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Posted by Jesus on 10/11

ok, I'm officially out of the pk loop until imms decide to recognize that cast levels on magic sink need to be changed, and make magic sink strictly mind, or whatever, as long as they recognize the problem. If any coders want specifics, send me a god damn tell when I'm around, I'm too pissed off to write them down right now. -Jesus Christ, YadaYadaYada.

From: Rufus Tuesday, October 10 2000, 07:36AM Actually, we've discussed some changes to magic sink and how it works entirely. The details are up on the board here somewhere...

From: Rufus Tuesday, October 10 2000, 07:38AM The discussion was held in post 28 (currently). -Ruf

From: Dune Tuesday, October 10 2000, 09:10AM I reread your ideas on sink, ruf. And I think your changes make low level sink even stronger for most cases. I cast low level sink... if I sink 2 spells in a fight from a high mind cause mage... Im damn lucky... 50mind times 3/2 is 75mana. 75 mana is 2 spells at LEAST for any high mind mage. In other words, the "new" sink will block spells as effectively as the old sink.. 2 if Im lucky. Only the new sink cost 15 mana. The new sink will still block item spells as well and me less mana too. 15 mana for a sink that stops blinding arrows as well as one that used to cost 35 mana? Hell yah, you just made 50 mind mages a lot stronger. Maybe if you made it so a sink would gradually wear down, even if you got a spell through... and it didnt sink. So even if Poetry never gets her spells sunk in my magic sink, after 5 or so immolates that got through, the black aura collapses. This way, the greater ability to sink mana for the high mind sink actually matters, making it worth more mana than the 50 mind version. I think item cast spells should drain away 5 mana each time.

From: Dune Tuesday, October 10 2000, 09:23AM Ok, I have worked out a neat idea, I hope you like it. Lets make dispel arrows -100 mana drain against sinks. That means that a 100mind cause mage, that has a 150mana sink, could take 2 dispels before the sink is gone. So lets say that Im fighting Poetry, who obviously chose to sink before fighting a sniper like me. Her sink is worth 150 mana, and she has strength and bless on. I shoot the first arrow, it hits and her sink goes down to 50 strength left.... I reload, shoot again... and the -100 arrow finishes off the sink. I reload dispel and shoot again.. this time the 100 mana starts counting toward spells... 15 of it is used to kill bless, 30 of it to kill strength.... and the rest wasted. If Poetry, had a lot of spells on... more than 100 manas worth, some would survive. If Poetry resinks.. then she buffers her spells with a 150 mana chant vid pur vant ex buffer. -(sink buffer) This way, a snipers arrow can dispel a 50 mind sink in one blow... but would take 2 shots to blow up a high mind mages sink. You could make the dispel magic SPELL 3c create, destroy 150 mana to make it a bit more powerful. Just some ideas:) Dune

From: Ptwang Tuesday, October 10 2000, 10:31AM Hmm, your suggestion considers dipped arrows, I still think filmy's should be yanked despite having a bow using sniper. If that were the case would you bother to fire off 2 dispels? Other things to consider, cause has some 0 lag prep spells, weaken, clumsy etc.. you could wear down a sink pretty quick with those as it is, would you want the lag increased? I reckon sink should just allow all spells through but the target receives a % of the mana. I was going to suggest yanking it altogether but at least that'd keep it useful while getting rid of the luck factor.

From: Infernal Tuesday, October 10 2000, 05:29PM Ok I dont understand what you mean by 150mana sink. Are you saying that If I want a 150mana sink, I gotta spend 150mana? If thats the case dont think would help too much cause 150mana is a LOT of mana for my charas. I can cast my 35mana cost sink now 4 times. how about 150mana sink only costs Half, so 75 mana to cast that sink in this case. Another thing couldnt I just cast a 1mana sink to stop dispell arrow and weapon specials? I think most of the time thats what sink is used for. dunno just some thoughts

From: Infernal Tuesday, October 10 2000, 05:35PM I think the more irritating, thing is the fact that a 50mind mage sink can suck up and 100mind spell, I can accept 50mind sink for weapon/arrows protection but it being able to stop a spell from someone with twice the power that the 50minder got just isnt right. I dont really like the change that it can only suck up so much than it poofs. only cause it gives that edge to the low minders, and the halflings. I think its better to just get rid of cast level on that spell and make it sink based on mind, and for duration, I guess it can work like that mana idea, but perhaps 100mind should last lots longer than 50mind.


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