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Posted by Dune on 11/08

I remember why this timer was put in place. It was cause players like Arsene would backstab... go ooc, dip an arrow... reload, check time, come back, shoot... flee kick, go ooc.. check inventory... people were using OOC for IC purposes. I support this timer! HOWEVER, its really annoying to have to wait 10 ticks just go read the discussion board.... SO Can we make a command that cancels the timer for the person that we are fighting? In other words, DH is my friend, we are dueling... he wins or I win, whatever... and then we have the option to cancel the others so that we dont have to sit around. This way, the timer prevents what it was designed to prevent without spilling over onto friendly duels and just plain annoying situations. Is this codeable using the "hatred" flag? Do people agree that giving the option to cancel the ooc timer if both parties agree would benefit legend without hindering anyone? BTW, I havnt thought of the PKOK healing implications. Maybe that messes the whole thing. Dune

From: Mandarb Tuesday, October 17 2000, 12:13PM Good idea, though not sure how hard it would be to code, so maybe not :P

From: Fuegozaba Wednesday, October 18 2000, 12:20AM if it can be coded, im all for it

From: Fear Wednesday, October 18 2000, 01:34AM I'm all for it, might even want to look into using it on the pk timer, if it works well.

From: Christopher Wednesday, October 18 2000, 01:40AM I shoot down all your PK ideas? I have no interest or opinion for this one :P

From: Infernal Wednesday, October 18 2000, 02:12AM Wouldnt it just be easier to put the discussion board with the news and welcome board? most inns have the welcome and news board just adding the Discussion board to it would be much easier I think

From: Conspiracy Wednesday, October 18 2000, 06:06AM actually, like all furniture, you can carry one around. no clue if it'll update itself though, I imagine it will.

From: Christopher Wednesday, October 18 2000, 11:10AM The reason this is OOC is because everything on the discussion board is of an OOC nature.

From: Dune Wednesday, October 18 2000, 11:20AM However, you could buy one and use it IC... meaning that imms COULD put a discussion board somewhere IC.

From: Drifter Wednesday, October 18 2000, 03:42PM the war board is ooc too but that's not of ooc nature :P

From: Mandarb Wednesday, October 18 2000, 06:12PM sometimes we sacrifice realism for convinience/balance chris

From: Karla Thursday, October 19 2000, 05:56AM Not sure whether this would work, but how about swapping the pk/ooc timer around? i.e. You can go ooc after pk action without waiting, but when you come back, you have to wait 10 ticks before you can fight again? Or, since that could be abused to escape fights (but if someone wants to get away that badly, they'd probably rent anyway), perhaps the 10 ticks could be split, can't go OOC 5 ticks after a fight, and can't fight 5 ticks after coming IC. Just a random idea, Karla (who likes the IC boards idea, would like to be able to read while regenning without buying a house to put the boards in)

From: Sandra Friday, October 20 2000, 01:57PM Hm, Fight enemy, get long timer, fight friend, have friend ok it for you to go ooc. Nope, won't work. =) -Sandra

From: Darkheart Saturday, October 21 2000, 07:46AM Mmm, how about simply making it so that any pk fights with somebody on your befriend list doesn't set the pk timer? DH

From: Dun Wednesday, November 08 2000, 04:07PM


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