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Posted by Darkheart on 11/01

Well, i'd first like to start this by saying that i'm a tad bit annoyed about the way ppl reply to my posts (mostly dune, anyway) since he seems to have this idea that i've got all the time in the world to get xp, and have a completely different set of values concerning just about everything... and would like you to remember that regardless of how unlikely it is that my ideas get implemented, it is definately my decision to talk about them and yours to read about them or simply skip most of it. No need to keep drilling me that it's unlikely to happen, since that much i probably know much better than you do. In any case, the reason i keep drilling about redeem points is that it's the only way i see that i'll remain interested continuing play at (on) legend. I don't have the time to create a new char as often as i used to, and it's pointless playing old chars on a mud (for me) where pk has come to a grinding halt as far as i'm concerned. At least with redeem points i'd hang out a bit longer on the off chance that i am actually online, and wait doing something remotely productive for a potential prey to log in. Right now, i log in, i see no asterisks, i log off. Okay, i do post, and i have to say it's a great way of spending time on this mud waiting for potential prey to log in. Guess the mud itself is geared towards players who can spend over an hour online at a time during peak hours where there are enough players and chartypes around. For ppl like me halfway across the globe, i could probably stay online for hours and find not enough ppl for a run worth grouping for. It's not as if there's a mana surgeon around, and without one, grouping as a mage doesn't serve much purpose other than reducing the amount of xp earned. Alternating stuns may sound nice, but you can get the same amount of xp when you hog mobs... something I haven't done for a long time now, but still plausible, i'm betting. True i want this mud to be as usable as possible for players who want everything to be solved without players other than pk. That's mostly because i consider everything but mob acts and area characteristics to be simple stepping stones toward pk. I could care less if the gae-bolg was wielded by fith-fath, or if the horseshoe was worn by the horses in tara stables, if the kraken hide could be gotten by killing some lucky fisherman in ithaca... and I could care less if there were mobs that give a gazillion xps and as easy as killing as stunned mosquito, if it would lead to more pk. No xp loss? Fine with me. Sure i'd like pk to be something not taken too lightly to prevent the free-for-all style mayhem we see after pk tourneys, but i'd consider it an improvement over a pkless mud, esp with the pkok system in. Dune had it right that my ideas mostly stem from what i consider inconvenient. I consider pk in this mud to be inconvenient, so much so that all i can think about is ways to increase the amount of pk that happens, or ways for me to stay online while i wait for pk to happen. Heck, if i could be granted the ability to pk anyone i want, i could proba bly pay 10 stat points or 10 redemption points and still be happy. Point is, this mud would mean nothing to me if i couldn't pk in it, probably nothing more than graphicless chatting room. Playing NOX or Diablo 2 is actually more intriguing than a pkless mud. Dh

From: Christopher Saturday, October 28 2000, 01:38PM I'm all for more redeeming options :) Here's something I posted a while ago.. the ability to exchange 3 redeem points to move one point from one stat to another stat which for the normal person would allow them to tweak their stats the tiniest bit for the extraordinary person who gathers billions of xp, they could theoretically move all their spirit to str and have no need for -spirit gear and they damn well deserve it, in my opinion, if they can get 60 redeem po Another nifty thing for 3 redeem points could be the unlearning of a skill and availability of another practice. This could represent a retiring of warrior to hang up his sword and take up medicine or blacksmithing. To go along with that, perhaps redeem points could be used to lower skill levels on some skills. Maybe not combat skills, but craft skills to increase the chance of completion. Just some thoughts... and incidentally, should this go in, I will most likely never be able to take advantage of it. My highest level character night now is a level 45 surgeon and it's been that way for 10 mo months :)

From: Splat Saturday, October 28 2000, 11:28PM What are you an IMM? 1 redeem to move 5 stats and 1 redeem to unlearn a skill seems reasonable to me! Just make it so you can't drop spirit below 29 and can't drop any other stat below 19.

From: Fraegis Sunday, October 29 2000, 03:40AM I don't share your interest in pkill, DarkHeart, but I understand how frustrating it can be when it seems noone else is interested in it.. But, that being said, I have to ask you a very simple question : Why don't you do anything to further pkill? You are not exactly contributing to getting more people involved by either just seeing who is online and then logging off again, or by posting a bit ooc. I don't dislike your posts, the more input there is, the better. But how come you would rather have the rules do something for you, instead of trying to do it by yourself? I would find it quite positive if I saw you ask on chat whether anyone was interested in hearing you share your pkill-experience, regarding tactics. Or gathering those interested and explain proper pkill-etiquette. Don't ask what your mud can do for you, but what you can do for your mud! Fraegis

From: Splat Sunday, October 29 2000, 04:06AM If the players need to create a game within a game, something's very wrong. Not to mention 'friendly' pkill doesn't compare to its original implementation. No risk = no fun.

From: Fraegis Monday, October 30 2000, 10:51AM -nod Splat- Just because the imms do a lot of work already, doesn't mean they should expect the players to do anything. Well said, though perhaps a bit arrogant. Fraegis

From: Fraegis Tuesday, October 31 2000, 12:01PM -calm Splat- No need to envy the conversation talents of others, and no need to go to namecalling. Everything written can't be divided into 2 things, the truth and what you don't like. Some people disagree with you, and if you can't live with that, you shouldn't post. It is quite simple, really. If all you do on the board is whine, and then be rude to those disagreeing with you, why don't you leave the discussion board to others? Fraegis

From: Bonk Wednesday, November 01 2000, 04:09AM No, fact is.. you make no contribution whatsoever here, all you do is say everything is fine just as it is and that it's up to the players to make it better. I know for a fact that the code makes or breaks a game and not the players. Before pkok, you were saying it was up to the players to just do the right thing, to not loot or multi, to not harass others etc. Well looting is now a lot tougher, you have to steal each item individually and you have the choice of who you'd like to pk with.. The same kinda thing goes on in other multiplayer games, they made a mistake with cstrike in punishing those who team kill by excluding them from the next round, now idiots log on just to knock teammates down to almost dead and you can't do anything about it, if you kill them you get punished. I can live with people disagreeing with me, I sometimes get frustrated when the other party simply disagrees with nothing substantial to back it up as is usually the case with you but heh, you call me arrogant and expect me to remain civil? -shake- That's just about impossible when you aren't even talking to me.


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