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Posted by Merlinn on 10/05

How about making some new con or str weapons usefull? I mean dex gets a new kick ass weapon every other change. While I feel that con and str weapons just suck. PULL THE DAMN KATAR!! How about uping the rate of the flamestrikes on the skull staff. Make it like the flaming sword, the for its 8k rent, and 2 it might be worth something. and another thing that weapon is very irritating to get and it hits like a piece of crap. This would be a easy thing to code I think and would help con people out a little more. Another thing would it be possible to make greater angels etc. to be eternal ones like 40% of the time, or make it so that the more mind you have the more chance you get a eternal one. Something like 100mind is 50% and go down 1% per mind point I think that would also help the weak creates. I know its been posted before but I think 3rd circle creates could have there roots heal 40-50s with same fill value. and make 2nd circle ones only heal 20-30 with same fill value. I dont know just dissapointed that this mud is going back to dex everything. I was on the other night in a pkill free for all, and I must say that out of the 10-12 pkillers there all of them except my chara were snipers or a dex 3rd circle Everyone is gonna make a dex cause now that str and con cant hit for beans. And why would you, if you dex you dont hit the hit dam gear cause you do decimates almost all the time anyway, so old equ dont matter, Backstab is Very strong Katar, and with all the +hp gear cna make a 40con dex guy with like 500hps easy Please help con and str out cause that equ change killed them Creates need help too btw :P Merlinn

From: Drifter Monday, October 02 2000, 08:34PM crap, didn't mean to do that

From: Splat Tuesday, October 03 2000, 02:39AM Yeah, dex has too many weapons.. 3 in total!! One is hard to get and is renty, one has no stats, the 3rd is very renty and everyone's calling for it to be pulled.. Hell, I think I'd rather something low rent with stats anyway. Yes there's a bunch of other dex weapons but the way backstab works, they aren't worth using as a sniper.

From: Scream Tuesday, October 03 2000, 03:21AM Umm theres a 5mind, 5dex, 5per, q5 daggers. just goes to show you how much of a sniper mud this is when all people think about is backstab power. light daggers theres a bunch out there that is 5stat and a special, for like 4k rent.

From: Splat Tuesday, October 03 2000, 09:07AM You should read to the end before appending. Yeah there's a lot of dex weapons and I wouldn't ask for more of them despite the limited choice for snipers. I'd just like backstab changed so light daggers would be an option.

From: Darkheart Tuesday, October 03 2000, 11:23AM Dex weapons are fairly limited thanks to backstab damage depending so much on weight. As a non-sniper bs'er, an 8kg dagger does nearly double the damage of a 5kg one in bs, and that alone restricts choices a lot. As far as merlinn's ideas go, it's pretty silly :p. Flaming swords and such are the antithesis of stunners, and roots that heal that much would be more ridiculous than having roots that dominated the past. If mages want to benefit from roots, we'll have to go for lowering both the fill value and their range of healing, so that low mind mages won't be able to CAST as many roots. Or better yet, add more combat-oriented spells, reduce spell lag and cost of walls, reduce the cost of dispel, etc. DH

From: Darla Tuesday, October 03 2000, 08:19PM While I agree that there should be more options for str weapons, I don't think that there should be con weapons that do too much damage. The point of being high con is to TAKE damage, not give it. As for dex weapons and the backstab damage, I've always thought that backstab should not depend on weapon weight. The point of a backstab is th it is an attack which is well aimed and planned. So if you have high dex a pierce, you'll hit an area where a small cut or pierce does a great deal o damage. It doesn't take a katar or a gae-bolg to slice a jugular, now does it? Another thing that could be changed to make the smaller daggers more preferable is parry. If parry worked more, and if advanced and expert parry meant more, then dex fighters would be able to count more on parry t aid their fighting. It would then be a toss up--light dagger and parry mos damage, or heavy dagger and backstab most. Right now it seems that the disparity between light and heavy daggers is greater for backstab than it is for parry.

From: Time Thursday, October 05 2000, 04:33PM Personally , I would love to see parry and dodge mean more. I have adv. Parry, and i hardly ever see a parry in combat... i see dodges even less. - Time


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