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Empting Corpses

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Posted by Christopher on 10/13

How about a function that does this: get all corpse drop all the stuff the corpse had This way you could loot a corpse for lowbies to enjoy but not have to spend time dropping each item individually

From: Karla Friday, October 13 2000, 08:18AM Oooh, yes, let's spam up the mud! Great idea - NOT! Karla

From: Wyvern Friday, October 13 2000, 11:45AM hrm this is a first, i agree with Christopher =) a command like that would be so helpful or a command that you could transfer eq from corpses to a bag like: "g all corpse put bag" or something... :P hehe would make CRing for newbies and befriendeds so much easier.

From: Darla Friday, October 13 2000, 11:55AM It's easy enough to make your own aliases to do that. Why make a mud command?

From: LadyAce Friday, October 13 2000, 12:42PM You could try putting the more useful items in inns, or inviting area newbies to join you and benefit from your the carnage left in your wake! I do think it might be a bit much to have the contents of every corpse left lying about on the ground, we already have too much spam in Tara as it is. -LA

From: Christopher Friday, October 13 2000, 08:09PM Well.. there is the matter of taking the risk of picking up a renty item and the mud going -BOOM- before you can put it down. But then... how often does that happen?

From: Christopher Friday, October 13 2000, 08:17PM and while we're at it how about in order to carve something we need a knife or a tool or something?


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