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Posted by Dune on 10/14

just an idea... but you know how snipers can shoot at double speed if they dont have a weapon wielded? What if we make a true "mage" that casts at double speed! But only if not wielding...... If you guys actually like this idea, then Ill post some more ideas on how this could work.

From: Screwball Thursday, October 12 2000, 12:08PM I would rather be shot at 4 times as fast than hit with 2 firestorms in two consecutive fight rounds. Or gusted then firestormed. Yowch!

From: Mariachi Thursday, October 12 2000, 12:23PM Carrying that idea out... perhaps it should affect all sorts. Druids can make/augment faster and better, surgeons can operate faster and better, and, uh, the other people can do what they do better and faster, all if unarmed. I think it's nifty in concept anyhoo. -Mari

From: Dune Thursday, October 12 2000, 12:25PM but if you get bashed.... then you do NOTHING for 2 rounds while taking 100+hps of damage.. we could make it work out really cool. When you stand, you get one spell, and then you might get bashed again!

From: Christopher Thursday, October 12 2000, 02:38PM Theoretically, your chances of success and speed should increase depending on the items you also hold in your hands if you really want realism... having to -hold- the bandages, or a roll and an herbal bag or some container with herbs to speed up poulticing dunno what you could do for mages as held items unless any +mind item would do..

From: Lancelot Thursday, October 12 2000, 11:26PM I hope that double speed thing dosent work for backstab. getting backstabed twice in a tick is downright nasty. Think it would be funny if someone could backstab without weidling a weapon :P

From: Christopher Thursday, October 12 2000, 11:43PM Well.. if you were able to make your hand rigid enough you -could- run it through someone's back and grab ahold of their spine and yank it out.... but then.. that'd be pretty devastating...

From: Akai_Hayate Friday, October 13 2000, 04:17AM I like dunes idea i have a weaponless (at least till level 35+) str cause guy and umm, if i could do spells quicker as a reward for whatever, 800 mana and no weapon, i think that would be cool give a reason to be a good mage, instead of a Vendetta -shrug- but dont get nutz, poulticing double speed wif no weapon? no :p and christopher, stop trying to add reality to legendmud :p they cannot, and will not co-exist. --Akai_Somfhinorother, Blackthornes knight slut bunny.

From: Splat Saturday, October 14 2000, 09:42AM That'd be pretty damn hard to balance and what we have now still needs work in that department. If anything major like that were to happen I think it's more reasonable to give 2c only advanced weapons training and 3c basic. It could be adjusted so there isn't as much difference between them if neccessary, but anyway.. it's been mentioned before so I won't go on about it, I just don't think mages should hit as hard as plain fighters when they have so many more options available to them.


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