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Posted by Dune on 11/01

Ok, you guys are going to downgrade the character I like to play most AGAIN (it always happens to me..) I can here the peasants cry for blood... DOWN WITH BLINDING ARROWS.. so at least I would like to suggest somethings to appease the masses on the issue of blinding arrows. Too powerful, huh? Ok, there are lots of things you could do. Here are some suggestions... 1. You could make it so that there is a chance to "nick" yourself when reloading... and accidentally blinding self... or whatever is dipped. 2. You could make dipped arrows hit less often...cause they are weighted differently.. etc... 3. You could make dipped arrows never stun, or bash... AND do less damage 4. You could make the spell affect only go through on certain types of shots... for example... "You deal so and so and slight flesh wound..." won't blind. 5. You could make the affects of arrows take time to go through the persons body... and blind only after the tick. So you shoot now.. and on the tick, the poison had a chance to get through and blind giving the char a chance to get to an inn, or brew a vial. 6. You could take out filmys and give high perception automatic detect illusion. 7. You could take out filmys, and make other dipped spells penetrate sink like 50/50. 8. You could just take out filmys and make everyone stop playing snipers. 9. You could increase the shooting lag on bow shooting to 2 rounds. 10. You could make bow shooting impossible if wimpy is at or higher current hps.... making wimpy max impossible for bow shooting. You could rationalize this by stating that bow shooting requires some setup and the sniper shouldnt be able to be on flee alert and set up for shots at the same time. 11. You could reduce the rent on filmys to 100 rent, and make only single arrows dipable.... so a sniper would have a couple blinding shots and thats all. 12. You could code it so that dipped arrows, cause of greater weight, and changed balance, have a chance to hit a different mob or char in the room if the arrow misses... shooting at aengus will become roulet. I always wondered how I could miss so many shots, and no one ever got hit by a stray arrow=p. 13. You could code another blinding spell to use for arrows only that doesnt crash people. Although, if you ask me, thats the fun of it. 14. You could make the reload times for dipped arrows a lot longer cause the archer has to make sure he doesnt get nicked by an arrow by mistake. Maybe 2 rounds to reload an arrow.... 15. You could raise the stats required on bow shooting. Thats all I have for now! Duney

From: Zeppelin Tuesday, October 31 2000, 11:11AM I like the combo of number 3 and 14.... but I still would like chant vina vant lak ex blind spell to work like the potion. As it is now, sniper blinds, I cure - the lags offset so he re-blinds and I re-cure. This goes on until I am out or low on mana - then its a dex/perc char with backstab against a mage with zero mana - I will leave the conclusion to be drawn as to who usually wins. I do like Dune's ideas though... -Zep

From: Zeppelin Tuesday, October 31 2000, 11:14AM I better not get a warning for the the spell words ...

From: Infidel Tuesday, October 31 2000, 11:14AM You have one option vs those that constantly blind and that's to stay blind and use your skills or spells when you autorush, the problem with that is laggers can rarely hit those at max wimpy without relying on their skill lag to chase them down and cast after they flee. They can also change their tactics if you decide to wait for them to initiate while you're blind and they just wait on ticks for backstab. It's overpowered in the way they can dispel and blind you non-stop, if it could be reduced to just 2 or 3 or each / fight it'd be ok. As I said before, snipers don't really need dip to win but the thing is, if you don't para, you're up against mages who dish out just as much damage as backstab with their damage spells and they don't have to wait on ticks. If you wait on ticks as a sniper, the mage just slurps up mana/hps from their chalice and you just can't win. I reckon snipers just need guns/bows to do more damage so they don't have to drag out a fight for more chances to para cos for the most part, it just doesn't work and even londoners have resorted to bows instead of guns. I really think you should rethink the change to 2 handed weapons guns & bows too.. As predicted, nobody uses them!

From: Zeppelin Tuesday, October 31 2000, 11:42AM Does anyone play a pure fighter anymore?

From: Shmeck Tuesday, October 31 2000, 11:51AM this is a rare occasion for me to write on the board... but if your trying to make mages more powerful against something like a sniper who dispels and blinds every 3 seconds... i suggest making the sleep spell put a person to sleep for 1 tick that way, we can use our other cool spells. the sleep spell as it is now is completely useless in PKill. and in mobkill its a little ridiculous. if someone magically put you to sleep, wouldnt you try t to wake up as soon as you could? whatever... the sleep change would also make the blind spell more powerful, cause if i slept you, then blinded you... you'd wake up blind and it would probably disoreient you as to which way your opponent went and what not. shrug, my two cents

From: Ptwang Tuesday, October 31 2000, 01:04PM Naw, as much as snipers have the ability to screw mages, it's mostly not being able to counter their blinds without a fast link. I'd say mages could do with a downgrade really. But umm, yeah sorry Dune but I'd have to go for option 8 despite having a plain old sniper as well as a deadeye mage. It may be fun for the dipper, but not for others and I especially don't like having to dedicate 3k+ rent to counter it. Remember in london I quit fighting after just a couple of blinds? I only had 2 clears, if I kept going I'd have to rent and you'd be able to keep backstabbing. I couldn't even pk til I restocked and that can take a long time with no cure blind herb seller. I'd rather be yanked even without any upgrades to compensate!

From: Ptwang Tuesday, October 31 2000, 03:11PM Oops, didn't mean that, don't yank me please.

From: Valkyrie Tuesday, October 31 2000, 06:34PM Why not just yank both filmys and autorush? Give those who hate fimlys something and those snipers that hate autorush something.. Just a thought. Valkyrie

From: LadyAce Tuesday, October 31 2000, 07:19PM You guys are going to... I hate to see those words on this board. I write my opinions about what I think seems like a good idea, and sometimes I write information about what we are planning to do. Please make distinctions between the two!!! I need to be free to post on the board without worrying that any opinion or thought I share will be taken as gospel. Presumably you don't want to just hear what's already decided :) -LadyAce

From: Archmage Tuesday, October 31 2000, 08:47PM Personally, I don't see a problem with blinding arrows accept to those that don't have the ability to put up a magicsink. With this character fighting a sniper, the sniper would have to dispel my magicsink with a shot, in which case i would rush into the room and do some damage, and sniper would probably max wimpy flee (better for me if i got prio). Then i would go in that direction room and do a spell. Probably stun or immolate or something, plus another round. The sniper would max wimpy flee again and i would run away and resink. I practically took no damage at all while dealing a whole lot of damage. And i still didn't get blinded. However, i do see a problem of blinds against those that lack the ability to put up a sink. The best they could probably do is spam bash or headbutt or something hoping to just do more damage which the probably won't considering snipers can backstab for a whole lot. Well that's my opinion of course and probably is not right or anything, but oh well. I just don't think blind is that much of a problem considering most of this mud, pkill wise, are mages. only pure fighter in pkill that can win now days is a pure sniper. Archmage

From: Christopher Tuesday, October 31 2000, 09:37PM Personally I would like quivers to hold a realistic amount of arrows and be permanent, and fillable (and able to be strung) And then, ofcourse, you would have to dip every arrow. individually This would create a need for.. make arrow skill (is there such a thing?) this would balance snipers out (if they need balancing) if there's like.. a round of lag for dipping and a chance of failure if dipping during combat this would in a sense give a 2 round lag per shot unless the arrows were dipped in advance. I don't know how many arrows a vial would dip, but I'd think maybe 5. I'm not a pker so I don't know how long combat lasts.. but I can't imagine you using more than 5 shots in combat I also thing a potions that cure's blindness should impart a certain amount of resistance for a time, since the effects of the substance are still in your system. Yup, lots of coding, but I think they're sensible ideas.. more interesting than yanking things anyway

From: Bonk Wednesday, November 01 2000, 01:12AM You'd be surprised how fast your mana goes when you have to resink constantly.. Ok, the guy dispels you, if you're lucky you might get a spell off, more likely he'll flee and you'd follow without sink and cast.. consider the 1st case.. He shoots to dispel, you stun or immolate, he gets 1 round lag from shoot, he reloads which means 2 rounds, on par with your skill or spell but since he shot first he will most likely get a blind in before you can do anything else. So now you use a potion to save mana and run to resink, it starts over.. While it wouldn't make much difference, I see no reason why sink should have longer lag than str/armor/bless, because it's available for create too perhaps? all their prep spells are 2 rounds. Cause can weaken/clumsy/idiocy with 0 lag, why not limn & weaken armor for create too? Mmm, going off track here but come on, there's so many such things that take 5 secs to fix but have been around for years.

From: Archmage Wednesday, November 01 2000, 01:55AM who cares if you waste mana resinking...I get off 150-200 damage before he blinds me...i can chalice that lost mana up easy ARchmage

From: Bonk Wednesday, November 01 2000, 02:17AM 150-200 from 1 spell? you must be super mage! it starts with having to resink, then you run out of potions and have to cure blind too, ends up like 50 mana every 2 rounds. It still comes down to being able to land skills/spells and whether they have priority, I managed to get off 2 spells before I had used all my 500 mana once. It isn't usually that bad but it can be, don't forget they can also just dispel you twice b4 u can resink and there goes all your prep spells. Look I've been on both sides on a number of occasions, i've forced create mages to run out of mana as well as cure blinds, what can they do then? just wait for the backstab or rent off blind and get crashed into the innkeeper? Whatever the case, just like autorush it isn't as enjoyable as pk used to be.


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