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Posted by Zemus on 11/05

Was just wondering why AC is based on dex? I dont think it should be based on any stat at all since AC dose mean Armor Class. I should be based on equ only and perhaps spells and effects. Perhaps also insted of -100ac and crap just make it on a scale of 0-100. 0 having no armor at all and 100 being well armored. I think it well be easier to understand and make more sence. Perhaps 100ac will be easier to get for all charas not just dex and cause mages.

From: Splat Friday, November 03 2000, 04:04AM You're probably right there, to a point.. Dex hits more often, Str hits harder, they're probably fairly equal standing toe to toe given the same AC but then you throw in skills and Str hits harder on sitting or stunned than Dex does.. Ok then throw in tumble and it cancels out like half of the extra damage done by Str then since kicks nearly always land on lower dex, does that counter the extra damage? probably, and on top of that dex has a huge amount of skills that dex plays a part in and of course the ability to flee which I don't think should be based on stats for the sake of balance. Unfortunately only combat skills were adjusted when we moved from being dex MUD and we just have to keep in mind that we need a reasonable amount of dex no matter what char type we chose to make. My 2c create mage managed -100 AC with 30 dex but that was with old holsters, I gave him more dex for other reasons. I'd like us to move from being so dependent on dex, AC would be a start but not my first choice.

From: Christopher Friday, November 03 2000, 09:24PM The reason Dex modifies your AC is because those who are more dexterous tend to have the natural ability to move a little faster than their opponents and keep themselves from being hit. Dex modifying AC dates way back to D&D and many many RPGs (both pencil and paper and computer) Cutting the Dex modifier of AC is the same as cutting HP from Con, +dam from Str, MA from Int +hit from Dex (err.. yeah), +whatever Spirit does It's common sense as to why dex plays a part in alot of skills.. you don't see clumsy people doing intricate things, do you? Intelligence also plays a part of many skills (I would imagine anyway) I lost my train of thought..

From: Christopher Friday, November 03 2000, 11:27PM Realism or not, Dex = AC bonus is very common among various games And why is everyone so hopped up about realism? Personally this place isn't very real.. since you can operate on someone who's fighting and things "repop" If y'all didn't want to have realism you wouldn't be on "LegendMUD" the very basis of this place reeks of realism The fact and research put into areas This isn't a bunch of people making up a load of crap for you all to run around killing eachother in. This is a whole lot of time, effort and in my opinion ART Yes, Art. If you don't want to have realism, go to some other mud where you can have +100 hit +500hp see invis, see good, protect evil do 5k damage punches fight with laser guns against Starwars characters with insane amounts of color

From: Shemp Saturday, November 04 2000, 09:50AM The point is, however, that sometimes you sacrifce things that may or may not be common to other games or even realistic for balance purposes. Right now, 'dex' is too important of a stat. All the fighters have 100 dex and then play with the remaining points to have different char types, i.e. 90perv vs 90mind. Its stupid, and makes for a lesser game. I have no problem with 'dex' having an AC bonus, but 'dex should not also get dodge, tumble, flee, and all the best fight skills (backstab, kick) -Shemp

From: Christopher Saturday, November 04 2000, 09:58AM uhhhhhhhhhhhhh....... backstab only works once a fight (unless you do that pansy fleeing crap) and kick has absolutly no special effects meanwhile, all the other nifty fighting skills bashing, elbowing, headbutting err and warcry.. they all have a stunning or disorienting or even forcing your opponent to sit the hell down "All the best fight skills" = 2 I think you just made a gross overgeneralization in stating that all the fighters have 100 dex Personally, I think the dex requirement for the advance fighttypes makes sense. There are plenty of excellent AC items in the game that do not require the need for 100dex for AC purposes Honestly I think the majority of 'fighters' are not even fighters they're cross breeds they have spells they have augments The only "pure fighter" out there is a sniper/deadeye and anyone that's a deadeye also has spells. Dexterity is a very important element for combat, period. Do you know what really makes for less of a game? Everyone playing the numbers. I heard Rufus say a long long time ago that the numbers of Legend are very simple to figure out. How to max out your stats, what EQ will make you THEBEST. How to make your spells the best, what word order to maximize the efficiency of everything. I haven't made an EQ list in several months Personally I scavange my EQ from whatever I see lying around Or I go on a run with people and get stuff specifically. If you really want to have fun, try limiting your character VOLUNTARILY. Maybe others will get the hint. It worked for AA, didn't it?

From: Shemp Saturday, November 04 2000, 12:49PM You amaze me with how little you know of this mud Christopher. I am not talking mob kill - who cares about that its insanely easy - we are talking PK. As for other skills, uhmm they are useless in PK. I have had an elbow do only 8 damage from a 100 str char on a char with 30 str. Warcry? Yea play the luck dice and hope for a para, otherwise another wasted prac. Choke? Bash and headbutt get tumbled too easy I think. If you think non-100 dex chars are decent - please make one and accept all.

From: Craven Saturday, November 04 2000, 01:36PM Chris, you are way out of touch. Everything you say is either distorted or completely wrong. Dex right now is the dominate stat in the game, and there should be no dominate stat. What makes for a good game like this where characters ARE all different is that different things are competitiv against other things. D&D as you like to quote from has to have the same thing. Without balance everyone makes whatevers best and then you lose diversity, which is what makes this game. Once diversity is lost for good, the game is gone for good. People are merely suggesting ideas to make dex less effective because it is INSANE right now. And as for your it worked for aa crap...no, your wrong again. I haven't jumped anyone in about 2 weeks and I haven't been jumped at full hp by one person in ages. NOONE is aa, I'm lucky to see 2 starts on the whos list counting myself, even when there are 60 people on. I guess what I'm saying is do your research. You haven't played the game to my knowledge and from you've stated in months. You come here and chat, and if you know anything about legend, you should know its dynamic, and what was true 3 or 4 months ago is not necessarily true today. That includes the usefullness of dex. And on a final note, removing ac bonus for dex is NOT like removing hp for a con fighter, because the 3 major components of con, str, and dex are hp damroll and hitroll. Ac is not included.

From: Christopher Saturday, November 04 2000, 01:43PM I know! we'll make AC bonused by Spirit

From: Zemus Saturday, November 04 2000, 11:29PM get chalice 2.pouch drink chalice fill chalice trough put chalice 2.pouch Thank you Craven! you said exactly what I was gonna say another note Chris anytime you wanna fight, Ill prove that half your startements are wrong. Drop me a tell and we can rumble and if your worries about steal and multis, I wont do it Just the feeling of me kicking your ass is good enough for me. I dont have steal skill anyway

From: Christopher Sunday, November 05 2000, 01:01PM you people are wasting your time trying to get me to fight incidentally, I would have no idea what you are talking about by fighting you once, or twice or ten times I tend not to notice things...

From: Kosminski Sunday, November 05 2000, 01:18PM Hmmm, AC bonus for spirit .....


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