Find somewhere in my posts where I explain that you cant mud they you want to, with PKOK installed. You cant. I can find a million places in your posts that say "Go Away". You are even more agg than I am at PK, only in a different way. Dune

From: Brew Monday, August 07, 09:30AM Thank you I'll figure out a reply and get back to you. You've made me think, Dune. and for the record, I don't want you (you being the PKer) to go away I just want you to stop begging for the old style back and use PKOK to the fullest it can be used.

From: Hassan Monday, August 07, 09:31AM I have to totaly agree with Dune

From: Embeth Monday, August 07, 09:42AM Brew, you want people to 'stop begging for the old style back and use PKOK to fullest it can be used.' Unfortunately, for a small group of people that doesn't seem likely to happen. The issue (as I see it from the outside) for the 'diehards' is the ability to reject. They don't like it and don't want it. The imms have made it VERY clear in Q&A's, on channels, and on this board, that the ability to reject is staying (unless overridden by your GM if in a pkill clan). I have nothing against oldstyle pkill. But I am fast losing any sympathy for the 'diehard' group. I keep seeing the same arguments, the same comments, the same ideas. Some of them don't appear to have got the message yet that the imms are not going to set up a separate no-reject pkill class. Please people, can we learn to live with pkok as it is, suggest changes to improve pkok that the imms will accept, and move on from this whole issue of the ability to reject? Embeth

From: Brew Monday, August 07, 10:13AM btw, Don't flame Dune or threaten him or anything for his post. It's appreciated, but I'd rather you post on the board your intelligent thoughts on the PKok "problem" My opinion of Dune's post was it being well written, to the point and mostly true. And I'm rather fond of the guy (It's amazing what happens when you talk to people on an OOC level) Happy Posting!

From: Tirasala Monday, August 07, 10:17PM I'm going to have to agree with Embeth on this one. I'm becoming very apathetic about PKill in general. I've tried to have fun with PKOK, and it's just not as enjoyable any more. The Imms are dead set against the only changes I can think of that would make it more fun for me. So, until I can think of something better, or someone else can, don't plan on seeing me around so much. Not that I'm around all that much any more anyway Tira

From: Brew Tuesday, August 08, 03:16AM Dune, I like your music.

From: Dune Tuesday, August 08, 12:29PM www.mp3.com/themodeles/ Thanks Brew:)

From: Christopher Tuesday, August 08, 08:10PM It's kinda.. pop rock-ish (not the candy) kinda ska-ish pretty twangy if you like that sort of thing definatly something to stay in my playlist


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