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Posted by Scream on 09/09

Ok I think that this thing is really really not needed here. I mean str people I think got hurt the most from the dam/hit change and now with this thing that I bet every dex and perhaps con pkill will have in there bag to whip out when fighting str people thus giving them a huge advantage. +that parry bonus just makes it worse str people only attack a limited ammount so this hurts them a lot more. I really dont see a downside to useing this item. The drawbacks are not there with 3kish rent and only one weakness to an attack that wont come into affect cause its only used against str people. I used this item and fought Otto in klien and I out hit him with my 5damroll. He slashed me 10time and slashed extremlly hard twice in the 12 rounds we just let the normal attacks do damage. now I think there needs to be a resist to con item and a resist to backstab item like a stone cloak that needs a certain ammount of str to wear or something along that matter to help balance this out. Right now as it stands dex and con rule and str just sucks now when con people or even dex people hit just as hard or harder than you wow long post but hopefully this will make the imms make the said item or just pull the resist slash item out of the game just my thoughts please append with your ideas thoughts I wanna here from other people on there feelings Iam a dex person btw and I just feel that it gives me a unfair adavantage over str people that I shouldnt have -scream

From: Archmage Wednesday, August 30, 04:34AM I will have to agree with scream on this issue. I fought him to test out this item and he was hitting just as hard and sometimes harder than me with a LIGHT dagger while i was raging and he was bashed. That's just insane.

From: Drakkon Wednesday, August 30, 06:08AM apparently you missed the item that casts a spell to resist dex wpns, which also includes the backstab scream.... fuego used it on me yesterday :) so i don't think we need to double it up or anything by having 2 items

From: Elisa Wednesday, August 30, 12:53PM Isn't one of the intended advantages to being dex that you shouldn't take as much damage? I can understand perhaps making the changed item now have a much higher rent as compensation. However, it was and still is an item that is very useful to newbies, which I often recommend. Changing it would remove options for them. This mud isn't all high level pk'ers, you know.

From: Elisa Wednesday, August 30, 12:58PM oh and another thing: Not all strength weapons slash.

From: Fuego Wednesday, August 30, 01:07PM

From: Asmodean Wednesday, August 30, 01:22PM Good, all dex weapons don't pierce, I want a 4k rent resist pierce and susept to chop item now.

From: Archmage Wednesday, August 30, 10:01PM I have an idea, i don't know if its feasible or not, but might as well give it a try. I think maybe it would be better if we got rid of all such items that reduce the amount of damage from weapons. You could also do somehing about the spell that reduces damage from a weapon. I only say this because we really hinder characters that rely on hard hitting as a source of damage, particularly str fighters because that is their only benefit. Dex has a variety of skills available to them not to mention being hard to hit already. Con has mucho hp's. An And str is for hard hitting. Now if you were to gt rid of this hard hitti ng for str fighters, what you have is a con or dex fighter with crap skill s and hp. True that there is a resist pierce weapon in the game, but dex fighters don't rely as much on their hard hitting as str fighters do. If it can't be changed or won't be changed, I'll live with it, but just giving my opinion. Archmage

From: Mathius Thursday, August 31, 08:35AM i dont know about you, but i rely on my round damage -shrug-

From: Ferris Thursday, August 31, 12:46PM Archmage, if I pierced hard every round, I would be very very unsucessfull. -Also relies on round damage for dex. Ferris Buehler

From: Writhe Saturday, September 02, 04:23AM yup i agree, that resist slash thing is too powerful maybe tone it down a bit with hrm...for example stoneskin makes u really slllloowww...put some disadvantage to the resist slash benefits. and the other resist slash item (i think) is high rent and evil only... gauche is too easy to use...

From: Capt_Miller Tuesday, September 05, 09:17PM just make the 'item' that resists slash now only wieldable and not holdabl -e that 'item' that casts resist pierce, has limited charges, pretty bothersome to get and not to mention the side effects of the spells

From: Skar Friday, September 08, 12:53PM I realized today why I don't have a problem with the other resistances I have access to in the game -- they're all timed. I use stoneskin and resist fire. Both of them are of limited duration and you can catch me when I'm not using them. The resist slash item is on all the time, which seems awfully convenient.

From: Capt_Miller Saturday, September 09 2000, 10:23PM well there is a resist pierce thing that's on all the time crap though


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