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Balance - or Not (Blinding Arrows)

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Posted by Shemp on 10/31

Ok, here's my 2 cents: Blinding arrows are way over-powered. I don't think anyone would argue otherwise. Yes, I know there are some defenses, and I am not making a post to have blinding arrows changed. BUT, to offset them a few things MUST MUST MUST change. 1.) Cure blind spell: -reduce mana cost by 20 percent or so -remove the delay, in other words instant cast and re-cast time 2.) Cure blind potions: -reduce rent so that people can stock up on them -add a vender that sells 10x per re-pop of a herb that brews into cure bli nds -Shemp

From: LadyAce Monday, October 30 2000, 05:12PM Errr...well...I think the real problem with blinding vials is that they're an absolute necessity for a particular type of character, and we have to solve that before we can do anything to blind. Can't kick out the one leg a guy is standing on, even if you do it nicely, and expect him to be thrilled about it. I'd rather see us leave blind alone for now (maybe I'm not convinced that the problem is dire -- convince me?) and work on projects which solve underlying problems and add new features for players. -LA

From: Iceman Monday, October 30 2000, 07:40PM Is it a necessity? or is it that its so usefull that it outweighs the other vials by a long shot. Perhaps if it didnt crash people? dunno. Ive seen a few snipers use guns very well.

From: Writhe Monday, October 30 2000, 10:17PM Iceman i've also seen naked mages fight very well i've also seen Tarans that don't augment fight very well i've also seen surgeons fight very well i like the idea of less rent clears and buying the herb from the mob thing..

From: Mac Monday, October 30 2000, 11:02PM Dispel and filmys are a pain in the butt and I disagree that snipers become too weak without them, my sniper rarely uses the dispel/blind til your opponent runs out of mana or has to rent trick and still has a positive record vs most char types. I refuse to fight snipers that use this now, it's just plain annoying and cause mages shouldn't have to carry around 3+k rent worth of clear potions. Perhaps guns and bows should bash or stun more, perhaps flaming arrows should be able to go through sink and do more damage. Perhaps make it so you only get 1 shot / potion, either by making it possible to get individual arrows from quivers and dip them & the potion poofs or having to dip the bow into the potion once its loaded. Do something with guns and bows so snipers aren't stuck with just the low damage one handers, put up to 10 stats on 2 handed weapons guns and bows! Most don't even have 5 stats! There's a lot of options, just don't leave it as it is.

From: Mac Monday, October 30 2000, 11:33PM Oh yeah, most importantly.. get rid of autorush! The coolest thing about guns/bows was lost when that was introduced.. Not knowing which direction the shot came from, you shouldn't even know who shot if the person was hidden or invis in another room and you don't have detect spells up.

From: LadyAce Tuesday, October 31 2000, 09:59AM I agree that autorush needs to be changed, besides the balance issues there's also a lack of realism to it. It should probably gi give you a hint about direction though, although not a 100% accurate one. Maybe high perc or high spirit would improve the accuracy. Also, maybe figuring out the direction of an arrow should be easier than figuring out the direction of a bullet. Makes sense and would give more of a distinction between bows and guns. -LA

From: Zeppelin Tuesday, October 31 2000, 11:08AM LA, Either you have not PK'd a sniper who blinds every shot, or you have a healthy supply of cures... But, the point remains that a sniper should be a sniper, not a immitation cause mage with a zero mana, 1 round lag blind spell that also does damage and might stun. I am not saying change blinding arrows, I am saying balance other char types with alternative defenses... -Zep


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