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a complaint, of sorts.

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Posted by Fear on 10/06

ok, here it is, in a nutshell. I've been gone for about two months, due to lack of a computer. When I come back, many things have changed. I've always thought change to be good, this time I don't. Now, I'm back, and I'm getting used to these changes, at which point we imm yet another builder. Great, good for Kunnar, congrats.. but in all honesty, with 16 other current builders on the wizlist, do we need another? I'm starting to feel that if I don't play here for 5 hours a day, that I'm going to lose track, fall behind the times, so to speak, I don't want that to happen. So here we are, the builders from last round haven't even made it to testing, the builders from the round before that haven't had areas put in, and I can't even remember who imm'd as builders the round before that. So to me, what this boils down to, is that 5 or more areas will be coming into the picture, around the same few months, and those diehard legendites who can't spend 5 hours a day playing this game are completely lost, scratching their heads and wondering when this area came in, when that new dagger came out, etc.. etc.. It's a huge disadvantage, mostly in pkill. I'm sorry, I can't spend 5 hours a day on this game anymore, but I do still love the game, and come here every chance I get. Anyway, it just seems that we have enough areas for the time being, maybe we should work on tweaking things that are out of whack, like str completely sucking atm. Or, heaven forbid, SKILLTREES. Is anyone even working on them? Or has yet -ANOTHER- Imm given up hope while working on them? Whatever, I'm Rambling.. Fear.

From: Darkheart Wednesday, October 04 2000, 08:14AM I still haven't been to alaska, haven't been to all four sides of PD yet, still have no clue as to what the dirs are from ferdia to the bridge of leaps, have no idea what lies beyond the crusades, australia and such i rarely even use eq from, boston and salem are both beyond me, those stones i've just learned a week ago, and thanks to my recent crash, i've lost all my dirs to the lotus eater, and various other islands within pi. But guess what, pk still happens either in tara or sherwood, just about, and even though i can't find my way out of those sandstone gates it makes lttle difference. All you have to do is just draw the fight into an area you find comfortable, and don't jump ppl in places you don't know. And if they refuse to chase you into areas you are familiar... nothing more advantageous than a fight you know where the opponent won't chase you. DH

From: Ptwang Wednesday, October 04 2000, 08:43AM I'm another who hasn't really bothered exploring new areas but I don't feel I'm at any disadvantage, if there's anything new that's nifty in pk, you'll soon find out about it. Look at others eq, if you don't recognize something that doesn't look like a string, ask about it! I'd be happy with just 1 area on the whole MUD to play in but I don't think you can really have too many areas. We just need more coders too.

From: Elisa Wednesday, October 04 2000, 11:56AM I like having all these builders and new areas going in. Just when I start to get bored, there's a new place for me to explore. That's what makes Legend great!

From: Fuego Wednesday, October 04 2000, 02:33PM who needs a new area, when the rest of the mud is busted (in a sort) -shrug- i just want to see things get done to improve the mud we play in now, not make for a bigger mud so that we have more things to fix -Fuego Inferno

From: Akai_Hayate Wednesday, October 04 2000, 03:11PM First off, play for 5 hours a day jebus :p second, damnit fix str :p someone said it might be main guaches that F'ed str, cause they had a person wif a claw that didnt suck arses, so maybe thats worth lookin into :P and umm, more areas cant be a bad thing (unless it continues not to be chi or japan) but how about some damn admins? and pr people, yeesh!

From: LadyAce Wednesday, October 04 2000, 07:24PM A couple of notes: - Builders have nothing to do with getting trees done. Or almost nothing. It's not waiting on them, at any rate. More or fewer builders won't change the rate at which code changes go in. - If you leave someplace for 5 months, particularly this one, it's going to have changed. We have to look after the people who are here, and at least some of them like to go to new places, have new EQ available, new mobs to kill, new quests to figure out. - The last people to immort in building were Danar, Perseus, and Straussy. I know that they are all making progress on their areas, and having produced one myself I can say with confidence that they often take more than 6 months to complete. The people to imm in building before them were Kae and Cheyla. Both of them have installed their areas and are making great progress on new ones. - I encourage anyone interested in immorting to apply (or re-apply). I myself was turned down a year before I immorted into building, if that qualifies as encouragement to anyone :). - Admin is a very difficult department to immort into. While it is open to applications, many imms feel that Admins should be drawn from the current staff. - Coding is a very difficult department to attract applicants into, and the coders we have do the very best they can. -LA

From: Darkheart Wednesday, October 04 2000, 09:19PM Can I apply for Inactive Immort? :p Anyway, since it's hard to introduce new eq without installing a new area, i'm all for immorting more builders. Although I don't mind creativity, i would like the builders to work with the current code base tho, and not lure coders into coding some nifty things for their area :p DH

From: Satan Thursday, October 05 2000, 12:07AM Had I been a bit quicker, my append would have been identical to Darkhearts.... Was kinda scary... Well, actually, i just found out about those stone yesterday. -shrug- neat lil trick... anyway... cu peoples in tara and sherwood (rarely london ) most likely with a dagger in my back. :P me

From: Cheyla Thursday, October 05 2000, 09:02AM Vannessa actually immorted into building between myself and Kae and Straussy/Perseus/Danar. Cheyla

From: LadyAce Friday, October 06 2000, 06:29PM Ah, yes. I'd forgotten. She is indeed inactive, etc. But all in all, not a bad record for the building side of the house! -LA


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