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Posted by Dun on 11/09

Hmm...This is a serious inquiry...would it ever be possible for the immortals to yank all of it? Hps and Mana too, if you're doing hit/da Just want some response so I could stop saying it :P Dun -=Effin Pissed=-

From: Rufus Wednesday, November 08 2000, 12:42AM It would be possible, but highly unlikely. Although a larger number of variables are a harder thing to balance, the more equipment-based bonuses and penalties on objects, the wider variety the number of objects and strategies available exist. I'm not saying things are perfect -- they're not... but I don't think we really want to start down the slippery slope of 'let's remove X, then Y, then Z, then ...' until we have either a well-written game of coin tossing, or 20 megs worth of database and 6 years of game for an elaborate game of rock-paper-scissors. -Ruf

From: Christopher Wednesday, November 08 2000, 01:01AM Personally I think the +hp and +mana objects should have the same limiting qualifiers are hit/dam except maybe +10 = 1 stat point so a certain +5dex +50hp item would need some renovation... among other things..

From: Merlinn Wednesday, November 08 2000, 02:53AM that 5dex 50hps item is in spec due to its timed status

From: Ptwang Wednesday, November 08 2000, 06:54AM Oh get real, in spec? create has enough going for it without preserve. What should be done is +hp items should give a % bonus to hps so the difference between high & low con is maintained. Damage spells should also take off a % of the targets hps using the current max dam as the cap and around half damage as the lower limit depending on the targets max hps.

From: Christopher Wednesday, November 08 2000, 10:34AM timed items aren't much of a hassle with Marauder around and there are plenty of people willing to preserve timed items are only a problem for those without friends..

From: Cumference Wednesday, November 08 2000, 11:32AM interesting...percentages instead of actual numbers i like it

From: Blackthorne Wednesday, November 08 2000, 03:24PM On Ptwang's %, sounds interesting, so if i had 500 hp and a dammage spell was issued to me taking 10% so thats 50 dammage, leaving me at 450, then another dammage spell would take 10% of that 450? Is that the correct understanding of that? If thats right, it sounds like a good way to lengthen fights, maybe it doesnt have to be limited to just spells but round dammage done by weapons. Pkillers have been complaining on how to lengthen fights. Some people ask that the con hp ratio be raised. Im interested in hearing what the imms have to say about this idea though.

From: Dun Wednesday, November 08 2000, 04:07PM That wouldnt work blackthorne. The damage you would do would be less and less every single round. That doesnt seem very good for fights.

From: Mac Wednesday, November 08 2000, 11:46PM No I meant % of max hps not current.

From: Zemus Thursday, November 09 2000, 09:09PM get chalice 2.pouch drink chalice fill chalice trough put chalice 2.pouch that change is gonna hurt con people more than others it seem the fact that I picked con for mroe HPs will be wasted since my hps drop the fastest, perhaps I could be wrong but dosent seem right


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