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Posted by Drakkon on 08/19

Clan channels should be private channels, they are viewed only by imms and the clan members, why the hell is it under the public channel category, it is in no way a public channel, this is stupid! make clan channels the clans channel and make them have their own rules whether you can say certain things on it or not

From: Cumference Wednesday, August 16, 02:46AM agreed clan channels should be private cuz i mean, it's private to only those in the clan and maybe should have adult flag if wanted sometimes u gotta tell your clanmates what happened and vent it all out :) so you won't accidentally vent it on chat!

From: Kaige Wednesday, August 16, 10:05AM Clan channels are not considered private for the following reason: We have no age restriction for players to join clans. Now while you may say "but joining a clan is strictly voluntary", it's the same as deciding to play this mud. Besides, a little decency and civility never hurt anyone. We'd like to keep the maturity level up, even if age restriction can't be enforced. -Kaige

From: Brew Wednesday, August 16, 12:03PM Just to point out.. There is a "flame channel" on this "other" mud I play. And I quite freqently will see bursts of profanity mainly long strings of the f-word for no reason, and when on person starts this, general 4 or 5 join in... It's not exactly directed toward a mobile or another player.. it's one person making an immature outburst simply because they can... and everyone joining in.

From: Zaknafein Wednesday, August 16, 04:41PM the clan guildmaster chooses who he lets in the clan and who he doesn't if he doesn't wanna let some pansy weener who is offended by swearing in he won't let them in, it's that simple, clan guildmasters should have control over their own channels, the imms shouldn't have control over OUR channels, let us do what we want with them :P

From: Zaknafein Wednesday, August 16, 04:43PM sorry but i'm sick and tired of getting warned for saying a curse word on my channel when i know perfectly well that no one cares, cuz they swear just as much as me... and getting a warning for it! it hasn't offended anyone, why should you get in trouble for doing something that causes no one any harm whatsoever

From: Sibwarra Wednesday, August 16, 11:01PM I must agree with Zaknafein on this Kaige. If we know each and every member of our clan and their age in RL and what they find to be acceptable language, etc. then we are truly a clan, in the manner it shoul be. I mean it is too darned easy to band a clan together ofr no reason at all here, the meaning of a clan being a group of like minded individuals seems to be dying here. So I will agree again, please let the clan, and the GM decide what is acceptable on our clan channels. If a clan member has a problem with what is said, they should talk to the person who said it and ask them not to say it again. A clan member should respect that, and if they do not, the offended individual can bring it to the attention of the GM. that is the way clans are supposed to work. what is the point of having a clan channel if we cant count on having a private conversation with our clanmates? I personally consider it spying when an Imm listens to the clan channel. I think of it like they were spying on me in a room on the MUD, illegal, and rude. just my two cents, I still love you Kaige Dev's player

From: Akai_Hayate Thursday, August 17, 12:27AM I just want to say, my alt suggested this umm a month ago, or less and Sandra said something about the crazy laws they have in texass and thats why they cant let us do that, and if the mud gets sue'd or closed, where will poor lil me go? :p (tickle sandra, See? it sunk in my thick skull, go me, and it only took 15000 times of hearing that too ;P) i also want to agree with what sibwarra said about bringing it to the attention of the Gm if they have a problem.. but then again, im a GM and i basically feel like an induct trigger ;) so, dont mind me, im just wanting more gm power! how about starting with the slay command...? -Akai_Hayamamute, Some idjot (beyond idiot! :P)

From: Brew Saturday, August 19, 11:42AM Do post those laws for us again? I have no way to prevent people from swearing in any room. A Clan channel is far more limited and less 'public' than any one room in the mud. -goes back and reads Kaige's append-

From: Brew Saturday, August 19, 11:46AM Is there a list of words that constitute as profane? I would think -=Effin Pissed=- would be considered one. but then.. that's just my opinion.


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