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enslave/recruit skill

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Posted by Deathtrap on 10/06

Ive always been a bit jealous of the assistance that magey types get from zombies/skeletons/greater angels/doppels etc. I was wondering how possible an "enslave" type skill might be for non mage types. This could work by giving a mob the opportunity to submit to your will would then carry out your orders and follow you around. As an alternative there could be a "recruit" type command for those non fighting types with a persuasive tongue. This skill might persuade mobs to take up arms and follow you. Alignment might mean that a good mob wont follow an evil character and visa versa. What do you think? Deathtrap

From: Solomon Tuesday, October 03 2000, 09:40AM Another idea would be to allow you to hire servants and mercenaries. This would sound more plausible to me than enslaving mobs, especially the useful ones. I can't imagine enslaving a level 50 mob without first beating them to an inch of their life, which would make them kind of useless. They'd also be looking to revolt at any time. Having a recruit skill that was based on prestige, fighting stats and level would be something I could get into however. Those three types of stats would be a good indicator of how successful a fighter you are, making the mob more impressed.

From: Darkheart Tuesday, October 03 2000, 11:28AM For that to work the mobs should have to be reasonably 'useful,' and intelligent. Well, at least that much will have to be true for pk. For non-pk purposes, extra hitter type mobs may be recruitable, but tanker type mobs prolly shouldn't be. Moreover, those mobs should only be recruitable if the character hasn't let the same mob die before :0 (or if they resurrected them) Dh

From: Sandra Tuesday, October 03 2000, 11:45AM Recruit is a new skill in skill trees. Unfortunately, you know what I'm going to say next. =) -S

From: Darla Tuesday, October 03 2000, 08:16PM I'd rather see recruit/charm as a bardic skill, and not depend on fight stats. If fighters can get mobs and other things to heal them, then surgeo and druids should be able to get mobs to fight for them. What ever happened to the idea of druids charming trees?

From: Scream Wednesday, October 04 2000, 04:16AM hmm I skill that gives you charmies? Non-mage people get a charmie for the cost of nothing, I hope theres a drawback to this skill, but then again skill trees who knows when thats comming in.

From: Time Thursday, October 05 2000, 04:40PM I would think this would go towards those of a bardic nature... makes sense to me that a person able to raise another's prestige or inspire someone into battle, should be able to charm a mob into aiding them in battle I dont see this as working like the charmies do, i would see it as a non-permanent thing, meaning that this mob wouldnt stay your lacky forever, and if your prestige were to go down, say another bard satired you, maybe you are no longer a worthy leader, and they turn on you. could be interesting - Time (hoping this recruit thing is really going to happen)

From: Israfel Friday, October 06 2000, 11:09AM I don't like this recruit as it's being discussed right now. If it were imp'd so that you could control a mob for any more than one command, not executed within a set number of ticks, and without the chance of the said mob turning on you...for mobkill purposes, I would simply stop making mages. Pointless, if I can make a surgeon who can get charmies, etc. Alternative to this is making the reqs, if bardic, be something like 70mind/spir minimum. Lullaby is nice, because what I was plotting with a 60mind/50spir surgeon didn't work. That is, lullaby, backstab, repeat. Israfel


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