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Posted by Manticore on 08/16

Good point, making ppl who attack accept all becoming accept all wouldn't actually be accept all... I'm not sure if the Imms are against making a separate pk community. If they are, there's little to be done against ppl who abuse the reject command, unless of course the person to be rejected agrees to be rejected -- but how often would that happen, eh? But accepting somebody should be costly, and by that i mean more than just a few dozen ticks spent outside in the open or something. Maybe a mob, maybe a quest, maybe a redemption point... something that a person must spend some time doing so that the person to be rejected has a fair chance of getting their revenge or can at least make sure that ppl will think twice before accepting/rejecting at random. Probably couple mil xp for rejecting somebody you've accepted, or a lot of hard cash, or a fairly lengthy quest involving a blue moon... :p My point is not that ppl shouldn't be able to reject or shouldn't be able to choose their fights, but just that once they have made up their mind, it'll cost them to back out from it. Cost them enough to make accepting a certain person (especially somebody that is accept all) something worth thinking about. A different scale for rejection costs for somebody that is accept all, perhaps. To reject a person who is not accept all, you can go about it as it is now... to reject a person that is accept all... well, you need to work for it. Maybe you'll have to be prompted to make sure you wanna attack this person, but hey, when you're attacking an accept all, you know you're attacking an accept all. This wouldn't force anyone to be accept all just by attacking that accept all person, but will still give the accept all person enough of a chance to get back or at least know that the jumper didn't get away from that too lightly. Personally, I guess I want anyone who decides to attack an accept all person unable to reject unless the accept all char allows it -- if it was a duel or something that wasn't harmful, the accept all guy will probably let the attacker reject him. I mean, if it's a duel, that much can be agreed upon to begin with. For other non-aa folks, the above shouldn't be a problem anyway, as i see it... The only problem would be if something starts as a duel and the aa guy got pissed about it, not allowing the nonaa to reject him. But aa being aa, the non-aa would be in a much better position to defend himself as he can enlist the help of other non-aa chars. AA char's buddies prolly can't touch either the initial non-aa or the helper non-aa's... while vice versa won't be true... It may be a bit tough for the aa chars still, but aa should be for hardcore players who can and will wait for a chance to nail their target... eventually. At least i'd try to snipe the guy or something even if he's surrounded by 12 of his buddies or something... Anyway, post too long, perhaps. I'll ramble on later Manticore

From: Testboy Friday, August 11, 10:41AM I'd rather see the cost to reject be money rather than xp. Not much either, 50k should prevent one from accepting a clan then rejecting all but one for wolfpacking.

From: Discord Friday, August 11, 03:08PM You're missing the point. The intent of the pkok system is to make it possible to avoid harrassment by rejecting the offender. If you make the victim pay to protect themselves from the offender, then the system is useless. It's for this reason that the imms will likely never implement any kind of penalty for rejecting people.

From: Craven Friday, August 11, 04:13PM Yea, I know you haven't been here much Manticore, but your probably going to have to just accept what is. There is not a very likely way to fix this for everyone, so unless a solution presents itself that fits some VERY strict guidelines, its going to lean in the favor of the dabblers. So, I would suggest either talking with Ea! about what he won't do and what he will do and perhaps you could think of something, but the cost for reject probably won't go in. Good luck man.

From: Testboy Saturday, August 12, 01:06AM "If you make the victim pay to protect themselves from the offender, then the system is useless." No, ya see.. those that reject people are more likely to be the offenders, ie. being the ones setting up a wolfpack. It would be a rare occasion that you'd reject for legit reasons. If you have to reject people, it's more likely that you've done them wrong than the other way around. Still I'd prefer the old pk system but with the ability to enable any ONE char at will as long as it takes a couple of weeks to switch over. I think duris's anonymous style pk is great, there's no whining cos you don't even know who killed you, just "a human" or "a half elf" etc, here you could have "an assassin" or something related to your clan.. anyway, this's pointless.. legendmud's doooomed.

From: Manticore Saturday, August 12, 11:53AM The cost for rejection means absolutely nothing to those that only selectively pk, since they won't accept all in the first place. As far as I understand it, unless somebody is accepting you, you cannot attack them (or your clan, or is pkok all). For those that are pkok all, they know the risks of pkok all, so a cost for rejection shouldn't be a problem. For those in a clan with a vast acception list, you can simply leave the clan or not join at all to begin with... What the cost for rejection, or this agreement for rejection aims for is an environment where pkok all has at least some merit -- you get part of the thrill of not knowing who will be attacking you when, while getting the chance to get back at them. If you don't want the hassle of this, you simply don't have to attack this person who is pkok all. If you want to duel him, you can always ask him first so he can agree to remove you afterwards (or hardcode something for pkok all that automatically rejects after either party's death). I guess i see too that this pkok deal will stick, and most likely in the current form since all who are against it badly enough simply won't put up with it (either by not playing altogether or changing their focus entirely). For me, i'm just going to see if i can duel every now and then, sleep to heal, log off, or ask for another duel... heck, i have trouble remembering what it was that motivated me to create various pkers. The mud's not going to be any worse off than it was because of me changing and reducing my play here though it won't be a place where I take pride in. It used to mean something, at least to me, to be enabled and able to act on your words... oh well. That's a thing of the past, and now i feel rather silly that i spent 4k+ hours here. At least it's still up and running, i guess. Manticore

From: Hp'Shout Monday, August 14, 12:14PM I have to agree with Manticore. ell said manticore =) =P hrmm maybe a differnt port for the pkillers? like once your lvl 10 your en abled or something? well before i make a fool of myself im gonna end this append =P Hp'shout {Stardust}

From: Dune Monday, August 14, 02:48PM Make the 48 tick timer, into 148 ticks. Now that you cant wait it off in houses or safe rooms, it gives a chance for a reject abuser to have to wait long enough for his victim to exact revenge. Dune

From: Brew Wednesday, August 16, 12:06PM I could see an extremely long timer for rejecting people. "fraidy cat" rejecting is really lame... If harrassment is an issue, the character could simply log off and contact an immortal to add the harrasser to his reject list this would, ofcourse, be in the extreme circumstance the player was continually harrassed by someone, and did not have a save haven to go


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