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create mages (no crashing allowed)

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Posted by Dune on 09/21

The damn mud crashed last time... Create mages, yeah.. I cant believe you guys are whining about healing for create. Its fine. Maybe make the amount of roots you can eat be alittle higher for high mind... but I really dont think big changes are needed for the roots themselves. What does need change, are the other spells that they have. That archer spell should take like lowlow mana.. I think under 50. Skar has tried using it on me in pkill and its so dumb that you could just flee out of it. Even in mob kill, who the hell wants to spend all that mana for a charmie that works once. DH had some good ideas about making charmies respond to more commands... if you can order them to rescue.. then they are already looking better. I also think that even a blind charmie should be able to still follow its master if not attack. At least then a mage could lead his blind charmies to safety and then get them cure blind. As a pkiller, Im shocked at how useless charmies are. They are just so damn easy to blind. Even in mob kill, they suck up so much xp that they arent even worth it. Consider a magic spell for groups that a create mage could cast on his/her charmies... like 16 base mana, and then 10 per charmie in the group. Making charmies and then sinking each of them is stupid too. I guess you should think skill... if a caster has to order his charmies to do their special, you are giving more ability to the player with skill. Too many people are half mages to make any of the wall spells useful. Maybe you should make certain spells not possible together like magic sink and detect illusion... And I think the new dagger that major poisons is a bit overpowered... but at least you gave a useless createmage spell a new meaning:). But seriously, leave the roots alone=p. Zero fill value is just ridicules (people will make battle mages with chalices, and just use roots and NO other spells). Making them last longer is ridicules (people will just make a bunch, meditate up.. and then massacre) dune

From: Nothing Tuesday, September 19 2000, 02:54PM How about the option to have the charmies auto-assist you if you go into combat? If they're not blind of course.

From: LadyAce Tuesday, September 19 2000, 06:17PM Hm, assisting acts...could be pretty cool. I think only some types of charmies should do this -- maybe changing the charmies so that some of them have the autoassist, and others have other strengths. As it is, not too much is there to differentiate them, leading to less variety in tactics. -LA

From: Ptwang Tuesday, September 19 2000, 06:27PM No way, create roots with 0 food value would be the same as cause mages cure crit, why r you so against roots matching a cause mage? and no AGAIN, you wouldn't be able to make a bunch then meditate up if they only lasted 1 tick. Create used to heal better than cause, now you have to wait an hour before each fight to get hungry, it's crap.

From: Ptwang Tuesday, September 19 2000, 06:31PM As for charmies.. on Duris they auto assist and the non-casting charmies will auto rescue. You can also order them and agg mobs will attack them.. They can kick, bash, cast nuking & prep spells, just about everything. Here they just stand there and die for you. hmmm..

From: Zalbag Tuesday, September 19 2000, 07:36PM charmies flat out do enough damage, the most annoying thing though is for them to be blinded and just rendered useless. there is still a chance it can get through sink. thats why i say you give them back holy light or whatever it was called. ya know ummmmm cant be blinded or anythin im sure there is more to it than jsut that or hell im not sure if holy light has to do with being blinded. either way i think etheric archer should shoot way more often then it does or maybe have its piercing attack poison them or something silly. i dont know but 100 mana is a tad bizarre for it for the things it does

From: Poetry Wednesday, September 20 2000, 10:08AM Ptwang, this is why Im against 0 fill value.. Its not the same as cause... first of all the ratio of mana to hps is much better: 240 mana yields 10 30 hps roots more or less for 300hp total 240 mana in cure crit is about 200 to 225 mana in cure crits depending on mind. Zero fill value would yield 50mind create mages that heal so well that all their mana is used for healing. A 100mind cause mage wouldnt be able to heal nearly as well, and have lots less mana to do it with, cause 100mindcause, unlike lowmind create, NEEDS mana to fight effectively. Ptwang, you know that if your idea went through, you would make ONLY endless heal lowmind create mages with chalices. And stop comparing it to cause healing, you need to sacrifice a lot of fight stats to get half effective with it.. thats not the case for create. Trust me, I have two pkillers... one is lowmind create and one is high mind cause... the lowmind create one will be invincable if he used all 400+ of his mana, AND a couple chalices for heal while doing damage with backstab, and other MANAFREE attacks that my cause mage doesnt have the stats to do. Poetry

From: Solomon Wednesday, September 20 2000, 11:18AM I'd like to see charmies be able to rescue when ordered. I'm not so sure I'm in favor of auto-rescue from a balance perspective. You'd never be able to land a blow on a mage if their charmies constantly rescued them, unless you disabled them -- perhaps with blind. I agree that it's very disappointing to spend 200 mana on a titan and have him blinded and made useless. Holylight isn't really the answer, however. Holylight would let them also see invisible and hidden characters. You'd be able to manipulate invisible objects this way as well. If they were equipped with the blindness immunity flag, then you'd still have a chance to blind them, but it wouldn't be an automatic thing. A mage could also augment this protection with a magic sink, if they had the time or the inclination. The archer is another disappointment sometimes. If your opponent flees or calms, they vanish. If you're lucky, the archer will shoot just after the target flees and bring them back and restart combat, but that's very rare in my experience. Change the archers to relentlessly track the target down until the target is dead or something like 5 ticks pass. I've long believed that charmies should have hp proportional to their master's mana. Greater elementals have half their master's hp, which is silly, imho. Greater summonings used to have the same hp as their master, until they were at least changed to rely on mind for hp. If you're a create mage, your charmies suck for hp unless you're con or have your hp pumped up some other way. It's harder to have good charmies if you're dex or str. Make greater summonings have hp equal to their master's max mana. Greater elementals would have half that amount. Normal elementals would have a quarter of their master's max mana. I maxed my wizard's mana out at over 800. It was useless, for all prac- tical purposes. Dropping mind, maxing con and adding +hp gear resulted in a much better character, which is just silly considering that all other magic (well, lots of it) gets better when you have more mind.

From: Mac Thursday, September 21 2000, 12:33AM Seems you didn't read any of my earlier posts properly, I also said that the mana cost or healing should be dropped to be comparable with cause healing.

From: Mac Thursday, September 21 2000, 12:46AM I'm also not gonna just 'trust you', my old 100 dex 100 perc spam create was probably the reason roots were changed as it happened soon after I started hassling the Coven. I know that was overpowered, but with the proper adjustments create could heal on par with cause healing taking circle or mind into consideration if need be.


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