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Posted by Ptwang on 10/28

The other day I found mobs that assist would wake from entrance and today I found you can no longer entrance raged. -poke perma raged mobs- You keep downgrading stuff without even mentioning it, why don't you fix the bug with wimpy breaking entrance before downgrading it even further.

From: Ea! Wednesday, October 25 2000, 05:02PM There haven't been any changes to entrance in a long time -- those that have happened have been documented on the welcome boards. There are some changes coming this week to how the code handles players being in different positions -- this should allow finer control over what people can do while entranced (for example, we'll be allowing people to use channels while entranced, most likely). As for the bug you mention, I'm not sure I've seen it reported. Have you reported it via the bug channel? (And without more details on it, I'm not sure whether it's a bug.) -Ea!

From: Infidel Wednesday, October 25 2000, 09:49PM Well I've never seen mobs that assist break entrance and I've used it for a while as an alternative to sleeping them. As for not being able to entrance raging, I hadn't seen that before either, has anyone else? I know metacomat could be entranced about 2 weeks ago, not anymore. The bug has been reported a couple of times, while entranced you're unable to manually flee but being max wimpy will cause you to flee and automatically break entrance.

From: Julia Wednesday, October 25 2000, 11:14PM My surgeon, who I haven't played in a while, would entrance assisting mobs and see them break out of entrance (not on tick). Yes, some mobs do break out of entrance, and have done for a while. My favourite entrance story though, would be the entranced mob who used sing to entrance my surgeon. Wish I could use skills while entranced. Julia

From: Bess' Saturday, October 28 2000, 04:42AM The autorage (no entrance when raging) has been in for a long long time. Some mobs break entrance, some of those mobs also happen to assist. And yeah, imp sing!

From: Mac Saturday, October 28 2000, 08:03AM Well then I guess metacomat was changed.. Still strange that I had used entrance a billion times but never on a raging target.

From: Sandra Saturday, October 28 2000, 09:07AM Metacomat hasn't been changed. =) -Sandra


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