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Posted by Scream on 09/10

Im still seeing backstabs doing over damcap. I was told this was gonna be fixed so it cant but I was doing testing and was getting hit for 94 95damage backstabs with the katar Now this I think is really not fair please reduce the backstab damage and no it was not with a combat round of damage, he did 121 damage with combat round. not much thinking when it takes 4 backstabs to kill someone. kind of cheat dont you think? or what one para and your 6 feet under. yeah its cool to look at but this is not balance at all. -scream

From: Drakkon Thursday, August 31, 08:14AM wfw cap!!!!! wfw should only last 3 rounds at most! or 2 rounds and a skill.... because Gharm hit me with a 300 hp wfw, oh wait that's more than how much a para b backstab does yea wfw is definately to powerful :P

From: Rufus Thursday, August 31, 08:23AM Okay, this isn't going to contain many details, but Ea! and I discussed at length altering the way that legend processes things over time (such as stuns) and the ability to give us fine control over what happens. More will be forthcoming on that issue, I'm sure. As far as the backstab damcap, I'll take a look at that sometime today or tomorrow and see if there isn't something screwy with the formula. -Ruf

From: Craven Thursday, August 31, 10:00AM I talked with Huginn about this when he was talking about changing bs. That was a few months ago and I was told the imms decided that the cap didn't need to be applied to backstabs because backstabs are a once per tick thing, even if you miss. Personally, I'm split on the issue. As for what scream said, I don't think that was a very thought out suggestion and I think you need to rethink writing to boards with rants. I can guarentee you it won't get you anything. Yes backstabs hurt. So do firestorms, gust of winds, WATERY DEATH, stun, and god know what spells I've forgotton. As a mage your far from defenseless when it comes to damage so I don't think you complaint is very warrented. I would like to see what others think about the backstab cap idea though, merely because I'm undecided and was wondering if anyone had any view points I hadn't thought of yet. -Craven, the Backstaber :P

From: Huginn Thursday, August 31, 06:16PM When I changed the damage to backstab, it was pointed out to me, by a player, that damage cap would probably be a good thing. But I wanted to see where it would be normally since it had never been capped before. I'm now of the opinion that capping it should happen, since I basically raised the avg damage as well as gave a chance for another damage special to occur. Yes I should probably have just done it at the outset .. mi culpa. Huginn

From: Rufus Friday, September 01, 01:07AM I looked over the formula, and a backstab (not including the following round, previous round, etc) can do a maximum of 137 damage, provided the person backstabbing has 100 perception, the heaviest piercing weapon in the game, and 100str and bit of dam gear (or lower strength and a LOT of dam gear). That might seem a bit high, I'll discuss this with the coders and see what we can come up with. -Ruf

From: Christopher Friday, September 01, 02:24AM If you go 100perc and 100str and you're using a Dex weapon your dex or con must suck. And while you're doing 137 damcaps per round with the absolute best luck. Someone else has wfw'd your measly 300hp. Ofcourse.. I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about. I've never PK'd.. I'm just speculating. I kill mobs.. wait.. I don't even do that anymore.. I just kinda.. come on and talk to people.. if they're on.. usually between 2am and Noon.. not too many people are.. Atleast the ones that send me tells when I go "Howdy" on chat. But enough of my patheticism and onto this topic. backstab away!

From: Scream Friday, September 01, 04:12AM well I know a chara with 90s dex 90s str 90s or 100per cant remeber, drink chalice fill chalice camel and this person had over 500hps so trust me your hps dont suck:P

From: Fuego Friday, September 01, 08:25PM oh hush up scream! a maximum of 137 hps, and thats with ALOT of if's and's or but's. Give it a rest... you wanna complain that snipers are now too powerful? you tell that to a caratoid stun that is 1 round, or the fact that backstab is once a tick, where a 100 mind mage can simply watery death you AS MANY times as he wants for almost as many hps, (i think the max done to me was like 90), we are not over powered at all... we just know what we are doing -Fuego Inferno P.S. this is the discussion board, not the whining board

From: Writhe Saturday, September 02, 04:28AM Yes i think backstab should follow damcap rules, but that extra writhe special should be allowed to bring you over the damcap (89) i think is the current damcap. -Writhe the backstabber also =P

From: Papercut Saturday, September 02, 12:51PM There isn't a pk cap on backstab? think i got over the 137 mark on a mob... tho it was while the mob was happily asleep :p Anyway, unless you score a para, backstabs are painful but not insurmountable. Even as a char who had stocked up on dozens of hellebores to go invis every tick and bs, turns out that bs alone generally isn't sufficient to survive a couple bashes or a good ol wfw...

From: Rufus Saturday, September 02, 07:50PM Okay, let me explain a bit... I talked the formula over with huginn and it's possible to go over 137, but not by much. Imagine if you had 100 str, 100 perception, the heaviest weight weapon, against a STUNNED opponent (my calculation was vs a stunned opponent also, as that gave the highest damage bonus). If you were extremely lucky (the dice rolls turned out in max) and you were again, extremely lucky (about a 4-6% chance or so to do a few points additional damage) AND you had every piece of damgear totalling the highest damage bonus in the game, you might be able to reach 150. So an immortal just might be able to hit one of those about 1 out of every 10,000 backstabs or so =). Anway, the practical range for backstab stops at around 120. After that it becomes exponentially tougher to achieve higher damages -- it is possible, but highly unlikely. And again, this is calculated on stunned opponents, which yields the highest damage increase. You're right in saying that the pk damcap doesn't apply, though at the current time, there are very few if any skills that adhere to that behavior. Again, I'll look into it =) -Ruf

From: Christopher Sunday, September 03, 04:55PM I suck at flee/bs as a player -Chris's Player, Chris

From: Israfel Sunday, September 10 2000, 02:42AM Backstabs can do up to 200 hps. If you're wielding the right backstabbing weapon. It's a lousy quality one but it IS 13kg, and it would probably be nice to have it made no_backstab. Crackle tested a couple of those backstabs on me and they HURT. The lowest damage he did on one was 120. And I think that was with 80? perc.


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