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Posted by Dune on 08/23

get chalice deerskin Ack, timers... Anyway, whats up with making "empty" a keyword for empty vials? Is that a big deal? It would be most helpful. Im so afraid of junking my good vials, that I always drop them instead... doesnt that take memory or something? dune

From: Sandra Monday, August 21, 05:14PM Hm, we had set that keyword in there. For some reason it keeps showing up as 'mpty' though in game, when in the file its spelled correctly. Will have to look into it further. Meanwhile, use mpty. =P

From: Capt_Miller Tuesday, August 22, 03:58AM maybe spell it as eempty in the code =)

From: Poetry Tuesday, August 22, 09:40AM you guys are funny get chalice holster drink chalice fill chalice teapot put chalice holster "m" -pty is fine:) dune

From: Poetry Tuesday, August 22, 09:41AM oh well, poetry, dune... its no secret now anyway=p dave

From: Poetry Tuesday, August 22, 09:41AM ack

From: Poetry Tuesday, August 22, 09:42AM you know, if we could erase appends that we made.... it would clear up a lot of my boo boos:( sorry about the spam! can we make it so we can erase stoopid appends?

From: Fatale Tuesday, August 22, 02:54PM we can!

From: Kaige Tuesday, August 22, 03:02PM Actually, as of Friday, you'll be able to erase appends from board posts that you didn't post the original message on. -Kaige

From: Dune Wednesday, August 23, 08:33AM YAY! asterix... empty as keyword, AND you could erase appends! I take back everything I said.. you guys DO care about us! Dune


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