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healing and PKok

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Posted by Sibwarra on 08/22

The time has come for me to put my ideas down in a post. I hope that two things come of this - discussion and change. I am continuously frustrated by the new PKok system with regards to my abilities to heal people with this character. This comes in two main "veins" (excuse the pun please) PK timers and poultices - When a character has a PK timer active, I can not poultice them because I am not PKok enabled, and if I was, I might not have accepted the character that the timer is active for. This is influencing a lot of the healers into becoming enabled and accepting all. I personally refuse to PK ever, period. I also refuse to hand my poultices to someone that I am not allowed to heal. I consider it cheating. This becomes a majro problem on large runs like PD or SL, both of which I like to lead as often as I can. I have a few choices here: - ask that everyone in my run be non-PKok enabled - ask that everyone in my run go reject all (and wait for that to be effective before I start the run) - make sure that I have healers on the run that are accept all - make sure at least the tank of the run does not have an active timer ALL of these are a major headache to the leader trying to form a run, the result being that I don't lead much any more, sad for a lot of people, especially my selfish butt, since I want a pretitle so bad I can taste it! Now this major run business brings me to the next "vein" Inspire re-setting timers Currently, anyone is able to inspire anyone, the system allows this. The result of this is that some timer is re-set and since I am not enabled I can not heal people (see above lengthy paragraph). There are certain areas and portions of runs that go much better when the hitters and mobile are inspired, and the fact that there is a bug stil unaddressed, has become more than a little annoying. The LEAST you could do is to just turn off that re-setting timer stuff for the character that is not enabled. How hard is that for the coders? (please do not spam me or flood me with answers to that rhetorical question) back to poultices and PKok I suggest that you make poultices non-giveable to anyone but another character with the poultice skill. This will prevent the cheating mentioned above, yet allow a lvl 5 druid to help in a large run, applying the poultices made by a higher level druid to the tank. This is kind of an apprentice action, a way for them to watch someone more experienced practicing the craft, and help out on the run instead of just leaching EXP. Everyone wants to feel useful, or at least I hope they do. my two cents (and yes I know where I can put them - in my pouch) Dev Sibwarra - soon to be ArchDruid (I hope)

From: Sibwarra Wednesday, August 16, 11:27PM I apologize for the spammy post, my stupid timer put blank lines in there because I am not smart enough to turn it off before I write. gotta get that mind up from 99 to 100 -bonks self- Dev

From: Embeth Thursday, August 17, 09:32AM My surgeon has been on runs where she has been handed poultices to use on tanks, Vlad and Dis runs come to mind. So I don't like the idea of only poultice makers being able to apply poultices. I believe that glowing roots don't work if handed to someone under a tick timer. Perhaps that code could be applied to poultices, and achieve the same result as you are intending? On the subject of SL runs, a lot of SL runs take an hour or so to get together anyway. Besides, you can heal someone 10 ticks after they've fought, what's that in RL time? 15 minutes or so? The only problem that short time span could cause an SL/PD group is if someone is jumped while the run is in progress, and then the situation is no different to before PKOK. Embeth

From: LadyAce Friday, August 18, 12:30PM The inspire issue is a known bug with the system, and the coders are working on it. If timers are getting set when they shouldn't, please continue to tell us, they're intended to block healing right after pk activity, not hamper nonpk play. -LA

From: Asguard Saturday, August 19, 05:42PM About what Embeth said, sure, 15minutes isn't much, but when you consider how often people have not enough time or barely enough time to do sl but come anyways, it becomes a major major inconvience. And yes, i have had runs break up because of this tick timer nonesense. Players, myself included, hate sitting down for 15 minutes doing nothing, it plain sucks. My two cents as well, Asguard of the RuneKnights

From: Sibwarra Sunday, August 20, 02:32AM well Embeth has a good point, I was not aware of the glowing roots and PKok issue, so if the code exists, applying it to the poultices (no pun intended) would address my concern LadyAce, the timer issue IS affecting non-pk play a LOT, so please get that fixed ASAP, I have been saying for a long time that it is a pain to have to consider if group memebers are PK and if ticks are going on when forming a run as a non-pk, so we really need to improve this somehow I have sent in an idea that major runs get registered, and maybe even have people get put in some non-pk status while the run is ongoing. perhaps PD and SL could be made to be non-pk areas? CR in those areas can be difficult to say the least, and when a run gets broken up because one or two individuals want to jump group members, that affects us non-pk people and I really wish you would address the issue of non-pk interference. When we can't finish a run because PK has interferred, it is clearly non-PK interference. (stupid timer, forgot again)

From: Wyvern Monday, August 21, 04:27AM Sibwarra, the imms gave you guys PKOK. What more do you want?? (addressing the problem where pk interferes with runs etc) And Sibwarra, i'm pretty sure the immortals are aware of the problem with the inspire bug, and how it causes a lot of problems you don't need to constantly remind them, because i'm pretty sure they're working on it as fast as they can (they have lives too you kn And i don't think making whole areas non-pk is a good idea because this muds goal is to make a mud where both pk and rp coexist -Wyvern, my too sense

From: Embeth Tuesday, August 22, 04:40AM Tell me Asguard, what happened in the old pk system, when someone in a PD/SL group got jumped? Either one of two things, legally. The group either asked the opponent for their permission to heal the player, or the group had to wait until they naturally regenned all their HPs. Yes, I've been on oldPK SL runs where someone got jumped, and permission to heal was denied. So waiting after PK activity mid-run isn't new. Perhaps some form of healing consent could be added to PKOK code? Where the last opponent (win, lose or draw) is able to consent to healing, and the 10 tick healing timer could be removed if and only if they consented. This would also allow opponents to heal each other, without needing to change their accept lists. That was a nice feature of oldstyle PK, and it's a shame it's gone now. Embeth


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