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Posted by Jesus on 10/24

just thinking maybe an accept all incentive could be a shorter timer. While the LT claims that like half the mud is enabled now, most don't accept more than one or two people. there's like 4 people who are accept all these days. PK is boring, and is at an all time low. Something needs done.

From: Dune Friday, October 20 2000, 01:33PM shorter timer... sounds good to me. Kill 2 birds with one stone.

From: Akai_Hayate Friday, October 20 2000, 01:58PM Well i saw someone Accept all today, that wasnt mandarb or myself so i started hunting them, and before i could get to the stag from tara they rented! so i guess they were just doing a montly login to keep from getting purged and im going to go out on a limb and say thats the only time we will see any of these pansies who claim to have accept all alts

From: Fraegis Friday, October 20 2000, 03:37PM How about another idea? Those interested in more people in pkill try to do something themselves? This is not meant in a bad way, but seems like they sit back waiting for the imms to code something that would get more people to be accept all. Why not make pkill more inviting? Show others that accept all wouldn't just be an invitation to endless slaughter, multis and looting. Make some tinyplots or whatever you can think of. Its always easy to say "We need the imms to do this and that for this and that to get better", but here is something the people who wants more to be accept all could do themselves. Fraegis

From: Akai_Hayate Friday, October 20 2000, 03:40PM Accept all isnt an invitation to anything but death and 90% of the time, not even that. if you say "hey i wanna save some xp, im at 10 hp you won" they will proll say "doh! okay i win ahhahaha" or some crap and unless your yorkie or arsene, nobody is going to multi, or loot im sure alot of you are also afraid for your old eq, but again nobody is gonna loot it, and if they do, whine enough, someone will shank them, and get it back for you ;) And pkill is something everyone should at least try its not like some gigantic wolfpack is gonna come down when they sense new accept all booty. also, alot of the jerks that you see on channels, are acually really nice if you talk to them, or fight them, or whatever :P and since this post is already long enough where i wont read it i guess it ends now! - w a ve bah - -flee kaeos-

From: Akai_Hayate Friday, October 20 2000, 03:46PM one more thing, pkill is fun, if you dont at least try it accept all (that being the only form of pkill: since pkill involves jumping and chaos and other fun stuff) your missing out, im not gonna sit there doing totally pointless Rp stuff to get people involved, ill spend that time dying to craven, in hopes that i will learn something :p so in my second conclusion, if your gonna try, welcome aboard if your not, you cant blame me for not noticing you exist!

From: Bonk Friday, October 20 2000, 10:42PM I wanna see something like a 20% xp bonus if accept all.. It may be a bonus, it may cost you if you don't survive jumps but it'd probably even out.

From: Peter Saturday, October 21 2000, 01:52AM Accept all is fun, real fun, especially when you are on a SL or PD corpse retrieval, and gets jumped, and a little later multied. Also, the fun comes to mind when you see your strung eq being looted, not being able to get it back, or hidden somewhere you can't find it. Also, fighting a battle, and having 3 or 4 others jump in on your opponents behalf can be fun. Seeing all the whining, yelling, cursing and general rudeness on chat is also quite a kick. If you go accept all, it could be you they were yelling at/threathening. Why miss out all this fun, become accept all today.

From: Conspiracy Saturday, October 21 2000, 02:58AM by this idea, you don't have to use accept all to shorten your timer, people, it'd just be an option, an incentive to go accept all for a short time. And this mud needs it.

From: Cumference Saturday, October 21 2000, 03:45AM in response to Peter's post. If all that crap happened to you. it's probably the way you act on this mud, the way you pk (ettiquette) You should re-evaluate yourself (assuming this stuff happens to u)

From: Bonk Saturday, October 21 2000, 05:07AM You may have been sarcastic Peter but that really can be fun.

From: Fuegozaba Saturday, October 21 2000, 09:29AM Peter, that was a stupid post, because all of my characters have been accept all (even my surgeons and druids and level 25 mages that cant do crap) and i have NEVER been in any situation like that... If you are a nice guy, nobody will multi/loot/ or perma you. Even if you are rude, snotty, and you expect the worse all the time (pokes your append) as long as yuo have honor, you will be fine. Fuegozaba (like the name) been PK enabled for over 2 years, and still loving it

From: Akai_Hayate Saturday, October 21 2000, 12:44PM hey peter, lets get names, dates, and items looted, otherwise, your just a pathetic liar, who should keep his gaping maw shut, and wash yourself of you have the stink of one of these pansies who has never even done a singl pk fight in his miserable life. As for all these lies peter is spreading, why dont you people ask someone like Dashiva if that crap happens, he was in acceptall land for a while and as far as whining yelling complaining on chat goes, how is pkill yelling, different than Sibwarras little breakdown yesterday? at least a pkiller screaming that another pkiller killed him afk or whatev is a reason to freak out, what exscuse do you non-pkillers have? so anyways, to keep your sanity, and not end up like sibwarra, go accept a all, today! -

From: Stella Saturday, October 21 2000, 03:01PM Nice append, Akai_Hayate. I was almost beginning to think you had changed, but when people disagree with you, or state other opinions than you, they are still no good, eh? "Accept all, or whatever you say is a lie, and you are a pathetic liar"... Stella

From: Akai_Hayate Saturday, October 21 2000, 05:29PM changed how? And, i said if i dont see some names he is a liar which is true, without proof he is shooting his mouth off i never said he was no good because he disagree's dont assume to interperate my posts how you want, to suit yourselves..

From: Peter Sunday, October 22 2000, 01:24AM Akai_Dumb, in your first post you say "As for the lies Peter is spreading" in the second, you ask for proof...Judge first, and see evidence afterward or how does it work for fools like you?

From: Akai_Hayate Sunday, October 22 2000, 02:59AM Peter my dear, maybe you should think before you speak. First off, my first append, has nothing to do with you at all, append #4 and second, in my first post about you, i ask for proof in my first 3 lines, and the quote you take out, is like 5 lines into, the same post So maybe, you should stop with the ooc bashing, and start reading before you open, your gigantic maw that spouts nothing but lies My entire 14th append, was paraphrasing my the first few lines in my #12 append, so, please, read the posts before you try to think of an ap append to them, it would help your credibility alot. P.S. you gotta love text-based games, in that, if someone misquotes you you can just scroll back and repeat exactly what you said ;) and dont forget, Akai_Dumb is the worst insult i've seen in my life at least put your great powers of creativity, that you use while lying into your insults man... -Akai_Somethingorother, Knight of Legend

From: Malia Sunday, October 22 2000, 07:06AM Geez. Go call each other names somewhere else. This is a discussion board, not a namecalling board. Sorry, but I agree with what Peter's original post said. Granted alot of those situations were in low level pk, but they were still there until recently. Can I give you names? Nah, I don't remember them all. I do rememeber the infos, the whining, the yelling, and the threats. Anyway, can we now get back onto the original topic of this post? Mal


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