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Posted by Skar on 08/16

I've finally begun reviewing the log of the pk Q&A that was held recently. I haven't reviewed it all yet, but I have something to offer. One of the recurring themes in the discussion was the dissatisfaction with the reject command. Players can essentially use their rejects and accepts as a filter, only accepting attacks from their target and preventing the target (unfairly, in my opinion) from obtaining any assistance whatsoever. In addition, people are concerned that filtering attacks would facilitate multi-kill, forcing them to stand around helplessly while the target -- a brave healer, perhaps -- is murdered again and again. At the same time, the imm staff doesn't want people to be forced to pkill with people who might abuse them -- perhaps using just this technique. Players must retain the ability to reject those that abuse the system. I'd like to re-enter a suggestion into the discussion: force characters to accept all challenges if their target is accepting all challenges. I initially suggested it here on the discussion board. As of this writing, the post is number 23. Read it, because I'm making a slightly different point here that addresses the concerns noted above. If I'm accept all, you have to accept all to attack me. You can't filter out the attacks of my clanmates. You can't stop somebody from turning on accept all to defend me if you're multi-killing me. This is an incentive for people to participate fully in the new pk system, because it actually provides an additional measure of security. At the same time, nobody is forced to accept all. If they try to attack me, they get a message to the effect that 'Skar is accepting all challenges. You must accept all challenges to attack him.' Nobody gets fooled, and if they don't want to play that way, they don't have to. Finally, if they decide to accept all and attack, they can reverse their decision in 48 ticks. Their risk -- and risk was a big topic, it seems -- is limited. This idea doesn't address any other concerns -- like looting -- nor is it intended to. It is intended to give people protection from those that would abuse the code to filter out the support of their friends while preserving freedom of choice.

From: Jesus Monday, August 07, 07:45PM sounds like a great idea to me. but will people actually accept all to attack you, or will the say the hell with that risk? remains to be seen I guess. -Jesus Christ, Superstar.

From: Brew Tuesday, August 08, 11:09AM Yes, I would be suspicious of such a thing, if it were me. I want to attack you, but now I have to be accept all. How many of your friends are hiding close by, ready to jump on me as soon as I poke you with something sharp. But then.. every system can and will be abused to a point. Just gotta find the loopholes and expose them.

From: Skar Tuesday, August 08, 11:59AM By the way, I have to apologize to Huginn; he talked me out of this idea last time, but now I can't remember what his arguments were. At any rate, I found them persuasive until I forgot them. Maybe he can re-state them. The way it would work is this: if I have 'all' in my accept list, you have to have 'all' in your accept list. If you don't have 'all' in your list, I can explicitly add you to my list and we can fight. You and I can still fight, and you can still reject any assistance, but I have to consent to it by accepting you explicitly.

From: Christopher Tuesday, August 08, 09:43PM So basically.. you're accepting -All- except you're not you only accepting people who are accepting all Which.. is nice on your part, because you don't have to worry about people you reject assiting people you accept simply because they accept you for the time being It is one way to keep people from abusing the code. I would rather see people abuse the code and be punished for it (call me vindictive) than continue to patch the code (the reverse and more positive opinion of that would be I'd rather see people -not- abuse the code and we not have to worry about it, since everyone -should- be obeying the rules

From: Dune Wednesday, August 09, 10:41AM Great idea, skar

From: Wyvern Friday, August 11, 05:15AM well if u think they waiting for u with a pack of friends that's -if- they waiting for u with a pack of friends bring a horde of your own and whoopem! =0 blah wrong happyface, i'll juz do the Homer one (_8^(|)

From: Kiri Wednesday, August 16, 06:15PM If you get wolfpacked, just reject them after the fight that is the ideal that pkok was implemented under (and we will see if it (hopefully) lives up to it.)


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