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Posted by Dune on 10/20

Now that the "strength bug" is fixed, and everyone that posted about it is satisfied.. (Sammael, Mandarb, Craven, etc) lets get rid of OLD hit/damage eq! I got rid of all mine, you guys could suck it up and do it too. Dont you feel like a lamo when you beat someone that doesnt have the huge advantage that you do? I sure would... so POOF! The moment eq was changed, I trashed all the old crap. I am a secure pkiller.... I dont need crutches, like all of you guys that CLING to your old eq:) So this is a calling to arms... lose the crutch and start winning cause your good, not cause you can wfw someone with 100 mind, hit with 100dex.. and still have the damage advantage given to 95 strength. And guess what? If hps eq gets changed.. the WHAM Ill junk it all. Dune (a real pkiller)

From: Bonk Thursday, October 19 2000, 01:01PM Nobody's gonna dump their hit/dam when they don't even hit well with old eq. Dex mages can still tank str of any sort when the str char is so full of hit/dam eq they can't even use a chalice or rent vials. See while old eq still exists, balance isn't going to be adjusted to the current eq, you'll have to try and convince all those that don't pk to junk their stuff too.

From: Dune Thursday, October 19 2000, 02:28PM my understanding is that strength now hits correctly... is that correct Mandarb? I seem to remember you chatting about how its all fixed.. or much better. If thats the case.. then lets get rid of the old damage eq Dune

From: Mandarb Thursday, October 19 2000, 04:37PM Its better then it was. After some more testing, I still don't believe its "perfect" but its definatly not as bad. APperently dodge was screwed up and thats why strength couldn't hit dex. But today sandra and myself found another bug, so its a multiple problem. It seems to me like bash is whats broke, but I'm told its not. It seems to ME, that when I'm sitting I don't take near as much damage as I should, but when I'm stunned man does it hurt :P I don't know, I just know that its better. I'm willing to play my strength fighters in this system, if that means anything. Even though he somehow gets wfw'd by mages every fight. :P

From: Cumference Thursday, October 19 2000, 11:37PM wowowowwoowow str got adjusted? kewliez!!

From: Archmage Friday, October 20 2000, 02:25AM what's wfw? it seems so great...wish i did some of that. =P Archmage Archmage

From: Shaidar Friday, October 20 2000, 03:49PM no way, I still only decimate on a stun headbutt with 49dam there is somthing wrong there, especially when some dex person runs up behind me and and hits harder on a standing person than I do, i dunno, Im a little worked up atm from dying to cian cuz I can only massacre or decimate with almost the max amount of hitting power.

From: Ambria Friday, October 20 2000, 07:13PM I dunno, I seem to do fine with my 49 damroll. Ask Craven. ;)

From: Mandarb Friday, October 20 2000, 07:53PM the problem is basicly that strength has always been random, apperently you people just have really short memories. If you have 50 damroll, your not guarenteed to rip on a stun, your not even guarenteed to decimate. just the odds of getting less then a decimate are real low. Look at it mathematically. With a strength weapon, normal one that is, you hit 5 times for 1-18 damage on each hit. You then have damroll factored in which is lets say 50% extra damage with 50 damroll. but if you roll a 4, 10, 3, 12, and 2 on your attack hits, and we're going to assume you hit them all -snicker-, thats 31 damage before bonus's, after wards 46 or 47. Thats still only a decimate. If you got even lower rolls, your average is going to be even worse. And you have to remember in pk that you do less damage. So basicly my point is this. Strength always has been and always will be extremely random. While I don't necessarily agree with it, thats the way it is :)


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