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hrm, idea for mages

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Posted by Cumference on 11/01

Hrm...heres an idea i have... A skill set called "Magic Mastery" or something like that has basic, advanced and expert goes with the ammount of mind you have of which lvl mastery you can get up to It would make spells cost a %less than the original cost. dunno the percent..you'd have to tweak it around to make it not overpowered or underpowered =) and maybe if it's TOO powerful, yank chalices? -ponder- -shrug- add changes/tweaks to make this idea more feasible? =)

From: Karla Sunday, October 15 2000, 02:27AM My mages don't have enough pracs now for all the skills they want to learn (including my 90+ mind mages). Finding another 3 pracs is going to be really hard. And please, please don't yank chalices, that's the only thing that keeps my mid level mages going, until they get to level 28 and can start to learn kick, and basic and advanced fight skills. Karla

From: Cumference Sunday, October 15 2000, 03:17AM mages r 2 eazy to lvl anyway! well for how good they r at 50 and chalices should be yanked or toned down! well in pk cuz like...uh i can just hide chalicup and heal...assuming i'm a causdood and druids fighters can heal like...tons every 2 tix for the pracs: so you'd have to sac other skills that suckier compared to this mastery thing :)

From: Embeth Sunday, October 15 2000, 08:12AM You might find mages easy to level. I don't. Well, I do until I get to around level 17 or so, then I find the complete lack of fight skills starting to show. I learn chant, then words only, until at level 28 I finally have a 'non-mage' prac - usually spent either on kick or my basic fight proficiency. If my mages didn't have a chalice in the upper teen levels, I think I would soon get very bored of trying to level them on my own. While I see your point about chalices and pkill, not every player on this mud chooses to pkill, and it would hurt non-pkillers if chalices were to be yanked or downgraded in any way. Embeth

From: Infernal Sunday, October 15 2000, 07:25PM Hmm chalices overpowered? Its a timmed 4kish rent item 30mana every two ticks if you remember or have a hourglass is not that much. And a mage with out mana is a dead mage. And I feel that since the mages are the most difficult chara type to make since words are a real pain in the ass to get, -curse new rudh- they should be the most powerfull chara

From: Blackthorne Sunday, October 15 2000, 09:48PM Hmm, sounds kinda interesting actually, having different levels of magic, dont really know how you would figure it into hometowns and all. As for yanking chalices...my only problem with chalices is that the wrong people have them. What do I mean the wrong people? I mean cause mages that rely on Marauder for preserves. That goes the same for timed eq, and orbs. If someone made a magebot that was 3rd circle cause people would be up in arms about it. I might be totally wrong, and this is only my opinion but magebots are causing the balance issues here. But hey, I wont lie, i use them just like everyone else, its more of a statement of what i feel to be a fact. Blackthorne de'Dannan'

From: Drifter Monday, October 16 2000, 12:41AM I think the idea is good, and yea you would maybe have to sacrifice some less used skills to learn the mage mastery skills and they would be worth it. Also HAVEN'T YOU PEOPLE HEARD OF MEDITATE?! it makes you e e e e s e s e n e e n w n n n w w n mana 3X faster, that is A LOT faster, there is no skill like that crap anyway heal mana 3X faster, that is A LOT faster, there is no skill like that to make you heal hp 3X faster, ther is also no cup to make you heal 30 hp every 2 ticks... Mages need mana like fighters need hp, i don't see why taking a single item out of the game could destroy all balance as we know it, the most i could see it doing is screwing over half mages because they can't meditate without the required stats... which is probably a good thing :P

From: Drifter Monday, October 16 2000, 12:44AM one more thing, you people are too damn anal about cast lvls... 1 lvl of casting isn't going to make a big difference, all my mages learn their main fight skill and basic/advanced/expert skills when they become available to them, and they always turn out fine

From: Bonk Monday, October 16 2000, 02:40AM no they don't.

From: Zemus Monday, October 16 2000, 05:13AM HEY nobody can spam a board with there paths but ME!!!! As for chalices goes it shouldnt be removed. How many mobs chant vina drva ex HPs and how many mobs heal mana? But comparing mana and hps is kind of hard since they are used differently. normally mana turns into healing with backstabs doing lots of damage and str people ripping you up, 2nd circle mages shouldnt be abled to use a chalice imo since I would say most of there mana turns into augments and other forms of really strong healing. by them having a chalice gives them a advantage. Another thing drifter there is a skill that lets you regen HPs much faster then resting its called ROOT. There is a cup you can sip every two ticks to get cure lighted. theres 3 healers and now one stone =400hps, cured filet another 100, theres a pile of cure light leafs normally can get 100hps of them, and theres muddy vial and lets see healing skills, augment, operate, first aid chant vina drva rudh ex crit, roots etc. And how many skills items, and mobs give mana back, not many. but then again mana and hps is different things so hard to compare. just had to point out a few things :P Zemus ex-pkiller unless hes up to it :P

From: Embeth Monday, October 16 2000, 06:05AM Yes, I've heard of meditate. That's the skill I learn after kick, basic/advanced, hunt, and bandage. So that makes it about level 33, give or take a level. My point in my previous post was that low to midlevel mages need mana regen too, and those levels would be the ones where I am most thankful for my chalice. Embeth

From: Cumference Monday, October 16 2000, 10:30AM hrm good mana regen so use the new skill? =p in making spells cost less or some crap (and damn how i wish tools weren't changed by the way they were

From: Kosminski Wednesday, November 01 2000, 04:41PM Ah, I see your idea ... hmmm, I like mine better 'str' sucks as is.


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