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Posted by Sibwarra on 10/06

taking out the ability to augment while meditating or rooting is singularly the most frustrating change you have ever made, and perhaps the preverbial straw on this camel's back! I am giving myself a day or two to calm down before I decide to leave, but thanks a lot, you AAAARRRRGGGGHHH Immortals

From: Zemus Thursday, October 05 2000, 10:16PM Is it really that hard to type stand then augment? I didnt know you could augment resting I always stood when I use my augmenter :P ohh well my 2 cents -Zemus the never here

From: Craven Thursday, October 05 2000, 10:24PM I agree with zemus. Stand up and shut up, jesus.

From: Christopher Friday, October 06 2000, 12:48AM really.. you don't lose THAT much regen time to stand and augment

From: Mac Friday, October 06 2000, 06:32AM Although this is just a minor incovenience, there has been so many similar things changed in the past for the sake of realism or even for no good reason, I don't blame Sibwarra for over-reacting. You can't even go OOC anymore when affected by sustained breath, from the skill even! -shake-

From: Zaba Friday, October 06 2000, 08:10AM just in your alias, put a stand in before it, its not all that hard -shrug- i dont think its a big deal... and considering what meditation is, i think its necessary. When you are meditating, that means that you are sitting in an extremely relazed state, not thinking of anything how could you augment while not thinking? -shrug- -Zaba

From: Christopher Friday, October 06 2000, 12:56PM In sibwarra's defense.. it is easier to fiddle with herbs and bandages while sitting down...

From: Dune Friday, October 06 2000, 02:06PM you should be able to do anything while meditating=p just be happy that they let you talk.:)

From: Tritoch Friday, October 06 2000, 05:36PM i always heard root regen was culmulative (or whatever) so if i gotta stand up, bunk as hell!

From: Ea! Friday, October 06 2000, 05:46PM Root regen is not cumulative. -Ea!


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