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just something that has me bothered..

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Posted by Hephaistos on 09/27

Now before everyone jumps out and attacks this post im gunna be honest and say i have no clue on any technical or the numbers involved other than the obvious.. anyway I do not understand why i am not hitting very hard at 20-24 hit and 42 dam on bashed opponents or stunned. It seems and this is not just a here and there thing.. but it seems the bashed victim actually out damages me with less then 5 damroll even though i have 42... now i know most of the damage is random etc but when you consistantly more times than not hit full attacks and only hit hard with 42 damroll is something i just dont understand.. i mean with 42 damroll and you hit full attacks shouldnt you atleast decimate considering its supposed to be 42% more damage done? Also i rage.. and even while raging i still find i hit hard about 90% of the time while hitting full attacks and on a bashed victim.. can someone explain this to me or am i just not understanding the rage damroll affects to damage in general?

From: Groth Tuesday, September 26 2000, 01:21AM recently i've fought you (on alts) a lot of times Yes it is true that you can't hit for crap =) (no offense) But 20-24 hit?? didn't know you had that much since you ALWAYS i mean.. ALWAYS fail flee...you have a succesful flee as much as I get paras =) must be wearing a lot of old hitroll eq then...and old damroll.. thats a lot. but I must say, that you do HURT a LOT when i get stunned. I don't think it's the system, maybe re-evaluate your character type. i think you should raise up dex....too many failed flees =) Yeah and even when you bash me you don't hurt, but i don't think bash raises hitroll... but you hurt a hell lot when i get stunned. And yes i think something should be done to swordgoers =) they too wimpy nowadays...or maybe the imms meant it to be so that str 3cs wouldn't hit that hard, because i know a lot of 500-600hps full str fighters that hit very hard. but i mean cummon, hephaistos barely slashing everytime i get bashed? =P -shrug- I dunno, technical, the way he configured his char... It's rediculous, my lvl 15 snipers hits harder than that =P My half-cent Groth

From: Abcdefghijkl Tuesday, September 26 2000, 05:48AM Heph, I definitely bet he doesnt use a sword.

From: Mandarb Tuesday, September 26 2000, 08:36AM Strength of all classes, not just mages, seem to be hitting quite oddly as of late. I don't know why, so I just don't use my strength fighters much. Easiest, though saddest solution :) And groth...you shouldn't HAVE to have dex to hurt people. This mud is supposed to be non class, and it seems to me that this is turning into dex mud again where if you don't have dex you lose. I'd hate to see that happen again after all we've gained. Just my 2 cents. - Mandarb

From: Groth Tuesday, September 26 2000, 10:18AM I'm not saying you should HAVE to have dex to hit. Just writing down what i see in the current system. Ppl that have dex hit harder, and ppl that don't, just suck. -shrug- Just like con/sters, headbutts hurt, but their standing hits just suck. Mac was an example of one, high con/str 30dex, but i think he changed beca dmg was too inconsistent. Anyhow, if heph had 40some dam and 20some hit when he was fighting me which is hard to believe, then soemthing definately needs to be done to unscrew str fighters =P

From: LadyAce Tuesday, September 26 2000, 02:34PM Yeah, I'm curious now...if Heph has 17 dex, that's one thing...if 60, then that's another. I shoulda thought to look the last time he mentioned it. -LA

From: Palorn Wednesday, September 27 2000, 10:49AM Well, I'm with heph on this one, I have 50 damroll, and I do have 60 dex, but I sill hit like crap. It's just wierd, I hit hard, extreemly hard alot, definatly enough to make it so, that I play this char alot less I don't know if it's the dex or what, but recently I've noticed, something real strange about the way all my str fighters hit. Palorn


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