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Mac's good hit/dam idea restated

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Posted by Poetry on 11/08

Ok, Mac had the best solution I ever heard so far.. so Im going to restated it as I understand it. Here it goes... Double the hitroll you get for each 10 dex from 3 to 6. Double the damroll you get for each 10 str from 3 to 6. Bring back old eq... hernes horns at 3375 rent +6dam. Then lower overall damage by some amount that makes fights last long enough.... This way, 100str100dex gets LOTS of hit damage! Old eq no longer yields 100mind mages stunning with the same damage roll that 100 str gives while only at 30 str.. which was the problem before. People could still stack up on damage eq.. but is it worth it? The effective bonus from it will be half! No player files would have to be changed..... The best way to get damageroll becomes having high strength.. the way it should be. Thats what Mac stated.... I want to add some sort of con and hps change.. to make hps eq less important. Something similar to the hit dam changes we stated. Make con give higher hps all around, making hps eq not as worth it... As it stands now, a dex mage could have an item that adds 5 dex and the hps that 13 con adds... and thats at level 50. The only backlash that I could sense is that mobs might become too easy... or too tough.. Im not sure how that plays out. I know you guys have a way to specify whether a fight is pkill or not... cause of the damage reducer... so maybe you could adjust it to work using that distinction. Am I crazy? or does this solve the old eq problem in a way thats easy to code. New pkillers wont be afraid to go accept all and fight the old ones with all the old eq.... lots of good things could come out of this. I give Mac full credit.. good idea!

From: CynicalMan Thursday, November 02 2000, 01:18PM Except what you are basically doing is raising the amount of damage that will be done. This at the same time that previous threads have complained that low hp (overall) is leading to too short fights where the outcome is completely based on luck. What do you think will happen when the average amount of damage dealt is raised? The previous change to hit/dam eq was kind of like trying to balance a table by sawing off the legs. This suggestion is kind of like trying to prop the short leg up instead. Neither is really an ideal solution. This applies to proposals to change plus hp eq also. Eq, and the stats that its possible to gain from them, should be completely regulated by rent. If mages were getting high hit/dam too easily, it would have been easier to raise the rent spec on items with those stats. That would force mages to choose between hit, dam, hp, chalice, etc. A thought that just occurred to me: The real reason raising rent on hit/dam was a problem was that mages were more likely to have free rent than str fighters. Which brings up the question: If a dex fighter with a 9kg weapon averages the same damage as a str fighter with a 17kg weapon (I think those are the weights Rufus used for the tests he posted awhile back) then why is the rent spec for a 17kg sword so much higher than a 9kg dagger??

From: Poetry Thursday, November 02 2000, 03:03PM if you read my post again.. and Mac's post... we suggested either changing the over all damage modifers... or raising hps allotted for each point of con to make up for the extra damage. The point is to make con str and dex give BIGGER bonuses relative to eq that allows you to get the advantages of one fighttype... while being another. Dont get hung up on length of fights and total damage done.. that could get adjusted pretty easily if imms like the idea, and decide to go through with it.

From: Zeppelin Thursday, November 02 2000, 04:46PM Yes, good idea. I have yet to hear an Imm acknowledge that the fight system is flawed - but maybe I am just not on enough. Poetry is right on - an item that gives 5 dex and 50 HP completely diminished the point of have 100 con to tank. So, come on, and please think about this with an open mind. Zep

From: Dun Thursday, November 02 2000, 05:01PM Wicked idea,Poetry/mac...I like it tons...and it makes lots of sense. Im not a big board talker. But that makes 100% sense for the problems we' -re facing in the current hit/dam str/con/dex system. Hope we can get some immortal-addage on the issue :P

From: Zemus Friday, November 03 2000, 12:58AM Along with Hps getting a boost, mana should also be boosted at 100mind as well. Moves I guess too but nobody really cares about moveme movement

From: Bonk Friday, November 03 2000, 01:15AM I care! I'm lvl 50 but if I don't fly everywhere, it doesn't take me long to run outa moves.

From: Splat Friday, November 03 2000, 04:22AM That reminds me, wasn't moves gonna be based on both con & dex?

From: Blackthorne Friday, November 03 2000, 04:53AM This idea is something id really like to see tested. From what i see Legend is leaning toward a certain character class. This certain class can do it all, hit harder than str, take hits better than a con. All the while having the mind to back it up with decent spells. Maybe Mac and Poetry's idea will actually be able to make a distinction between character types. Forcing players to make a decision on what kind of character they want to be. This might even bring some diversity back to pkill, anyone but me a little annoyed by being jumped by the same character type but with a different name?

From: Bonk Friday, November 03 2000, 09:48AM "anyone but me a little annoyed by being jumped by the same character type but with a different name?" I know what you mean, I don't mind so much that there isn't a lot of diversity, what I do mind is that both these char types are able to win quite easily without the long stuns yet you can't even fight them without maintaining a 300+ hp buffer as you could be just one backstab or stun away from death. I fought Blackthorne today and enjoyed it cos it was one of the very rare fights where nobody was para'd or wfw'd.

From: LadyAce Tuesday, November 07 2000, 12:31PM Zep mentioned something about imm acknowledgement of fight system problems. Consider this acknowledgement :) I know that Rufus and Ea! are working on changes to the fight system, dealing in particular with hit/dam, hp/ma/mv, and the power of dex. Some eq changes (which won't create old eq, so don't bother hoarding :P) are also in the works. -LA

From: Kosminski Wednesday, November 08 2000, 02:49PM Thanks for the update LA!


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