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Posted by Dune on 09/28

ok, since fighters do 70% less damage in pkill..... lets have mages and druids healing at 70% for pkill too. So lets work some stuff out... Do you kids like this idea: Reduce healing on someone with a timer on to 70% (mana stays the same) Make it so that ingame healing does not work on people with pk timers on Some adjustments to backstab damage or immolate might be necessary... I think a lower mana cost for stun can go with this change too.... Full healers will still be able to heal effectively.... mages will heal only in dire situations. For this to really work, you have to get rid of those hps items and eq wipe, but that will never happened. This is among my less organzied posts... just some ideas... what do you guys think?

From: LadyAce Tuesday, September 26 2000, 02:35PM Hm, a pk healing cap? I'm interested to see responses...people don't usually like their stuff getting downgraded unless they heavily agree that the overpowered thing is bad for their fun factor. I don't think it'd be too hard to code... -LA

From: Abcdefghijkl Tuesday, September 26 2000, 04:40PM I like those changes Dune, even though I haevnt pk'd much as of late...but in game healing -mobs, STONES, etc- seem to be over powering mages/half mages...those unable to be used with a pk timer will however make mages/half mages/druids much more powerful WOuld have to be able to change it somehow and downgrading the % healers heal might not do it

From: Barabas Tuesday, September 26 2000, 05:33PM I don't think combat skills (e.g. kick or backstab) have the pkill modifier, do they? I'd be for putting the modifier on everything, including healing both character and ingame, as long as there's an active counter. But I'd also like to see con stuff get the same penalty as hit and dam, since I'm sick of everyone having damn near the same hps as a con fighter. And while we're at it, let's wipe the old equipment, maybe get a new version of the same thing. Yes alot of people would lose stuff but I'd be willing to take that plunge, especially if it applied to future changes. If its out of spec, get rid of all instances of it. Barabas BoneCrusher

From: Drakkon Tuesday, September 26 2000, 09:28PM I don't mind the hp eq, i'd like to see mages not be able to heal themselves at all period. And all in-game healing taken out of the game but i doubt that's going to happen. :P I don't want to see old eq wiped either, that would be devastating on strings etc, a lot of things ppl probably don't want to lose. Maybe if you lighten up hp eq, like make the +50 hp eq items, like +25 instead for less rent, and the +30's like +15 and i liked the 70% thing too, even maybe surgeons do 70% and in-game healing does 70% of what it usually heals.

From: Barabas Tuesday, September 26 2000, 10:04PM You don't mind the fact that con folks have roughly the same hps as dex folks? Some advantage.. you can tumble and I can stand there and take the same damage as you. As for the eq wipe. strings could be moved to storage containers. Shouldn't be a huge problem unless you happen to like a class of haves and have nots. Why not just wipe it clean and make a policy of changing things everywhere instead of letting old equipment build up? And to make sure we're all on the same page..the 70% thing would only apply when the pk timer was active, so it wouldn't affect mob killing totally, correct? Barabas BoneCrusher

From: Christopher Wednesday, September 27 2000, 02:06AM Why is there a cap on PK damage?

From: Mandarb Wednesday, September 27 2000, 07:36AM Because if there wasn't a decimate would be 70 damage and a damcap would be 127.

From: Mariachi Wednesday, September 27 2000, 08:16AM I like the pk healing cap, it seems only logical with the damage cap, and I definitely like the removal of in-game healing, something I think is overused and abused, leaving player healers often with little or nothing to do. If player healers were made more valuable this way I think we'd see more pk healers who can join a clan and be available for that clan in combat or war situations. It would make pk wars more widespread and more dynamic I think. I'm actually surprised the tone of these appends hasn't been against it because I thought they were so popular. As for getting rid of or downgrading hp eq, I don't like it. I think, however, that it's ridiculous to have certain high-hp pieces of eq being dex eq as well. Hp and con should go together, like dex and hitroll or str and damroll. I think that the items should either be con items or should be non-stat items. Someone suggested once making hp change like dam and hi hit did, with 10 hp equalling one stat point for the balance rules. That would be better, I think than eliminating them or simply downgrading. However, I think that the eq wipe is not a good idea as that's never been how replacing eq here works except in drastic cases. These hp items have existed as is for a loooong time, so their cases can't really be considere all that drastic. There is the matter of strings but also the matter that old chars should have the benefit of old eq until it is lost. It's not like it lasts forever, especially if the change is sudden and people cant stockpile. Anyway.... I'll stop writing now. Mari

From: Dune Wednesday, September 27 2000, 09:55AM get chalice deerskin drink chalice fill chalice teapot put chalice deerskin oops Lets just eq wipe.. lets do it! I have a lot of old eq too that I will lose... my most valuable being my old ody bow. Im so sick of old damage eq.. Im sick of old characters having old eq as an advantange in ADDITION to pk experience over new. Make it so we cant use those in game healers while on timers too!

From: Craven Wednesday, September 27 2000, 04:09PM if your going to do a wipe, which I totally agree with, fix damage first eh? My fighter is hitting extremely hard with 25 hit and 50 damroll. I'd hate to see what he hits with half that.

From: Ptwang Wednesday, September 27 2000, 10:01PM I like the idea of not being able to use in game healing while your pk timer is active, dunno if mob acts support it though? Also hp gear is outa whack, it used to be the case that amethysts would favor those with more hps more than those with few hps due to it effectively doubling hps, with +hp gear, the opposite is true, even if a con fighter uses all the +hp a dex char does, they still get hit harder than dex so don't benefit from it as much. Perhaps perc should be the only stat to affect AC, dodge parry & tumble to make balancing easier.. O'course that wouldn't leave dex with much but I still reckon it should determine your # of attacks.

From: Darkheart Thursday, September 28 2000, 02:14PM Yah, pretty silly to have pk dam reduced but not pk healing. That would seriously make ppl use more damage spells, as healing will become practically worthless. Pk healing though should only apply to self-healing, however. Too bad if somebody is packing you with a healer, but still, you can always reject those guys, and it'll be detrimental to other IC actions otherwise. Of course, rooting with a pktimer should probably be reconsidered too... but it'd just be easier to have healing spells simply be disabled when one has a pktimer on. No healing in safe rooms then, come to think :p As far as ingame healing goes, geez, wonder who the hell abused it so much. I'll miss it definately, since it was one of the few ways to fight your way out of packs and still emerge somewhat victorious. Dunno tho, healing will be something that needs to be looked at, but i'd much rather just have ppl do full damage and have pk fights end in one or two bashes. The longer the fight, the more powerful mages get, simply because the non-direct damage spells they have depend on the fact that 'wasting' two rounds on an effect is worth not doing that much damage. Dh


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