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Posted by Mitsukake on 10/24

Problem: as a pure druid i have trouble making money for buying herbs and the cost of herbs is sooooooo high in alot of places.

From: Mitsukake Saturday, October 21 2000, 08:53PM Had to stop posting and make sure im not just repeating what jesus said ;) ummm, i never had the good fortune of getting a display shelf but i do have the bad fortune of carrying way too many dert bags with me I also noticed when you roll bandages, or make a roll from cloth they seem to weigh more than gauze rolls do, so the point of me getting th this skill is? well thats about all i have to say, but, more power to pure druids down with 60 spi auggies! -Mitsukake, hes louder, that means hes right.

From: Bonk Saturday, October 21 2000, 11:41PM I think rolls of bandages cost more in rent too, people don't get the skill for its original purpose but making rolls is nice, it should be at least on par with bought rolls.

From: LadyAce Sunday, October 22 2000, 01:43AM Hm, what sort of rent figures do you think would be ideal for this? I think this is the sort of thing we can adjust without very much difficulty.

From: Bonk Sunday, October 22 2000, 02:48AM Actually I'd be happy if make bandage created rolls of gauze. It can be awkward at times with them using different keywords, some of my chars use gauze, another uses roll, all have a treasure map with roll keyword, kinda messy.

From: Akai_Hayate Sunday, October 22 2000, 03:12AM with rent for made rolls, how about um a %less than rolls of gauze? anyone can sit in JB till she repops with more gauze, but some people had to waste a prac, i say reward them first, nurse users second :p

From: Zorya Sunday, October 22 2000, 09:56AM I'm a full druid who doesn't fight her own fights and doesn't make money, but nor do I -need- money to get herbs... it takes a little bit of time and effort, but I have never had a problem getting enough herbs to fill an empty rune bag by just walking about the mud and picking them up. And with new areas always going in, most with nice ground supplies of herbs, there are always more places to get herbs without having to pay for them. Zorya, She of the Morning

From: Christopher Tuesday, October 24 2000, 01:56AM I don't know about being a druid I don't really have one but I know a couple and was really close to one and she never used to pay for herbs except those beautiful fenugreek she ran around the whole mud and like Zorya says.. would collect them buying herbs is a convienience. If I were a druid, I would pair up with a big friend and heal their XP spree and when I ran out of herbs, make them help replenish them. It's only fair, right?

From: Splat Tuesday, October 24 2000, 02:40AM Would be nice if augment didn't require a 2nd herb!

From: Christopher Tuesday, October 24 2000, 10:59AM Augment only requires one herb... You make a poultice with one herb Then you augment that poultice with another I think..

From: Jealousy Tuesday, October 24 2000, 11:04AM that's where that 2nd herb comes in Christopher.. read your message again. -Jealousy

From: Sax Tuesday, October 24 2000, 11:56AM I definitely like the idea of made rolls being less renty (maybe 10? rent) than bought gauze. I mean, they costs pracs to make! While I can't see turning everything into "gauze" -peer umm scarlet letter turns into gauze-t of the Benedictines' garden. it would be nice if gauze/bandage rolls shared a keyword that -isn't- roll (Wow this note system is really buggy, I didn't type that bit about the Benedictines' garden, it just plopped in instead of an asterisk.) What would be nice is something with the rune bag capacity that costs around 250-500 rent. One of my druids used to use rune bags simply because they saved her 1kg in weight by letting her carry 1 less dert. Kinda sad really. Another way around it could be to make gauze rolls 0 weight, course that could be problematic with surgeons carrying 328974834756 gauzes around to first aid. Or! Make it so that if derts are worn in aux slots (is this possible?) they weigh 0kg. Sax


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