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pk xp loss

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Posted by Darkheart on 11/04

How about giving us an option to have the initiator of pk lose 375k xp regardless of the outcome and the victim not lose xp regardless of the outcome? For example, I attack Dune, Dune beats me, I lose xp. I attack Dune, I beat Dune, I still lose xp. That timer would probably last for 10 ticks, and cannot be counted multiple times during that interval.. i.e, if i kill two chars within 10 ticks, i still lose 375k xp while the two victims lose none, and once 10ticks are passed, and the victim is the one reenaging, it's the victim's loss of xp regardless of the outcome. Some more thoughts probably for wolfpacks and group pk, but anyway, you get the idea, i hope. It'll has to show somehow that i have turned that option on.. maybe by making the befriend list work with this in some way. Dh

From: Christopher Sunday, October 29 2000, 10:58PM I see the incentive here to PK.

From: Conspiracy Sunday, October 29 2000, 11:52PM IF there were no xp loss at all in pk, there would be only one drawback, healing after you die. IF there were no xp loss in pk, people would pk. IF there were no xp loss in pk, people would go accept all. IF there were no xp loss in pk, I'd have an orgasm. -Cons.

From: Shmeck Monday, October 30 2000, 09:18AM laugh

From: LadyAce Monday, October 30 2000, 11:41AM I think if there were no xp loss in pk, death would lose a fair amount of its meaning, because it would decrease the incentive to survive. It's a little hard to build analogies for this one, but think about the other games you enjoy. Most video games give you a limited number of lives or have some kind of "death condition" where a game can come to an abrupt end, whether you want it to or not. This increases some of the risk, and with the risk, comes an extra thrill when you survive. If you let a loss mean very little to the loser, then the win will most likely mean less to the winner as well. Some of the best battles I've been in have been where both I and my opponent were down to nothing left, straining for any tiny tactic or advantage, pulling out all the stops to just somehow come out with a victory. If the cost of losing a battle is decreased, then the question becomes...why bother? Why bother trying to win even when you're still pretty sure to lose? Why waste that scroll you've saved, why run around madly hoping the blind wears off or that you can stay ahead of them for long enough for the poison to do them in? Sure, there's still the thrill of victory, that info with your name, the joy of knowing you won. Unless of course your opponent gave up because they didn't care if they died....which in my experience, isn't much of a thrill. I would vote against removing xp loss in pk. I think it should be a reasonable but not excessive amount, but still substantial enough to provide some incentive (even if the only real incentive is to avoid having to kill mobs for those of you who don't enjoy that) to survive. -LadyAce

From: Christopher Monday, October 30 2000, 07:49PM To go along with LadyAce's opinion of (to paraphrase) if your opponent gives up, what's the point in winning. Craven told me he was coming to kill me, I was in Dis he came down and went invis and started killing me I wasn't fighting back and I wasn't fleeing because a) I had no idea what lovely things hide around in Hell and b) I knew I was going to lose, so why waste potions? Craven was quite disappointed that I didn't fight back. Some time later Craven decided to come hunt me down again. and I didn't fight back and he was again disappointed I felt bad for taking away his fun, so with like.. 70hp, I dipped up a quiver and hunted him down and took a shot and ran away. Yeah, I was easily wasted, but I'm sure he was grinning... Sure, I lost a hellova lot of xp, but for me it was worth it. -Chris (well.. I was Brew at the time...)

From: Darkheart Saturday, November 04 2000, 10:26AM Hrm, my point was to give an option for the attacker to lose xp instead of the one who dies, something i'd find useful in a 'friendly' duel -- that is a fight among ppl who have each other in their befriend list. Or an option to share the xp loss for the fight, not to remove pk xp loss at all. DH


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