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Insanely easy mob killing

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Posted by Christopher on 11/07

maybe we need tougher mobs or just smarter ones? Hopefully by March I can leard some coding and I'll apply for Immship and work on a better AI for mobs..

From: Christopher Saturday, November 04 2000, 01:54PM 'Mobkill is too hard and boring as it is,' a dark hooded minister says. see? not everyone things mobkill is easy :P

From: Christopher Saturday, November 04 2000, 01:56PM My opinion on mobkilling: For me, killing one or two mobs a night is enough Killing a ton of stuff somewhere to level.. is rather boring UNLESS I happen to have a friend with me. or.. anyone to talk to, Personally I level best by giving lowbies XP It's fun! How about all you "oldbies" who don't have any friends anymore (since they left, unable to cope with change, good or bad) make some more friends?

From: Ptwang Saturday, November 04 2000, 08:44PM Believe it or not, I agree with Christopher. I think I've mentioned this before, but Duris is a pk MUD yet mob kill there is much more interesting than here. The difference being that about half the mobs hunt, even low-ish level mobs, only some mobs see invis, no mobs can detect hidden like here but they use "search" which is also used by players for a chance to point out hidden in the room with a little lag so if found you may be able to run. Apart from a few mobs here, we can just whack away at a mob, flee just 1 room then heal up and come back to finish off. It's kinda silly really, should only be able to do that with dumb animals, women and children. :)

From: Blackthorne Saturday, November 04 2000, 09:29PM Ptwang's mud sounds interesting, i wonder how much codeing is needed to make better mobs though.

From: Huginn Saturday, November 04 2000, 10:06PM Harder mobs == more act coding by builders, not general code features for the most part. Fight Johnny or the Dhurtah for examples if you haven't already. Then consider that making those mobs probably took a fair amount of time. Sure some of it will be reusable, but its not someting you're going to swing in and just fix with a couple of functions. If it was, Rufus or Ea! would have done so by now. Huginn

From: Bonk Saturday, November 04 2000, 10:32PM Hunting and searching shouldn't require specific mob acts.

From: Sandra Sunday, November 05 2000, 08:53AM Actually, in order for the mob to hunt, you need about 3 acts for the mob, minimum. If it's to be a good 'hunt' then its somewhere around 8 acts. I'm not against doing things like that, as you have probably seen already. It is alot of work though. Who knows, maybe some day soon, I'll put in an entire area of hunting mobs. ;) -Sandra

From: Christopher Sunday, November 05 2000, 01:04PM Someone agree'd with me! I think Hell just froze over...

From: Infidel Monday, November 06 2000, 10:49AM What I meant by "mobs shouldn't require acts to hunt" is that it needn't be the way it is, a flag could be used for that, among other things.


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