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Posted by Mac on 10/09

Hmm, nope.. I flavored my mug, drank from it, waited for it to wear off, flavored again which did work but then I rented, came back later.. waited til I was thirsty, tried flavoring and the mug won't be flavored again.

From: Mac Sunday, October 08 2000, 07:48AM and no, it wasn't still flavored.. seems renting while a container is still flavored stops it being flavored again.

From: Rufus Sunday, October 08 2000, 10:28AM Thanks -- we need more thorough bug reports like this =) This is fixed and will be in for the friday reboot. -Ruf

From: Mac Sunday, October 08 2000, 10:49AM Yay.. now if only that str bug (in pk) could be found. I seem to do ok against mobs still, just lucky to get one rip in a fight and bash doesn't seem to improve damage at all.

From: Rufus Sunday, October 08 2000, 09:43PM You know, I went through the code, line by line, from the time a hit is initiated until the damage is calculated -- technically there shouldn't be a 'str in PK' bug because until the PK dam modifier is applied, the formulas are identical. Am still looking, tho. -Ruf

From: Rufus Sunday, October 08 2000, 11:46PM Honestly, logs don't help me much. I need to be able to stop the mud and debug the process while this is happening. Also, when I run this kinda stuff in testing, I log a lot of the data that won't show in your logs. -Ruf

From: Splat Sunday, October 08 2000, 11:46PM Hmm, I have a bunch of old eq, 38 hit (3 agg) 50 dam and an old sss and I'm being outhit by snipers when they're standing and they're matching me while they're bashed. Must really be bad for those without old eq. Anyway, do you still want logs?

From: Drifter Monday, October 09 2000, 09:04PM Splat, you have 50 dam, and 38 hit??

From: Testboy Monday, October 09 2000, 09:41PM I talk as my player, not individual chars.

From: Mandarb Monday, October 09 2000, 10:09PM amen to that :P -agrees entirly with that state of mind-


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