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Posted by LadyAce on 09/12

I'm sorry, I accidentally erased this thread :( I did a 'erase discussion 37' instead of 'erase discussion 37 3' which was my append :( I'm sorry :(. To summarize what happened before my mistake: Mornelithe posted the idea of having "skill spamming" (i.e. spamming kick joe over and over waiting for joe to come in) cost you something (make you fall over, etc.). A few players appended in support. My comments were this: It sounds like a good idea, if it's possible to put it in so as to only catch true spamming. However, there are a few cases where 'anti skillspam' code might work in ways we don't want it to -- the first few times you try a skill on a mob which has fled, the last few times you attempt a skill on a mob which has died, if you are typo'ing the name of the mob, etc. the code wouldn't necessarily be able to tell if you're spamming in expectation of someone coming in or making a mistake. -LA

From: Tirasala Thursday, September 07, 09:15PM what about putting the skill lag onto spamming? That would be a slight discouragement, but it wouldn't really hurt you if you weren't trying to spam-kill. tira

From: Tirasala Thursday, September 07, 09:19PM Of course, you wouldn't want to put the timer in if there was no target specified, like if you've typed kick five times and only needed 3 to kill the mob. me again

From: Skar Friday, September 08, 07:38AM I disagree. If I spam headbutts, that doesn't mean that I'm standing there making headbutts in the air. Instead, what this simulates is my 'readiness' to headbutt -- I'm in combat and my reactions are at their highest, alert to the arrival of my opponent. I don't think this needs to be changed at all.

From: LadyAce Friday, September 08 2000, 05:44PM I'd say a pretype is "readiness" -- actually doing the command over and over, in game context, seems more like kicking the air hoping some particular someone will run into your foot. I guess the way I think of it, when you hit enter, that's like your brain telling your body "do this thing" -- walk this way, say this thing, etc. I guess it depends on how you look at it, it's always struck me as a break in the realism to spam stuff in, but that might just be me. When the realism can go either way, though, the question becomes balance/playability/fun, etc. and the people it will really effect is more likely to be pkers. More opinions needed! -LA

From: Scream Friday, September 08 2000, 06:18PM hmmmm dont know if I would liek this in pkill I think it would benifit mages a little bit since we cant spam spells. Honestly I would have to test pkill with this change with a bunch of charas to see who would get the better end of this deal [email protected]

From: Blackthorne Friday, September 08 2000, 08:25PM I dont see this as helpfull at all. Noone but the player sees the skill spam. If there was a social for every kick it would be a different story. But its not. If you want to make fight skills more and more useless, as seems the case lately, please by all means proceed. Then every one can stick to making Snipers and 2nd or 3rd circle cause mages for pkillers. Blackthorne

From: Drakkon Friday, September 08 2000, 11:44PM that's like saying you spam shoot, bullets go flying every time you spam it and the person isn't around, which would be totally messed up this is a useless change, and doesn't benefit anyone, except the mage who wants to win a fight and is pissed off cuz he can't spam the person he's fighting

From: Wyvern Saturday, September 09 2000, 03:15AM Bleh fighters are underpowered anyway, although it adds more reality to the game, it's not a fair change. mages still kick non-mages butts in the current system.. =P Why hamper fighters more? Were the hit/dam and gauche not enough to screw over str? =P

From: Testboy Saturday, September 09 2000, 10:29AM Not good for laggers, bad enough already for someone that lags to land spells on others at max wimpy.

From: Himura Saturday, September 09 2000, 10:52AM if the point is to discourage spamming you could just have skills cost mv and ma. if things start costing you ma to use, then it'll be interesting to see if the cost will hamper fighters or mages more. the ma-recovering item isn't too renty for fighter chars to rent anyway imho, and would hamper mages with a 100 in a fight skill or two fighting 'just as effectively' as plain fighter chars as each option is eating up their mana supply. or it could be made so that while spamming a skill regen stops while poison and bleeding speeds up. haha. anyway, i don't see much point in changing it, but it would be interesting to ponder uses of such to balance chars.

From: Drakkon Saturday, September 09 2000, 11:11AM -no- fighters are overpowered at the moment so this is definately not a balance issue :P heh

From: Himura Saturday, September 09 2000, 11:54PM my point exactly, drak. have skills cost you 10 mana per, or more, who would it hurt more... a fighter who has 300ish mana or a mage with 600ish mana? each combat skill a mage uses are costing them potential hps, among other things. For fighters... it'll hurt them from spamming, but i can hardly see fighters surviving long enough, or a battle lasting long enough to use 30 skills in a pk bout. and if they do, well, there's always that item which makes up for that, or the cost can go down. Regardless, mages will be hurt by having their mana robbed where normally they wouldn't... and having used up their mana in spells would render them fairly helpless -- they won't have mana for skills either. but anyway, it's not something i consider necessary atm.

From: LadyAce Sunday, September 10 2000, 01:21PM An interesting twist, Himura. It seems like I'm hearing that this is not necessary now, but it's a good possibility to keep in the back of the mind for the future, perhaps? -LA

From: Skar Sunday, September 10 2000, 10:07PM It's no secret that I have focused on my spells and other magical resources to the detriment of my combat ability. However, when my mana is exhausted, I must resort to headbutts and warcries. If any change goes in that requires mana to use simple combat skills, I shall be entirely defenseless, being left with whatever damage I can do with a skull staff and an 80 constitution. I believe that this 'problem' of spamming skills is no problem at all, and doesn't need any new code, now or ever.

From: Himura Sunday, September 10 2000, 10:16PM basically.

From: Christopher Sunday, September 10 2000, 11:44PM Having skills cost Mana makes absolutly no sense, since mana is an extension of mental stamina Having skills cost Move makes more sense besides, fighters tend to have more dex than mages and more con (or whatever boosts move) and I think the move cost should vary per skill.. depending on the athleticism of the spell just a thought

From: Poetry Monday, September 11 2000, 11:13AM I think its fine as is.. what skar said. If spamming was made more difficult and costly, I would feel bad for laggers like Testboy. One of mages biggest handicaps is the inability to spam spells. They have other ways to get first attack when they enter a room. Fighters need some sort of advantage and the ability to spam sounds good. And besides spamming has its drawbacks too... I wonder if something cool could be done with spamming shooting, though... bullets flying through the air sounds cool to me. The only problem I see is shooting with a bow, you shoot the air ONCE and you have to reload. I wonder if we could make it so that shooters can shoot through more than one room.. like 2 rooms away with a chance to miss and hit some random target that then gets pissed and rushes. 2 room accuracy can go way down... and the chance to hit something random seems like fun. I always thought its weird that my shooters "miss" so many shots, but those stray arrows never hit anyone in the eye. I think shooting could be upgraded a little (more stuns, bashes, 2 room shooting) if you allow a chance for the shot to miss and hit aengus or something ever scarier (if that exists). Maybe then you could allow shot spamming. Just some ideas.

From: Void Tuesday, September 12 2000, 05:34AM the point was to have mages helpless after they've used up their mana, i think. but anyway, it's not important, we all know what is 'overpowered' or 'advantageous' MOST of the time... and the rest of it is whether the players bother going through 'tediousness.' wow, where the hell did that come from, but regardless, anyone who pk'd knows what kind of chars will net them the most victories under 'usual' circumstances... the problem being the frustration when finding out other options aren't as feasible or tempting, i guess.


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